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Here’s what makes us #1

Purebred SEO Pedigree

We’ve got deep roots in the SEO world. We initially created The Content Panel to write articles for our sister company (an SEO agency), and still rank with our own articles to this day.

A.I Writer Matching

It’s obvious when a writer doesn’t know what they’re writing about. Let our A.I match you with a professional article writer who has real-world experience in your industry.

Original Content

We don’t take chances when it comes to copied content. We guarantee you that every article you order from us will be 100% original, free from plagiarism, and written exclusively for you.

Quality Guarantee

Don’t like the article your writer has written for you? We’ve got it covered. Let us know and we will get a new article writer to create an entirely new article for you, free of charge.

Tested And Trained Writers

We have teams of people recruiting and hiring article writers for our talent pool. We vet, test, and train them to ensure that they consistently write awesome articles delivered on time, every time.

Priced To Sell

We’re a lean, mean, article writing machine, which allows us to offer top quality content, at rock bottom prices. Our articles start from $3.20 / 100 words, with no hidden extra costs.

Our awesome article writing services are as easy as a,b,c

Here’s how to buy articles from us

It’s a match made in heaven… 

We’ve created what we believe to be the only artificial intelligence in the world that plays matchmaker between article writers and businesses. We’ve named him Panel Brain, and we’re very proud parents…

With your first order from us, Panel Brain will try and match you with someone who has experience in the same industry as the subject matter of the article. He will also try to find writers who naturally have the same tone, style, and flow that you’ve indicated you’re looking for in our super simple order form.

Your first writers will be awesome, but Panel Brain gets smarter over time. He’ll learn from your feedback about previous writers to make better, and more accurate matches in the future.

Over time, behind the scenes he custom creates you a team of professional article writers with experience in your industry (and a style of writing that you love).

It’s kind of like having an on-demand in-house article writing department.

(Just without the overheads)

Let our content managers handle the hassle.

When Panel Brain has done his job and found your perfect match, it’s time for us to get to work.

We’re a managed article writing service, which means you will be assigned a content manager when you join us. You’ll probably never know they exist (unless you have a question). But they’re working hard for you behind the scenes.

The content will first go through our automated plagiarism checks (we use several) to ensure that every single sentence was written just for you. If any matches are found your content manager will assess them for false positives, and take action where required.

Once we’ve established the content isn’t copied we’ll then start our quality checks. We’ll manually verify some of your orders to ensure your content has been properly proofread, that it has great grammar, and that it matches your brief too.

If we find any quality issues (which very rarely happens) we’ll ask the writer to action the changes and then resubmit your article.

All of this work happens invisibly, behind the scenes, without you having to lift a finger.

Meet your awesome article

When your article has passed all of our checks, we’ll let you know via email. 

You can then login to your dashboard and review the content. If you’d like a few tweaks or changes (large or small) you can let your writer know with our inline commenting system. You can request an unlimited number of edits, an unlimited number of times, free of charge.

If the writer has completely missed the mark (which rarely happens) you can let us know and we’ll get a new writer to write a new article for you, free of charge. Your content manager will oversee the rewrite behind the scenes to ensure it gets actioned as a priority.

That being said, in the overwhelming majority of cases, our article writers hit the nail on the head the first time around and their content needs no amendments or rewrites whatsoever.

When you’re happy with your content, Panel Brain will ask for your feedback, which he will then use to improve his writer suggestions for your future jobs. 

Awesome articles that are almost on autopilot, what more could you want?

Pick an article, any article.

How will you use our services?

Sensational SEO Articles

The vast majority of clients who use our article writing services do so for SEO purposes. 

There’s no getting around the fact that if you want a huge amount of organic traffic from Google, then you’re going to need a huge amount of content to go with it.

We’ve got over a decade’s worth of experience writing SEO articles. Our content has survived and thrived through every quality update Google has thrown at us over the years, and we fully expect our rankings to stay rock-solid in the future.

Now, we’re not claiming that we’re going to send your site skyrocketing in the SERPs from just your article’s content alone. But we are confident when we say that we write some of the longest-lasting, highest-ranking content out there. 

