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Here’s why hundreds of brands hire our freelance writers…

We’re much more than just a matchmaker.

3,000+ Writers

We’ve got 3,000+ professional freelance writers for hire in our talent pool. With real-world experience in almost any industry – from carpentry to coding (and everything in-between).

A.I Matching

Your search stops here. We’ve developed an A.I that will automagically match you with a freelancer who’s got the style, tone, and experience required to write engagingly about your industry.

100% Original

Our writers only ever write original content. We’ve got multiple robust plagiarism checks in place for complete peace of mind. You’ll always own the exclusive rights to every word we write for you.

Writer Management

Our content managers will monitor deadlines, action rewrites, take care of quality control, and handle most of the other bureaucracy traditionally involved with hiring freelance writers for you.

Always A Good Fit

Not a good fit with your writer? In these rare situations, you can let us know and we’ll find a new writer to create a new version of your content for you – free of charge.

Scalable Content

Our system has been purposely designed to be instantly scalable. We can work on projects of all sizes, from mom and pop shops to enormous enterprises, and everything in-between.

Trust us. Working with writers has never been easier.

Here’s how it works…

Your freelance writing dream team

Our developers have been hard at work creating an artificial intelligence called Panel Brain whose only purpose in life is to match our clients with one of the 3,000+ freelance writers we have for hire. 

Panel Brain uses a whole heap of different factors to make his writer suggestions. At first, he’ll use things like relevant industry experience, writing style, and tone of voice to make his suggestions.

But as time goes on he gets smarter. 

Panel Brain learns from your feedback. This allows him to make more accurate writer suggestions in the future (that can be scaled on demand). 

We’re essentially magically creating a custom dream team of superstar writers for you behind the scenes. 

(It’s as awesome as it sounds)

We hire writers, so you don’t have to.

Anyone who’s worked with freelance writers in the past knows about the seemingly endless management overheads that come with them.

Testing, training, hiring, firing, editing, paying, invoicing (and many other infinitives) are just part and parcel of hiring freelance writers – and trust us, at scale, it’s a full-time job.

We’ll assign you a content manager when you join us who’ll handle the boring bits of working with writers – so you can stick to the creative fun parts of the process. 

They’re the ones who will be ensuring your writers meet deadlines. They’ll be manually checking the results of our various plagiarism and quality tools to ensure your content is up to our high standards, and they’ll ensure any edits or rewrites you request are handled smoothly and promptly too (amongst other things).

It’s their teamwork that makes our dream work. 

And unless you have a question, you’ll probably never even know these unsung heroes exist.

Now for the fun part…

When your writer has submitted their work you can preview the content they have written for you in your dashboard.

If you can think of a few improvements, you can let your writer know with our custom-built commenting tool. Simply highlight the relevant section of the content, provide your feedback on it, and move on to the next section. 

If you’re really unhappy, you can press the big red “Request A New Writer” button. Your content manager will then ensure a new writer creates a new version of your content for you as a priority (free of charge). 

However, the overwhelming majority of the time our writers create content that’s perfect on the first draft. When you’re happy with the content you simply click accept, provide your feedback, and you’re done! 

Your content will be delivered to you as a .docx, perfectly formatted, and ready to rock.

Simply rinse and repeat!

You name it, we write it…

Let us show you what we’ve got.

Brilliant bloggers on demand

With over 3,000 freelance writers for hire, we’ve almost certainly got a blogger who can write engagingly about your industry. 

However, writing content is only half the battle of running a successful blog.

Each month you need to source images, find topics to write about, research keywords, create briefs for writers, and then finally upload, format, and publish the content.

We’ve created our blog management services to handle all of this for you (and more). They’re monthly subscriptions that include everything from suggesting topics to uploading and publishing your content on your blog. It’s true hands-free blogging.

Prefer a more flexible solution? Don’t want a subscription?

No problem. You can order individual posts from us too.

Learn more about our blog writing services.

Product descriptions to be proud of

We understand that for e-commerce sites there’s probably no other copy on your website as important as your product descriptions. As such, they need to be written by someone who knows what they’re doing.

Anyone can simply type up a list of features into a product description (and for simple products that can sometimes be enough). However, for most products, you’ll benefit from hiring a writer that knows the industry you’re in.

A writer who knows what they’re talking about will be able to understand the implications of a product’s USPs and the issues that they solve. They’ll know what “buttons” to press and they’ll know exactly how to press them. They’ll be constantly gently, and naturally nudging your readers towards a sale.

With over 3,000 freelance writers for hire, we’ve almost certainly got someone with the experience required to write product descriptions in your industry.

