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"One part geek, two parts nerd, three parts writer, and four parts mother. Is that too many parts?"
- Tonia Richardson, Writer,
@ The Content Panel

Meet our world class SEO content writing services...

We’re The SEO Pros

We were known for SEO before we become an SEO content writing service, and we didn’t forget any of the knowledge we gained during that time. Our writers back up every SEO promise we make with quality content.

Bulk Discounts

We’ve got top-notch SEO content with competitive prices, but we know sometimes you need a lot of it. That’s why we offer bulk discounts and agency discounts to reward you for your business.

Writers With Real Experience

There is no substitute for having been there and done that, and our writers have done a lot. We have a diverse pool of over 3,000 SEO copywriters that covers almost every industry and content type imaginable.

Personal Content Manager

We do more than matchmaking between writers and clients. Our content managers provide personalized service and can answer any questions you have or even hand-pick writers for your SEO project.

Rewrite or Reject

In rare cases, we don’t deliver the perfect content for your vision. Your satisfaction is our #1 priority, so we offer unlimited revisions or complimentary rewrites if you’d like a new writer to start from scratch.

Fresh, Original Content

The only person who hates reading duplicate content more than visitors to your website is Google. Every piece of content our writers create is guaranteed to be free from plagiarism after making it through our internal and external checks.

Buying your website’s content from us is as easy as 1,2,3.

Here’s how it works

"Jess loves reading, writing, and talking about herself in the third person"
- Jessica Hill,
@ The Content Panel

Pick a writer, any writer.

Here’s what we do.

SEO content that works as hard as you do.

SEO content writing services from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

SEO content writing services with the features you need.

Awesome website content is just the beginning…

We test, train, and hire SEO content writers…

(So you don’t have to)

"Meet the only digital marketer in Seattle who won't put 'social media guru' on his LinkedIn profile".
- Mark Bell
SEO & Marketing Writer
@ The Content Panel

If it was easy to hire SEO writers, you probably wouldn’t be reading this webpage right now. The Content Panel has demystified the process of finding experienced writers who know SEO just as much as we do, and we have over 3,000 of them available to start on your project today.

Whether you’re planning a complex redesign of your website or just looking for an SEO content writing service to supply you with fresh blog content, we can be your one-stop shop. Our writers come from a diverse range of backgrounds, so we can handle virtually any project.

We have a reputation among freelance writers and businesses for having one of the toughest qualification processes in the industry, and we like it that way. Our team puts lots of time and effort into uncovering top talent with serious expertise.

Before a writer claims your project, they will make it through an extensive screening process including resume and portfolio reviews. Next, we test to confirm their understanding of plagiarism, perfect grammar, and meeting deadlines. It’s a lot, but it’s what our clients deserve.

Once writers come on board, they enter a probationary period where all pieces they submit are directly screened by a content manager before being accepted. It’s rare that a writer who has made it this far stumbles, but we don’t want to risk it.

Even after writers leave probation, we place their pieces through internal and external checks to ensure they’re free from grammatical errors and 100% original.

From colossal corporations, to mom and pop shops…

We do it all.

Want to see what we can do?

Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

How much do freelance SEO writers cost to hire?

Great writing isn’t cheap, but it can be surprisingly affordable. We have three tiers of content pricing based on writer tenure and experience level. Our lowest-priced SEO copywriting services start as low as $3.40 for 100 words. Content in this tier passes through our same strict quality standards and plagiarism checks.

If you are an SEO agency or want to purchase a large bulk order of blogs and SEO content, our pricing is flexible and includes discounts. To get an estimate of what it might cost to work with our team, use our pricing calculator.

Why should I hire an SEO copywriter?

SEO is not an easy thing to master, and many businesses that try to find SEO writers end up so overwhelmed by the process that they never get results. At The Content Panel, we help you get high-quality content optimized for performance on search engines without the hassle of interviewing, hiring, proofreading, and publishing.

We started as an SEO agency before we became a leading provider of SEO content services, so our writers understand effective techniques like incorporating long-tail keywords, quality meta descriptions, and NLP writing methods. We don’t just talk about SEO results, we get them.

How long does it take to receive my content?

Turnaround time will differ based on how long your copy is, the complexity, and how long it takes for our AI to match a writer to the job. In general, the first few orders that you place will take longer than later orders, as our system will get a better feel for what you need and which writers are a good fit.

In most cases, our writers deliver content within 24-72 hours. If you have a specific deadline to meet, your content manager would be happy to help. You can also track progress in real-time from your dashboard.

Can you write meta descriptions for my content?

Yes, we can take care of crafting snappy meta descriptions that entice web searchers to click on your website. If you have keywords that you want to be integrated with your content, we will also confirm that they are contained in the meta description for maximum efficacy.

Do you work with SEO agencies?

Yes, we love working with SEO agencies and used to operate as one before we evolved into The Content Panel. We understand firsthand the time constraints you’re under, as well as the challenges that you experience when trying to find good SEO writing services. Hundreds of agencies work with us to access our base of 3,000 writers, and we can write as much or as little as you require.

Many agencies have large needs, and we offer agency discounts to make our already-affordable content even more accessible. To sign up, click here.

What kind of companies do you write SEO content for?

It might surprise you to learn that our writers have written a full range of content for clients in almost any industry imaginable. From pony rides to septic tank cleaning, we have a massive range of clients and writers to meet their needs. If a writer doesn’t have in-depth experience in your industry, you can rest assured they’ll do their research and write with so much confidence you can’t tell the difference.

I have keywords in mind. Can I share them with the writer to include in the content?

Absolutely! You can name as many primary, secondary, short-tail, and long-tail keywords as you would like in your content brief. Our writers will seamlessly weave them into any copy they create so that each piece reads naturally. After they finish and upload your content, our system will check to confirm keyword integration and count.

Slightly less frequently asked questions

Absolutely. Thanks to our broad client base and content offerings, we have a variety of samples available that represent real content made by our writers. If you want a taste before signing on the dotted line, we’ve made it easy to request a sample for free or schedule a call with one of our content managers to learn more.

Fluff is the enemy of good SEO, and it’s our enemy too. Every sentence matters, which is why we have a low tolerance for pieces that are stuffed with fluff. Aside from screening our writers carefully, we also use our AI to match writers with the best projects for their backgrounds and interests. When we coordinate the right projects with the right writers, fluff naturally disappears and quality copy shines through.

You’ve got a lot on your plate, which is why you’re working with us in the first place. We offer every business 14 full business days to review their content, request edits, or ask for a rewrite. After your writer uploads your piece of SEO content, you will receive an email notification and the clock starts ticking.

As you approach the 14-day deadline, you will receive additional reminders. In order to ensure timely payment for all our professional writers, our system auto-accepts content at the end of the period if we do not hear from you.

Nope. As a ghost-writing service, we retain no ownership over any piece of content that we create for you after you accept it. All of our SEO content services are offered by writers who agree to keep pieces written for our clients out of their portfolios. This eliminates the risk of duplicate content popping up elsewhere online and preserves your privacy.

You can attribute blogs, articles, and other content written by us to your company, your name, one of your team members, or a pseudonym. As you retain 100% of the ownership, you can also publish it however you see fit.

Our innovative order form is easy to use and designed to capture as much or as little information as you have to offer. While our writers always appreciate clients who include things like keyword requirements or tonal preferences, they are true professionals who will fill in the blanks and deliver fantastic copy regardless.