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World-class support from a dedicated campaign manager

Professional content writing services starting from $3.20 per 100 words

Get A.I matched with content writers who have experience in your industry

All of our content writing services include...

Here’s what makes us #1

Dedicated Campaign Managers

As a fully managed content writing service we’re much more than just a matchmaker. Simply tell us what you want & how you want it – your campaign manager will handle the rest.

A.I Writer Matching

Meet “Panel Brain” our revolutionary A.I who loves to learn what you love. He’ll match you with writers that have the industry experience, writing style, and quality you’re looking for. 

Tested Vetted Writers

We test and interview all of our writers to ensure they meet our high standards. We’re tough on fluff, great with grammar, and expect all of our writers to have a way with words.

Rewrite Or Reject

This rarely happens, but if it’s not love at first sight when you read your writer’s content, just let us know. We’ll assign another writer to create a new version of it for you, free of charge.

100% Original Content

Our great relationship with our content writers combined with our robust anti-plagiarism detection systems ensures that every single word you receive has been written just for you.

Scalable Content Teams

With over 3,000+ writers in our talent pool who come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, we’re able to scale our content writing services on-demand as your needs grow.

Buying content from us is as easy as 1,2,3

Here’s how it works.

Meet Panel Brain

Meet our A.I, “Panel Brain”. He’s the cornerstone of our content writing services. His sole purpose in life is to play matchmaker between your brand and our writers. 


Panel Brain has over 3,000 copywriters to choose from. They come from a diverse range of professional backgrounds, from plumbers to programmers (and everything in-between). This means we’ve got someone who can write engagingly and authoritatively about almost any industry – including yours.

For your first order, Panel Brain will use the information you entered in the order form to match you with a writer – which is usually very successful. However over time, the A.I will learn about what style of writing (and writers) you like based on your feedback.

With this data, behind the scenes, our A.I creates you an invisible, scalable, on-demand content writing dream team that has experience in your industry.

To quote the late Steve Jobs “It works like magic”.

Content writing services with a smile

We’re much more than just a matchmaker, we’re a managed content writing service. Here’s what that means (and why it matters).


We’ll make sure your writers meet their deadlines. When they submit their work, we’ll check it for plagiarism to ensure every single word has been written exclusively for you. We’ll verify it meets the specifications you outlined in the brief and that it has been proofread properly (and we’ll make sure it has great grammar too).

If your campaign manager finds anything that could be improved, sounds like fluff, or is otherwise lacking, they’ll request amendments to the content to ensure it’s up to our very high standards.

All of this happens on your behalf behind the scenes without you needing to lift a finger.

Meet your captivating content

When we’ve completed all of our quality control checks and we’re happy with the content your writer has written, the fun part begins.


You’ll be notified by email and can review the first draft of your content in your dashboard.

We embrace the reality of revisions. So if you have comments or changes you’d like the writer to make to their work, you can let them know using our intuitive commenting system. 

If your writer completely missed the mark and the entire piece needs to be rewritten, then you can request another writer to create a completely new version of the content for you free of charge.

That being said, both of these situations rarely happen, in the vast majority of cases, our writers hit the nail on the head the first time around. 

When you’re happy with your writer’s work you can accept it with a single click and your content will be delivered to you instantly. Panel Brain learns from your ratings and feedback and is ready to start the process all over again for your next order.

We only work with the very best writers

With our managed content writing services you’ll be able to work with writers who have been published in the following world-class publications (and many more).

Our services go far beyond blogging

See for yourself…

Blog Posts

Blog writing services you’ll love, or your money back. Guaranteed. 

Business blogging is big business, and it’s our business. Our fully-managed blog writing services will put your blog on autopilot, allowing you to focus on what you do best, while we do what we do best.

You’ll be assigned a dedicated campaign manager who’ll get to know you, your brand, and your goals. They’ll keep their finger on the pulse of your industry to suggest optimized blog post topics for you each month. Tell them which ones you love with the click of a button, and we handle the rest.

  • We’ll research keywords to ensure each post is attracting every single organic visitor possible
  • We’ll manage the writers on your behalf to provide you with our word class content. 
  • We’ll source royalty-free images and optimize them for super-fast loading times. 
  • We’ll even upload and format the posts on your blog for you.

It’s a better blog writing service, and it starts from just $29 per post.