We heavily focus on quality, we pay close attention to EAT principles, and our writers study the search intent behind your keywords to create content that ranks.

At the end of the day all Google wants is to give its users the information they want. 

And that’s what our writers want to do too.

Perfect Pillar Content

The days of being able to get to the top of Google with a 500-word article are long behind us. Sites are investing in long-form pillar content with massive word counts for one simple reason – they work.

That being said, Google’s #1 priority is content quality, and if you’re going to be writing an article that’s thousands of words in length, you need to be at least somewhat familiar with the subject.

It’s very easy to tell when an article writer is just Googling the subject and has no real knowledge or insight to add. Their content is thin, it states the obvious, and it’s full of “ifs and buts”. It’s embarrassing to publish, and it’s a chore for your readers to read.

But it doesn’t have to be this way…

By leveraging our talent pool of over 3,000 writers (and our A.I) we’re able to match you with a professional article writer who has experience writing articles in your industry. From plumbers to programmers and everything in-between – we’ve got someone who can write engagingly about your topic.

Brilliant blog posts

Why are we talking about blog posts on a landing page about article writing? 

Well, one man’s blog post is another man’s article.

We’re experts at writing blog articles (or blog posts, whatever you want to call them). Business blogging is our bread and butter, and we manage hundreds of blogs in all kinds of industries.

Our subscription-based blog management services are the Rolls Royce of the content marketing world. For a surprisingly low price, each month we’ll provide you with topic suggestions, images, content, and we’ll even upload posts on your blog for you.

In a nutshell, we handle all of the bureaucracy of blogging, while you focus on the creative, fun parts. Trust us. It’s as good as it sounds.

That being said, if you’re looking for a more flexible way of buying content for your blog (i.e without subscriptions) then you can order blog posts on a case by case basis too. 

We’re all about customization, baby.

Learn more about our blog writing services.

Magnificent magazine & newspaper articles

We understand the subtle but important differences between writing articles for digital mediums and writing them for newspapers and magazines. We’re tough on fluff, and we will meet the exact word count you provide (give or take a few words) to ensure there are no issues with layout when formatting for print.

Our content managers will make sure our article writers meet their deadlines, so you can meet yours. Our streamlined amendment request process means your editors can highlight sections of the content and leave feedback for your writer in an efficient, and effective manner.

We’ll adhere to all of your publication’s sourcing and citing requirements – regardless of how strict they are, and we’ll ensure we match your writing style and tone seamlessly too.

Our articles have been published in printed national newspapers, and several magazines over the years. Our clients (and their editors) always come back for more.

And the best part? We’re a ghostwriting service.

Which means you can take all the credit for our hard work.

(We don’t mind!)

Wonderful website content

Your website’s main pages are arguably some of the most important content you’ll ever publish. They’re your “official” and “formal” content that is a direct line from your visitors to your brand. 

We understand that it takes a huge amount of trust to put that kind of messaging (with that kind of importance) in the hands of someone outside your organization – and we respect that.

We’ll create articles for your website that convey your brand’s vision, beliefs, and goals in a clear, concise, and approachable manner. Give us a few examples of your other messaging, and our professional article writers will match your current tone of voice and writing style seamlessly.

It’ll feel like you’ve hired an in-house copywriter who’s been a part of your team for years – minus the hassle (and the expense).

Once you experience the convenience of having your messaging typed up beautifully by our article writers – you’ll never go back.

Learn more about our website content writing services.

Engaging e-books

E-books are one of the most effective digital marketing tools the world has ever known. There’s a reason that every website serious about their content marketing strategy offers ebooks to their visitors – it’s because they work.

Packaging up super long, detailed articles into e-book format allows you to take a deep dive into a topic in a way that is almost impossible to do via pages on a website

With over 3,000 writers in our talent pool we’re certain that we’ve got someone with the talent, knowledge, and real-world experience required to write an ebook article about your industry authoritatively and engagingly.

They’ll make connections and references that other writers who don’t know the subject (and are just Googling the answers) wouldn’t be able to make. They’ll delve deep into specifics, while keeping your content clear, concise, and to the point.

We’ll write a real page-turner, without the pages.

