How To Promote Your Posts (Properly)

Business Blogging

So let’s pretend you’ve just finished writing what is probably the best blog post the world has ever seen. It’s magnificent, revolutionary, and it’s going to change how your industry operates until the end of time…

That’s great, good for you! But unless you are able to get some eyeballs on it, you might as well have written nothing at all.

Today we’re going to look at some of the most effective “free” marketing methods that you can use to promote some of (or all of) your posts.

Social Media

Blogging and social media go hand in hand. By regularly creating blog posts you’ve got a constant stream of content to share with the world (and it gives others something to share too). As an absolute minimum, you should be sharing all of your blog posts on your social media profiles. Facebook and Twitter should be seen as essential, Instagram and LinkedIn work well in certain industries too but are “optional” in most cases.

Most popular content management systems (like WordPress) have free plugins that can automate this entire process for you and when a blog post goes live it will be automatically posted on your social feeds.

Paid Social Media

I know I said that all of these promotional methods would be free, but I just wanted to quickly mention the possibility of boosting your posts on Facebook. If you’ve published a piece of content that is performing much better than your other content (in terms of engagement, clicks, or shares) then a small investment in boosting it can often be a wise decision.


This method kind of comes under the social media category, but it’s worthy of its own section. Befriending an influencer in your niche is perhaps one of the best ways to gain exposure and grow your own following organically.

There’s an art to making friends with influencers, and it takes time. It’s no secret that they can help brands with their reach, and as such, everyone and their dog is trying to get influencers to share their posts.

To give your posts a better chance of getting shared by influencers with big followings then get active on your social profiles. Follow the big players, comment on their posts, get their email address, chat with them, build a rapport and a relationship etc. etc.

(In a nutshell, you need to become digital friends with them)

Don’t ask for favors, shares, posts, or shoutouts until you feel you’re on good terms with them. It’s a long process, but if you manage to get in with an influencer it’s well worth the wait. A single share from a big account can bring in a huge amount of exposure and business.


Perhaps the most important ranking signal that Google uses to determine where to display a piece of content in their search results is backlinks. A backlink is an HTML hyperlink from another website to your website and Google thinks of them as “votes”.

The more votes (links) your content has, the higher it will rank.

Try syndicating your posts out to other websites and give them permission to republish it with a link back to your site (make sure you’ve published the post on your site before doing this). A single link from a strong website can make a post shoot up to the top of the search results in a matter of days.

Link building is a long, hard, and frustrating process, but it’s more than worth it in terms of traffic.

Email Lists And Newsletters

Email is the oldest form of marketing on the internet, and despite many “experts” predicting the demise of the technology as a marketing tool – here we are in 2018 still talking about it.

If you’ve not got an email sign up form somewhere on your site (and a mailing list attached to it) then you’re missing out on a treasure trove of highly receptive, highly targeted repeat visitors. There are several free mailing list solutions that have plugins for WordPress that will automatically email people on your list every time a new post is published (bringing them back time and time again).

Again, growing a list organically takes time, but it’s a set and forget solution after you’ve got everything up and running.

The Final Word

This is far from an exhaustive list, there are many other different promotional methods people use to get their posts traction and exposure – however, we’ve covered the main methods here.

Just by using one or two of the methods above you’re going to be providing your content with the kick start it needs to help boost your bottom line.