Product Descriptions

Pretty yet powerful product description writing services

We understand the importance of relevant industry knowledge and experience when writing product descriptions. If you don’t fully understand the product, where it sits within its market, and the problems it solves – you can’t properly write about it.

With over 3,000 content writers on our platform, we’re willing to bet that we’ve got a product description writer who’s got the real-world experience required to write about and promote your products properly. 

Our writers seamlessly integrate keywords into your content to ensure you’re getting the most organic traffic possible. We’ll include clear and irresistible calls to action to drive sales, and we’ll ensure your content is in keeping with your brand’s existing tone and voice.

From the smallest mom & pop shops to enterprise-scale operations, and everything in between – we know what sells.

Our world-class product description writing services are just a few clicks away.

SEO Content

Supercharged SEO Content Writing Services (from SEOs)

We know better than most that there’s content, and then there’s SEO content. 

While all of our content is written with essential SEO principles in mind, sometimes ranking is the first, second, and third priority of the piece. 

The Content Panel has a purebred SEO pedigree. We initially created the platform to handle the ever-growing content needs of our own SEO agency. After we saw “the power of the panel” we offered it to other SEOs as a service, and the rest is history. 

We still use our content for our own ranking purposes to this day. We’re our own biggest fan. Update after update, our SEO content has not only survived, it has thrived. 

Our freelance writers are experts at seamlessly scattering (not stuffing) their writing with traditional, long tail, and LSI keywords. They’ll walk the ever-narrowing tightrope of optimized content with skill and precision and time again.

Pillar content, meta descriptions, titles, contextual linking, content clusters, and more…

Trust us when we say this. 

We know SEO.


Articulate information accurately with our article writing services

Articles are perfect for getting into the nitty-gritty details of a subject, they allow you to explore your chosen topic in a huge amount of detail. 

It’s in situations like this that the benefits of having our A.I match you with an article writer who has experience in your industry become particularly obvious. It’s easy to see when a writer has no idea what they’re writing about. Their content is thin, bland, superficial and a chore to read. 

Because we match you with a writer who has real-world experience in your sector, you’re going to be working with someone that knows what they’re talking about. They will make connections and references that only a writer who is familiar with the subject would be able to make.

It’ll be grammatically perfect, ready for publication (in print or online), and will be completely ghostwritten…

Which also means you can take all the credit for it.

Website Content

Welcome your visitors with our wonderful website content writing services

It’s a big deal to outsource your website content. It takes a fair amount of trust to put this kind of messaging into the hands of someone outside your organization.

And we respect that.

We go above and beyond to ensure our website content writing services are second to none. Our writers are skilled professionals who will use their expertise in your industry to your advantage. 

They’ll fully understand the pain points your product or service solves for your clients. They know which buttons their content needs to press (and they know how to press them).

Regardless of what stage of the web design process you’re at, we have writers that can help. We’ll work with wireframes and sketches, or we’ll do full content updates and rewrites of existing content.

Combine this with our purebred SEO pedigree and our experience in seamlessly integrating keywords and you’ve got a winning formula for wonderful website content that rakes in organic traffic from Google.

We practice what we preach. Check out the content on our website to see what we can do…


Captivating copywriting services that convert

Have you ever been sold something by a truly great salesperson? 

Someone who talked you into a sale by hitting the precise sweet spot of being informative and encouraging without overpromising and sounding pushy?

That’s what we’ll do for you, in writing.

From sales pages to landing pages (including this page you’re reading now) our copywriters are trusted by some of the biggest brands on the planet 

We’ll connect with your readers on an emotional level, gain their trust, and gently nudge them along your funnel as if it’s the most natural thing in the world for them to do.

We have over 3,000 content writers, but only a small fraction of them are copywriters. We’re very strict about which writers we let join our copywriting team. 

They’re the best of the best.

And much, much more…

From articles to e-zines and everything in between. 

We’re a full-service content writing agency. So there’s not much we can’t write (within reason). Here are some other content writing services that we offer:

  • Webpages 
  • Ebooks
  • White papers
  • Press Releases
  • Email newsletters
  • Ghostwriting
  • Reviews
  • Technical writing

And more…

Fancy a free sample?

We can talk the talk, but can we walk the walk?

Tell us about your business and one of our team will provide you with an industry-relevant sample delivered directly to your inbox.