Here’s how we provide consistently high-quality articles

Our content managers are hidden heroes

We’re tough on fluff

There’s nothing worse than an article that’s filled with fluff. It’s a pain for readers to read, it’s an embarrassment for publishers to publish, and it’s boring for writers to write. 

We let our writers know that we have a very low tolerance when it comes to fluff, and we expect every sentence in their articles to have substance and meaning behind it.

We initially expected our war on fluff to be hard to win when we first started The Content Panel. 

But it wasn’t…

It turns out that if you match writers with jobs that they are actually excited to write about (on topics that they are knowledgeable in), and you combine that with paying them a decent rate…

Then fluff “magically” disappears.

Unlimited amendments to your articles

Our article writers are pretty great at what they do – they wouldn’t be writing for us if they weren’t. The vast majority of the time their articles are exactly what our clients have in mind and are accepted on the first draft.

However, we know that from time to time, there’s room for improvement.

We have embraced the reality of revisions with open arms, and as such, we include an unlimited number of edits with every order as standard. 

We have developed an inline commenting tool to facilitate the amendment process. You can leave feedback on the general tone of the article as a whole, or you can highlight sections and add comments to specific parts of the content.

It doesn’t sound revolutionary, and in all honesty, it isn’t. But once you’ve tried actioning amendments to your articles in this way.

You’ll never go back…

Content you love. Guaranteed.

All of our professional article writers are awesome, they wouldn’t be writing for us if they weren’t. However, we understand that from time to time, there’s just not a good fit.

This very rarely happens, but if you feel you’ve received an article that’s missed the mark, and cannot be amended to your satisfaction, you can request a new writer. 

Simply click a big red button on your dashboard, and we’ll ask Panel Brain to match you with another article writer who will write an entirely new version for you (as a priority) free of charge. 

This rewrite policy is one of the reasons our articles are consistently high quality.

Writers know that anything except their best runs the risk of being rejected by a client. So they put 110% into their work.

It’s just another little difference that we think makes us one of the best article writing services out there.

We manage your writers so you don’t have to.

Traditionally, hiring freelance article writers is a hassle. Keeping track of briefs, deadlines, revisions, and versions is usually done by utilizing a combination of spreadsheets, email chains, and slack channels – which is less than ideal.

With our article writing services, you can see the status of every job from your dashboard in real-time. We’ll let you know which projects require your attention, which projects are ticking along smoothly, and which projects are ready for publication. 

Usually, our writers are extremely reliable. However, once in a blue moon, an article writer will miss a deadline, when that happens, we’ve got you covered. 

Panel Brain will send your job back out to the writers as a priority to get someone else to write your article as quickly as possible to minimize disruption. Your content manager will keep you updated via your dashboard every step of the way.

Professional article writing services, from professional article writers

Meet the gang.

Our article writers are the backbone of our article writing services. Without them, we’d be nothing. 

We have a team of people searching every corner of the internet trying to hire article writers and recruit them into our talent pool. However, some writers find us before we find them and apply without a formal introduction. 

Regardless of how we meet our article writers, we put them all through our famously tough testing, vetting, and training process where we perform over 9 different tests to determine their abilities, style, and experience. We’re looking to see what areas of expertise they have, what their portfolios look like, and what kind of articles they like to write.

If we feel they’d be a good fit from the first round of tests, we then request that they write us a custom article, which is reviewed manually by our talent team. 

By this point in the process, the vast majority of writers have been rejected, and only a small minority remain.

If the writers pass this final test, they’re put on probation, where we monitor and review every single article they write for our clients. If anything isn’t right, we rectify it before our clients have a chance to see the issue.

After they’ve written several consistently high-quality articles for us, they’re a fully-fledged member of the team, and can reap all of the benefits writing for us provides them.

They’re the best of the best. Try us out and see for yourself.

Our articles have been published in the following publications

When we say we’re an SEO article writing service, we mean it.

Trust us. We know SEO.


Every article writing service in the world is going to talk about their mastery of keywords and SEO, but we’re willing to bet that few of them know SEO like we do.

We used to be an SEO agency. 

We created The Content Panel initially to manage the network of freelancers we used for our SEO clients. When we understood the power of what we had created, we pivoted to leaving the SEO world and focusing on this full time.

