How Search Engines Created Content Writing Services

Content Marketing

Before Google:

During a time, not long ago, people would depend on Phone Books, Libraries, and word-of-mouth to get information, and choose who to do business with. In twenty years, these resources became outdated and virtually obsolete.

Google now gives the world access to information about anything, immediately — but it also changes the game for businesses and the demand for online content.

Online content, such as blogs, guides, videos, emails, and newsletters, are now a commodity.

To get noticed online, today, it is essential for businesses and individuals to create and maintain online content that people enjoy and will keep them coming back for more.

This is because Google uses special computer instructions, called algorithms, to sort-through and locate relevant information for people searching. The algorithms are sorting through — in a matter of seconds — ads, blog posts, article titles and paragraphs, background code, and how others interact with it.

This makes it crucial for businesses — many of which are based entirely online — to have content the right viewers (potential customers) will find.

Time is Money, and Content Takes Time:

However, most business owners do not have time to think of content to create and post on their websites and blogs. This is where commercial, content writing service firms find their high level of importance.

Businesses all over the world spend millions of dollars, and countless hours, creating, maintaining, and perfecting their online content. This is because SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is a concept dedicated to helping search engines: find the right content for the right people.

This is why Google and its AdSense technology, are now a full-blown commodity.

Making it to the first page of Google search results, and having visible AdSense ads, is something companies dedicate mounting resources to. Why? Because they all know this secret: content is a commodity.

Why Commercial Content Writing Services are Thriving:

Knowing how important content now is to the ecosystem of business, there is a new opportunity for job creation entirely dedicated to this field.

Having content with proper SEO is not easy to accomplish; many factors go into optimizing content for search engines, which is why most companies choose to hire firms to do it. Commercial content writing is not a service solely based on writing.

Writing is a big part of it, but content writers specialize in skills beyond grammar and fancy words. They must know how to use keywords for search engines to quickly find the content. Many firms also offer services related to Web Development. It is an essential aspect of the content writing field and proper content SEO.

Due to content being such a vital aspect of marketing and business visibility, there is now an entirely new business market, dedicated to providing content to a B2B ecosystem.

Demand for Content Writing Services:

The U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests the demand for Technical Writers is growing at a rate that is 8% faster than other industries. While Technical Writers are writers specializing in material like manuals, and instructions, the bureau also suggests the number of job openings for writers — in general — are 123,200, as of 2018, and show little-to-no reduction over time.

However, it is not always the best metric to measure demand for content writers through the Bureau of Labor Statistics alone. Most commercial content writers are “freelancers,” meaning: they operate remotely, performing content writing services on their computers, from anywhere in the world. They work with other businesses as contractors online, and are self-employed as content writers.

The same concept applies to commercial firms offering these services. They locate talented content writers, and match their customers with the best writer for the job. Making it easier than ever for businesses to find someone to write quality content for their webpages and generate new leads with their content.


Search engines, like Google, have changed the entire landscape of online content and its use. Most people begin their Internet sessions using a search engine to find what they need. Businesses recognize this as the #1 tool to generate new and returning customers. Therefore, the demand for writers specializing in writing — and optimizing — online content for search engines is more significant than ever before.

This presents a new opportunity for freelance writers and commercial firms, providing content writing services. This has created a demand for content that makes it an actual commodity.

Commercial firms, writing content, are scaling and delivering content for the entire world to see.