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"Jill is a Frank Sinatra superfan, a sales copywriter, and a mango smoothie aficionado - in that order."
- Jill Sullivan, Writer
@ The Content Panel

Meet our world famous ghostwriting services...

Expert Ghostwriters for Hire

Hire a ghostwriter from a talent pool of thousands, all of which have been well-vetted by our in-house quality assurance team. They’re tested, trained, and infuse their real-world experience into each content piece.

Content Managers—Always Included

With your ghostwriting services comes a dedicated content manager who collaborates with you and oversees your ghostwriter’s work. Reach out with questions, concerns, and feedback so we can consistently deliver content that exceeds your expectations.

Never-Before-Seen Content

Our ghostwriters for hire pair their existing knowledge with our training and guidance to deliver content that is always 100% original. It’s made to order. You can consider it from scratch, and hot out of the oven!

Love Your Content—Guaranteed

Not loving the content delivered? No problem. Request a rewrite or reject it altogether. There’s no point in paying for something you don’t love. Request edits or another writer and we deliver. Simple as that.

Affordable, Transparent Pricing

You’re not into sneaky fees and we aren’t either. We keep our pricing straightforward, always transparent, and always at rates that make each content piece feel like a steal. We’ve found our recipe—and it works.

Stock Up and Save

If you have large projects and hire us for ghostwriting services, you get discounted pricing on top of the best rates. Enjoy savings and a steady stream of ghostwritten content to use whenever and however you like.

Hiring one of our ghostwriters is as easy as 1,2,3.

Here’s how it works

"One part geek, two parts nerd, three parts writer, and four parts mother. Is that too many parts?"
- Tonia Richardson
@ The Content Panel

Pick a writer, any writer.

Here’s what we do.

Captivating copy that works as hard as you do.

Professional ghostwriting services from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Ghostwriting services with the features you need.

Awesome website content is just the beginning…

We test, train, and hire freelance ghostwriters…

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"Meet the only digital marketer in Seattle who won't put 'social media guru' on his LinkedIn profile".
- Mark Bell
@ The Content Panel

We wouldn’t be thriving without the ever-evolving talent of our ghostwriters for hire. We value their expertise, and their time, and combine it with our innovative tech to deliver an unmatched service. We take our time testing writers who apply to work with us, ensuring they have what it takes to handle everything from blog posts to white papers.

It’s not easy vetting thousands of writers. But this is our bread and butter. When they need training, we lend a hand. When they need clarification, we’re there to help. All so you have a team that works to deliver high-quality content that makes you feel… well, content.

Each time a writer reaches out to work with us, we take a deep dive into their background, review their portfolios, and check their references before we move on to the testing phase. Refined writing requires several checks to be in place, including automated and manual reviews of spelling, grammar, and originality.

We wouldn’t connect you with a writer we wouldn’t hire ourselves. That’s why we’re so meticulous about the vetting process. Only after the initial background checking phase is complete do we move into the testing process, during which the ghostwriter demonstrates their wordsmithery.

Once they’ve onboarded with us, we keep a close eye on their first projects. Slowly but surely, they move up in our ranks and we offer up more complex pieces. Quality assurance is vital to our success—and yours. We stay the course with our writers so you can enjoy some of the best talent on the planet.

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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

How much do your ghostwriting services cost?

Professional ghostwriting starts at just $3.40 per 100 words. We keep pricing transparent, ultra-affordable, and never sneak in any fees or extra costs. What you see is what you get.

Do you have any samples?

Absolutely! We are more than happy to share an industry-relevant example with you. Just make your request and we’ll get in touch!

What happens if the ghostwriter misses a deadline?

Our content managers work closely with you and your ghostwriter to ensure everything is coming along according to plan. Nevertheless, emergencies happen. Your writer may miss a deadline due to unforeseeable circumstances. When this is the case, we communicate with you as soon as we realize we’re not on schedule. You can either choose to move forward with your writer or you can request another writer be appointed for your content.

Do you give discounts for bulk projects?

Of course, we do! If you have a large project or you’re inquiring from an agency, simply get in touch with us so we can explain how our bulk pricing works!

Can I speak directly with my writer?

Yes! The tech we developed allows you to create inline comments on your writer’s work. Plus, you get connected with a dedicated content manager who facilitates communication and collaboration with your writer.

What happens if I am unhappy with one of your ghostwriters?

Although this is a rare occurrence, we know sometimes even the best matchmaking technology can result in a mismatch. If this happens to you, simply request a new writer. Our large talent pool doesn’t just mean we have a wide variety of content experts, it also means that when one writer isn’t a good match for you, we can quickly replace them, so you can get connected with someone you feel more comfortable working with.

Will I own the content, and will it be original?

Yes! All ghostwritten content is completely original (we check, double-check, and triple-check!), and it’s all yours once it’s been submitted and you’ve accepted it. The writer then loses rights to all the work created—essentially, you’ve purchased their unique combination of words. You are free to publish it as you wish because you own all the rights after purchase.

Will anyone know I hired a ghostwriter?

No, this is a confidential process. You are not required to credit the writer—in fact, our writers use pen names, and we keep your information to ourselves. You communicate and collaborate through our system and when you’ve received the content you were looking for, it’s all yours to keep.

Slightly less frequently asked questions

You use our brief creation technology to fully define the scope of your writing project. When you’re connected with a content manager, you can confirm all your expectations as well. If you have several pieces of content that reflect the quality, tone, or format you’re looking for, feel free to share them! These serve as guide posts for your writer so they can work attentively to deliver your content just as you’ve requested it.

Yes, we aim to make this a collaborative process. For most content types, writers hit the mark. When it comes to more complex pieces, we do expect a little more back and forth. If, after you’ve received the first draft, you’d like to request edits, simply let your writer know! Turnaround for edits is (at most) 48 hours.

We aim to please. If the content you receive isn’t up to par, you can request edits. However, if you’re displeased with the entirety of the work, you can reject it altogether. If this is the case, we assign you a new writer. Although this nearly never happens, we do like to think ahead and make sure we have protocols in place.

Primarily so you can drive more traffic to your online storefront—AKA your website. Ghostwriters also eliminate time spent trying to crank out content. They do the work for you, make you look better than ever, and save you time while helping you make more money.

Never! Once you’ve approved the content, it’s all yours. It’s as if the ghostwriter never existed. Use your own name on the content, whether it’s a blog post, white paper, or even a work of fiction! No one ever has to know you hired a ghostwriter.

Most projects are delivered within a week, and some shorter projects may be delivered within two to three days. We allow our writers sufficient time to create quality work and we ensure you get what you need expeditiously.

Yes, you own the rights to all your ghostwritten content. There are no restrictions on how you use it. Post it on your website, use it as an incentive for signing up with you, or sell it online!

No—you’re only responsible for the one-time cost. Your ghostwriter is not entitled to royalties on the content they sell you.

A ghostwriter is a writer who uses your ideas and inspiration to create content for you. They are not credited for the work; rather, you name yourself the author.