How To Promote Your Posts (Properly)

Publishing perfect posts is only part of the content marketing mix – you need to ensure they get seen and read for them to have any benefit. Here are a few free promotional methods that will put your posts to work.

To Pay Or Not To Pay: Post Promotion

We’re big fans of organic traffic from Google and natural social traction on FB and Twitter – but sometimes you’ve got great content that’s just not getting noticed. Is it worth paying for promotion? Here’s what we think…

What Is Content Marketing?

You’re going to hear us talk a lot on this site about content marketing (it’s what we do). But what is it exactly? And more importantly – what isn’t it?

How To Analyze Content Marketing Success

This is another post we consider essential reading for anyone getting into business blogging. Learn how to perform a quick and simple analysis of your performance to see what’s working (and what’s not).

Setting Content Marketing Goals: The Essentials

Learning how to properly define and set your content marketing goals is an essential ingredient in the recipe for success. This post should be considered essential reading for anyone new to business blogging.