Learn more about our product description writing services.

Awesome articles

With the long-form detailed nature of article writing, it’s important to work with writers who know what they are talking about. 

When you take a deep dive into a subject you get the chance to get into the nitty-gritty details. If a writer has no experience in the topic the content can sometimes sound fluffy, light, and lack any real substance. They might make valid points, but their content is not going to provide any kind of insight or engagement that someone familiar with the topic would be able to appreciate.

But it doesn’t have to be this way. 

Our A.I will find you a freelance writer for hire that’s familiar with the subject you’re writing about – or at the very least someone who has experience in the same industry. 

Don’t get us wrong, our writers use some “Google-fu” too. 

But they’ll also make connections and references in their content that a writer without industry experience simply wouldn’t be able to make.

Learn more about our article writing services.

Wonderful website content

We think that it takes quite a bit of trust to hire a freelance writer to write your web pages.

This kind of content is “supposed” to be written by someone in your team. It’s more “official” and “direct” messaging compared to more informal content (for example on your blog or your news section). 

Our freelance writers will obviously be a stranger to your brand at first, so you’re going to need to provide an overview of what points you want the writer to cover on each page (the more context the better). If you’ve already got content on your site that you simply want writing up by a professional – even better.

Once the writer has got an idea of what you’re all about, they’ll then research your brand, look at your existing messaging, and try to create content that’s going to slip seamlessly in with the other writing on your site. 

It’ll almost feel like they’re part of your in-house team.

Learn more about our website content writing services.

Superb SEO writers

All of our content is optimized as standard. However, we understand that sometimes, there’s content that has one main aim above all else – to rank.

We used to run an SEO agency before we created The Content Panel (we’ve since pivoted to TCP as our sole focus). We fully understand it takes more than just great content to send a site skyrocketing in the SERPs – but it’s still an essential part of the puzzle.

Like any good writing service, we’ll get to work on researching LSI and longtail keywords before putting pen to paper. Our writers will seamlessly weave them into your content naturally – but admittedly, that’s nothing special.

Perhaps the most important part of SEO writing is also one of the most overlooked – search intent. Google wants to rank content that provides exactly what the user is looking for. 

So we give your users what they want. 

Which gives Google what it wants.

Which is you what you want…

Everyone’s a winner baby!

Well researched white papers

White papers are some of the longest, most detailed (and therefore costly) investments in content that brands make. However, despite this, marketers seemingly cannot get enough of them in their proverbial toolkit.

They’re an excellent digital asset that has a real sense of value. So much so that visitors are willing to hand over their precious contact information in exchange for them.

By their very nature, white papers are detailed pieces that dive into a specific section of your sector that go into detail. Accuracy is of the utmost importance, for better or worse, white papers are held to a far higher standard than regular website content.

With our 3,000+ freelance writers for hire, we’re highly likely to have someone that can write with the kind of depth and detail your whitepaper requires. Your writers will have an understanding of the subject beyond just what they can Google while researching.

It makes your white paper far more interesting, which also makes it far more effective.

Convince me. Why should I hire your writers?

Here’s why we’re #1


We’re SEO pros

No really. We are.

We started The Content Panel when we were an SEO agency ourselves. It started out as an in-house way to manage the freelance writers that we hired for our clients before we pivoted to focusing on TCP exclusively. 

We’ve successfully sailed the high seas of the SERPs for the past decade, using the same principles we still use to rank today.

We’ll do all the obvious keyword related stuff that other freelance writers will do, but what makes us different is our dedication to search intent – it’s our not so secret sauce.

Every writer you hire from us will carefully craft content that actually answers the query your keyword targets, instead of blindly inserting key phrases to try and please Google like it’s still 2002.

We give Google what they want by giving your readers what they want.

Which gives you what you want – higher rankings.

Embrace the reality of revisions

The overwhelming majority of the content that our freelance writers create is accepted on the first draft. However, sometimes there are potential improvements that could be made.

We’ve embraced the reality of revisions, and as such, we include an unlimited number of edit requests as standard in our content. We’ve also developed an annotation tool that allows you to highlight and add comments to sections of your writer’s work seamlessly, and efficiently. 

It’s not exactly rocket science, but once you’ve tried it, you’re never going to be able to go back.

After you’ve submitted your feedback, your content manager will handle the rest, ensuring your writer actions your changes as a priority. It’s very rare to need a second round of edits, but if you do – simply rinse and repeat as many times as required.

If only everything in life was this easy…

Not a good fit? Then we’ll fix it.