If you can’t wait that long, then why not take a look at our blog? Most of our blog’s posts have been written by the same copywriters that write for our clients on daily basis.

Hire freelance writers without the hassle

Here’s what makes our content writing services different

Managed Content Writing Services

Content managers included as standard

We’ve designed The Content Panel from the ground up to eliminate the time eating managerial tasks associated with hiring freelance content writers – so you can get on with your other duties. 

You’ll be assigned a dedicated content manager when you join us, and unless you have a question, you probably won’t even know they exist. However, behind the scenes, they’re working hard for you.

They’ll keep an eye on your order to make sure everything is progressing as it should. If a job is taking longer than normal, they’ll increase the amount we payout and reduce the deadline. If a job isn’t progressing nicely, they’ll follow up with writers to see what’s going on.

They’ll manually review any potential plagiarism irregularities and ensure all your content is original. They’ll keep an eye on quality to verify you’re getting work that meets your brief and they’ll ensure it has great grammar, superb spelling, and a fantastic flow.

In a nutshell, they handle the annoying parts of working with writers so you don’t have to.

Unlimited Amendments

Experience the convenience of our commenting system.

We embrace the reality of revisions. 

The vast majority of our writers create content that gets accepted on the first draft, but from time to time a little tweaking and tuning can be required to get content exactly the way you want it. 

Sometimes you’ll want changes made to the entire piece (for example, changes to the overall tone of the content), but other times more granular changes are required. To facilitate this we’ve developed an inline commenting system. Simply highlight the portions of the content you want to change, add your comments, and you’re done. Your campaign manager will ensure the writer actions them before sending the new version over to you for review.

Admittedly, adding comments like this isn’t groundbreaking stuff, but once you experience the convenience of it in a content writing scenario. 

It’s quite hard to go back.

Request A New Writer

Only pay for the content you love.

From time to time there’s just not a good fit between a writer and a client. 

When we say we only want you to pay for content that you love, we mean it. If you’re unhappy with the content one of our writers has written for you and you don’t think it can be amended to your satisfaction, we honestly do not want you to pay for it.

In this situation you can request a new writer with the click of a very satisfying big red button.

When this happens we will send the job back out for another writer to claim and start work on. They’ll create a new version of the content for you (from scratch) and send it over to you for approval as a priority. 

This is admittedly a rare situation, the vast majority of our writers have their work accepted (with a great rating) without the need for edits or rewrites. 

However, once in a blue moon when something isn’t quite right, you can trust that we’ve got your back.

Real-Time Dashboard

No more spreadsheets.

Our real-time dashboard gives you status updates on your current projects accurate down to the millisecond. Add team members to your account to ensure you’re all in sync, and that everyone who needs to know is in the know.

From the moment you order, your team will be able to see our A.I working to match you with your perfect writer. As soon we’ve made a match, you’ll be updated, letting you know an estimated completion date and the maximum deadline the writer has been given to complete the task. 

When the content is ready for review, you’ll be instantly notified via email. You can then request changes, ask for a new writer, or accept and download the content with the click of a button.

Goodbye spreadsheets, hello instant organization.

We test, train, and hire content writers (so you don’t have to).

Meet the gang…

We’d be nothing without our strong team of professional writers behind us. They’re the cornerstone of The Content Panel, and they’re very, very, good at what they do. 

We’ve put a huge amount of effort into recruiting the best and brightest writers from a diverse range of professional backgrounds. From bricklayers to bankers, programmers to pediatricians, and everything in between.

We’re able to write authoritatively about almost anything. We’d put money on it.

All of our content writers have passed our stringent and strict testing and vetting process where less than 10% of people who apply get accepted. Our writers then get placed on a trial period where we manually inspect all of their work, ensuring they’ve got what it takes to be part of the family.

When their trial period is over, we still check in with them from time to time to make sure their writing is as good as (or better than) it was when they joined us. Over time, when we think they deserve the opportunity to be assessed they can potentially graduate to a higher-quality rating in our system.

All of our writers are rock stars, they wouldn’t be writing for us if they weren’t.

From colossal corporations to mom & pop shops we do it all

Content of all shapes and sizes.


Professional writers with experience in your industry.

We understand that for most businesses keeping up with seemingly ever-growing content demands is often an uphill struggle. 