Google is smarter than ever today, and keywords aren’t the be all and end all of SEO anymore. Keyword stuffing is super obvious to readers, and severely punished by Google.

That’s why we do things differently. We’ll scatter your articles seamlessly with traditional, LSI, and longtail keywords that flow naturally within the content without it feeling forced. We’ll use NLP techniques to aid semantic processing, and we’ll optimize titles, and meta descriptions (on request) too.

User Intent

User intent is arguably one of the most important factors in on page SEO today. 

Google is using engagement metrics more than ever before to determine if an article serves the user with the information they searched for. If you don’t give the user what they want, Google’s not going to give you what you want.

Unless you give us a detailed outline of what the article should look like, our writers will formulate their article based around the user intent of any keywords you have provided. They’ll ensure that anyone who lands on your page is delivered a well-rounded, satisfying answer to their search query. 

Your users win, Google wins, and you win too. 

Again, it’s not rocket science, but it works.

Featured Snippets

Featured snippets are awesome ways to get huge amounts of additional traffic from Google. 

The only problem is, it’s not that easy to be featured in them.

There’s a specific way of formatting your article to try and land a featured snippet spot. Large pieces of the puzzle are on page SEO factors (and how you structure your content). However, a significant contributing element is the content of the article itself. 

When you work with us you can tell your writers if there are any featured snippets you’re targeting. We’ll make sure that our writers carefully craft structured answers to the snippet’s questions in a way Google will be able to digest, understand, and hopefully use.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll land a spot in a snippet, but we’ll give you a darn good chance…

Content Clusters

Content clusters are one of the most interesting developments in modern-day SEO. They’ve turned the traditional idea of “sites must be siloed” upside down.

Our dashboard allows you to segment your orders into individual projects – which are perfect for your content clusters. Simply create a new project, send a bulk order, and watch your content cluster be created in real time. 

We’ll ensure the writers are aware of the other articles that you’re ordering to allow them to make consistent references for interlinking within the cluster. 

We’ll also give all your orders to the same writer (or at least a writer with a similar style) for a feeling of continuity. This allows us to ensure that there’s no repetition of topics throughout different pages of the cluster.

Ask us anything about articles. We’re all ears.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I outsource article writing?

Because it’s often the most effective way for your business to meet its content demands.

Having an existing team member write your articles is inefficient, takes away from their other duties, and may result in subpar content if the person hasn’t got a natural affinity for writing. On the other hand, hiring a writer in house is an expensive commitment that requires a large amount of content to be created consistently in order to be financially viable.

How do I tell your article writers what I want?

We’ve created a dynamic order form that will ensure we get all of the essential information we need to write you a great article. A general rule of thumb is the more advice and direction you give your writer in the brief – the better the article will be.

How long will it take to write my article?

Turnaround times depend on two factors – how long it takes an article writer to claim your job, and how long the article is in terms of word count.  Your first few orders can take up to 24 hours to find a writer as our A.I doesn’t know much about you (and is very cautious). 

However, after your first few orders, this usually takes a few hours. 

In terms of deadlines, writers are given 24 hours (after they claim the job) for content that’s around 1000 words or less, and around 4 days for anything longer. Deadlines can be viewed in realtime from your dashboard at any time.

Will people be able to tell you wrote my articles?

No, we’re a ghostwriting service which means nobody except you and us will know who wrote your content. You can attribute the articles we write to any of your team members, and you can take all of the credit for our hard work. Don’t worry, we don’t mind!

Should I use a cheap article writing service?

We have 3 quality levels of article writers for hire, and our cheapest writers start at $3.20 / 100 words. This already makes us one of the cheapest article writing services out there.

We’re a lean business with very low overheads, which allows us to offer native speakers at this kind of price point. If you want cheaper article writing services, they do exist, but you’re almost certainly going to get very low quality content written by someone with a marginal grasp of the English language.

Writing takes time, and $3.20 / 100 words already represents quite a low hourly wage for someone living in a western country. Any cheaper than this and your content is probably being written by non native speakers in other parts of the world (and it’s very, very obvious when this is the case). You can have usable content, or you can have super cheap content, but you can’t have both.