All of the freelance writers we hire are tested, vetted, and trained professionals. We very rarely have situations arise where clients are unhappy with their work. 

But we’re realists, and from time to time, there’s just not a good fit between one of our writers and a client.

For these rare situations, we’ve created a very satisfying big red button labeled “Request A New Writer”. 

(No prizes for guessing what this does)

Your content manager will swing into action and will work with Panel Brain to try and find you another suitable freelance writer for hire that can work on your job. Your new writer will create an entirely new version of your content for you, as a priority, free of charge.

If you don’t love it, we don’t want you to have it.

Hiring freelance writers has never been easier

Before we created The Content Panel we used to manage our freelance writers with a spider web of spreadsheets, word docs, email chains, slack channels, and smoke signals.

We made it work, but it was far from a perfect system.

One of the main priorities for us when creating The Content Panel was to automate many of the common tasks associated with managing freelance writers. Anything that couldn’t be automated, we streamlined.

From your dashboard, you’ll be able to see real-time updates of each of your jobs. From the moment we find a writer through to the final steps of the revision process and everything in-between, you’re always kept in the loop. 

In fact, all you really need to do is tell us what you want, what you like, and what you don’t like. 

We do the rest.

Check out this fantastic feedback about our freelancers

Here’s what our clients think.

“This article is amazing. Thank you for meeting the tight deadline you really saved our bacon!”

You’re one of the best writers we’ve ever hired, easily. We will be back. If I could give 6 stars I would.”

Wow, what an introduction! Gripping content from start to finish. Will be ordering again soon.”

Awesome content, from awesome writers.

Meet our freelancers.

Our technology is great, and our content managers are awesome, but without our 3,000+ freelance writers for hire – we’d be nothing.

They’re the real stars of the show.

Sometimes freelancers find us, but most of the time we recruit writers while trying to fill in ever-narrowing gaps in our already vast range of writing expertise. They come from all works of professional life, from actors and accountants to zoologists and zoning engineers (really), and everything in between. 

Their hiring process begins with a tough 9 stage test that puts them through their paces. We check their portfolios, their grammar, their understanding of plagiarism, and we follow up on any references that might be of interest.

After the 9 stage test, we put the few writers who pass through a tough written examination, asking them to create captivating (and creative) content on a rather bland prompt. 

We find it’s the best way to separate the good from the bad. 

The best freelance writers get hired, the rest get rejected. 

Only a few percent of applicants get this far. We hire the writers that make the grade and train them in how we like to do things. They’re then put on probation where we manually review all of their work. 

We do this for every writer who joins us, so you don’t have to.

It’s a lot of work, but somebody has to do it.

Check out some of the places our writers have had their work published.

Ask us anything.

Frequently asked questions.

Why should I hire a freelance writer?

Consider the alternatives, you either hire a writer in-house or have someone on your existing team write your content.

Hiring an in-house writer is a large commitment, and unless you have considerable (and regular) content requirements it’s usually not the best way forward. You might have someone on your team who’s got a talent for writing already – but they probably have their other duties to attend to. This results in either their normal work potentially suffering, or more likely, your content doesn’t get written (or is rushed).

Hiring a freelance writer is the best of both worlds. It allows you to get content without the commitment of hiring a writer in house, and the content is written by a professional who’s passionate about writing.

What’s the turnaround time of most orders?

Our average turnaround time depends on the length of the content you have ordered. Any orders around 1000 words or less will have a 24-hour deadline (from the moment we match you with a writer). Longer jobs can have a deadline of up to 4 days, however, we incentivize early delivery, so most jobs are delivered well before this time.

Will it be obvious that I hired a freelancer?

Not in the slightest. All of our freelancers are ghostwriters, which means that no one except you and us needs to know that the content wasn’t written by a writer you hired in house. We keep our clients’ identities strictly confidential, and we expect our writers to do the same.

Our writers will also take a look at your existing content and ensure their tone and style of writing matches what you’ve already been publishing. As such, their work will slip in seamlessly with your other content, leaving no indication that you hired a freelancer.

How do I tell your freelancers what I want?

The kind of information our writers will need from you to complete your job depends on the type of content you’ve ordered. We’ve created a dynamic order form that will ensure you’re prompted to provide all the necessary information before submitting your order. If a writer needs more information, they’ll let your content manager know, who’ll then reach out to you for clarification (but this rarely happens). 

How much do freelance writers cost?

Our freelance writers cost $3.20 / 100 words for our “Standard” quality (which is already awesome). However our true superstar writers have higher rates, you can play around with our pricing calculator.