By John Doe December 11 2017

Thompson Property – Way Valley Estate Agents

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If you’re looking to rent, lease, buy or sell property in Way Valley or its surrounding suburbs, Thompson Property should be your first choice of real estate agents.

We were founded way back in 1974, this makes us one of Way Valleys oldest real estate agents. We have over 40 years of experience of connecting the right people to the right properties. We are a family owned business run by 5th generation Way Valley residents. No one knows the people and properties of our area better than we do.

Us being a family owned and family operated business ensures you get a level of service you won’t find anywhere else. We are not some faceless corporation, we are Tommy and Rachel Thompson. We are friendly, dedicated, honest and hard working real estate agents that will provide you with professional and affordable services.

We are experienced in all aspects of real estate and we provide world class commercial property services, but our specialty is in residential sales and renting. Our 40 years of experience combined with our in-­‐depth local knowledge ensures we will be able to provide you the highest quality residential services.

Including valuations, rentals, management, sales, and leasing.

Made In Way Valley

We know every single street of Way Valley and every little detail about what makes it so great to live here. We are passionate believers that our hometown is one of the best places in the world to live. This passion is what sets us apart from our competition.

When we meet potential renters or buyers our genuine love for Way Valley is infectious. Our passion and a genuine desire to create happy residents is what will get your home off the market faster than you ever thought possible.

We have the majority of our properties currently available for lease or sale on our website. Please take a look around to see if there is anything that piques your interest. If you find something you like (or if you are looking for something a little different) please feel free to call us for a no pressure chat.

Tommy can be reached on XXX-XXX-XXX and Rachel can be reached on XXX-XXX-XXX

We look forward to speaking with you. Tommy and Rachel Thompson