Hiring a dedicated writer in house can be too large of a commitment, and your other team members are too busy with their main priorities to devote large chunks of their workday to hammering away on a keyboard. On the other hand, working directly with freelance writers requires constant management which can end up taking almost as much time as writing the content yourself.

That’s where we come in.

With a few clicks, we’ll deliver you a stream of consistently high-quality content, (at an affordable price) that matches the tone and style of your existing messaging.

Your content needs to be authoritative, accurate, and a pleasure to read. With our talent pool of 3,000+ professional writers, we have someone with experience in almost every industry…

Including yours.


Outsourced content writing services for you, and your clients.

We’re a team that has deep roots in the agency world, The Content Panel was initially created as an internal tool to handle the content needs of our sister company, a digital marketing agency (before we pivoted to focusing on this and releasing it as a product).

By leveraging the scalable power of our talent pool with its 3,000+ writers you can give your clients content that has been written by experts in their field (without having to find, test, trial, and manage them individually). 

We know from first-hand experience that your agency has no shortage of things that demand your attention. It’s time for you to finally make money on the content you provide your clients, instead of it being an endless cash dump.

Trust us to handle your content, and you can focus on the rest. 


Scalable, effective, and reliable enterprise content solutions

When you’re working with content at scale, the challenges that come from managing individual writers turn into a full-time job. Deadlines need to be met, quality needs to be consistent, and someone needs to keep an eye on how each piece of content is progressing. 

It’s a lot of work, so let us do it instead.

We’ll work with you step by step onboarding you seamlessly, and efficiently into The Content Panel’s ecosystem. We’ll work out a customized workflow for you, and we will handpick writers to build you a curated custom writing team of any size.

We’ll be in regular contact at first, and Panel Brain will provide us detailed reports on your feedback. We’ll use this data to manually calibrate your content writing dream team behind the scenes, ensuring you’re getting what you want, exactly the way you want it.

Then we simply turn it up to 11, scaling instantly to meet your content needs.

You’ve got questions. We’ve got answers.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How long does it take to receive my content?

We’re admittedly pretty tough with our writers when it comes to deadlines. You can expect most jobs to be completed and ready for your approval within 24 to 72 hours of placing your order, longer pieces will take 5 or 6 days at the most (but they’re often much quicker than this).

How do I tell your writers about the kind of content I want?

Specific kinds of content have specific briefing requirements. For example, we’d need different information from you for a blog post compared to what we’d need if we were writing a product description or a press release. We’ve created an intuitive brief creation system that’ll make sure you include all the information your writer will need to know depending on the kind of content you’re ordering. It’s not rocket science, but it works.

What about if I’m not happy with the content that’s written for me?

Don’t accept it. It’s that simple.

Every order has a big red “Request a new writer” button you can press whenever you’re unhappy with what has been written for you. This will send your job out to other writers that our A.I thinks are a good fit and you’ll get a completely new version of it written for you free of charge as a priority.

Do you have any samples?

Over the years we’ve accumulated samples in a wide range of content types and industries. So, we always recommend getting in touch and requesting a sample directly as we’ve probably got something that’ll be relevant to your project. 

However, if you’re in a rush, you can check out some of our publicly accessible samples here, and some others on our blog here.

How long do I have to review content that’s been written for me?

When a writer has submitted work you have 14 days to accept it, request changes, or ask us to find you a new writer. If we don’t hear from you within 14 days, we’ll automatically accept the content on your behalf to protect our writers (you’ll get notified before we do this).

What if I want changes to the content the writer has written?

Tell us about it, and we’ll get the writer to change their content for you.

We’ve developed a commenting system that allows you to highlight and leave feedback about sections of your writer’s work. This enables you to be precise with your feedback ensuring your writer knows what you want them to do. You can also give overall feedback about the general tone, flow, and subject matter of the writing on a more macro scale. 

You can request as many amendments as you like (as many times as you need to) and they’re all free of charge.

How do you protect against plagiarism?

We have a 0 tolerance approach to plagiarism. If we ever catch a writer submitting copied content, we immediately, and irrevocably remove them from our system.

We have several robust safeguards in place to protect against copied content and writers very rarely try and get past them. We make writers pass a plagiarism test as part of their application, and make it very clear to them that we’re watching. We use several world-class third-party plagiarism detection tools and we have our own internal checks too.

Simply put, if even a single sentence of content is copied, we will know about it (and deal with it) before it ever reaches you.

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