The Top 33 Business Blog Examples (From 33 Industries)

Business Blogging

Business blogging is one of the best online marketing tools of our time. From establishing a better relationship with customers, to promoting their products and services, thousands of brands use blogging to their advantage.

Today, we’ll be taking a look at 33 of the best business blogs from a range of different industries, and we will be breaking down exactly what they do right.

1. Realest Blog: Real Estate

This real estate blog is an amazing example of a successful business blog. They manage to cater to a wide audience, as they post information that’s relevant to home buyers, landlords, and other estate agents, without being too all over the place.

They categorize their articles by the type of advice they contain – whether that’s selling, buying, renting, owning, or the business side of being a realtor. Each blog post is structured in an easy to follow way, with clear and concise language and detailed explanations of industry terminology.

2. The Travel Agent: Tourism and Travel

The tourism industry is a key player in the world of business blogging, and The Travel Agent blog proves why that is. People naturally want to learn more about the places they are planning to visit, which creates a demand for blog posts and articles about the world’s most popular locations.

The Travel Agent blog meets and exceeds that demand. On their site, you will find hundreds of blog posts covering everything from the best places to have lunch in NYC, to expert tips about packing for a holiday, to even posts discussing the positives and negatives of the tourism industry. You can very clearly see that the blog is run by people who are truly passionate about their industry, making it one of the most genuine blogs out there.

3. Flowerona: Floristry

Flowerona is a great example of a business blog that exists to support its industry as a whole, rather than just one brand or business. Their site offers blog posts for professional florists and flower lovers alike, as well as some amazing floristry courses and workshops to help people develop their craft.

Their blog in particular focuses on giving insights into the industry and providing advice to individuals wanting to become professional florists. Examples of some of their best work include posts about floristry trends, how-to’s and guides to promoting a flower business on Instagram, and tips on finding your unique floristry style.

4. AEC Business: Construction

This construction business blog sets the bar incredibly high. AEC Business is all about exploring the future of the construction industry, covering topics such as technological advancements, sustainable industry practices, and many, many more.

While the blog owner, Aarni Heiskanen, himself has over 25 years of experience in the construction industry, he consistently goes out of his way to bring on some of the world’s leading construction experts and professionals for interviews. A great example of his work is an interview with Turner Burton about eliminating waste in construction.

AEC Business also runs a super insightful podcast that covers current news in the industry and hosts more in-depth interviews with experts.

5. Ask Dr. Spindel: Dentistry

Dr. Spindel’s dentistry business blog has a pretty great concept. It’s all about answering the questions that people may be too afraid or embarrassed to ask their dentist, as well as explaining the importance of dental health.

This sort of approach is a great way to indirectly promote his own services. By answering all of the various dental-related questions people may have, Dr. Spindel is proving to people that he is an expert in the field and that he can definitely be trusted. He also successfully shows that he is truly passionate about his work – not many other dentists take the time out of their working day to write blog posts answering common questions.

6. Dr. Marty Becker: Veterinary

Dr. Marty Becker adopts a similar approach with his veterinary blog as Dr. Spindel. Instead of just talking about how great and experienced he is as a vet, he shows it through the content he publishes. His blog covers a lot of different topics related to animal health, including signs of different illnesses and conditions, alternative therapies for pets, and tips on training your pets to behave.

Apart from that, Dr. Becker also posts a lot about animal activism, particularly focusing on the concept of ‘Fear Free’ animal practice, which he actually created himself. By proving to his readers that he truly loves and cares about the wellbeing of the animals in his care, he indirectly promotes his services as a veterinary practitioner.

7. Ygrene Energy Fund: Clean Energy

Green energy business blogs have grown in popularity over the past couple of years, mostly because of the growing interest in more sustainable living. Ygrene Energy Fund is one of the pioneering clean energy companies in the United States, offering financing to homeowners, residential properties, and commercial land, to install clean energy sources.

Their blog consists of both worldwide and local clean energy news, as well as advice pieces and guides to being more environmentally friendly within your community. They also sometimes venture into blog posts about general home repairs and renovations, offering tips to keep costs and waste to a minimum.

As with a lot of the business blogs on this list, Ygrene’s blog posts do the advertising for them. By proving that they are knowledgeable in the topic of clean energy, they present themselves as a viable option for people looking to invest in cleaner energy.

8. Fintech Labs: Banking and Finance

It seems like there are thousands of banking and finance blogs out there, so what makes Fintech Labs so special? Well, their blog posts consist of incredibly specific and detailed financial advice, all delivered in an easy to digest and friendly tone. They do everything to make their advice as accessible as possible, which is no easy task when it comes to industry-specific terminology!

Fintech Labs also does a great job of targeting different demographics in each post they publish. For example, they covered student banking in one post, then the best digital banks for small businesses in another. While such varied target audiences leave a lot of room for error, the writers behind Fintech Labs have proven time and time again that they’re experienced enough to keep things under control.

9. Coco Lapine Design: Interior Design

Coco Lapine Design is a minimalist yet super informative interior design business blog. Run by a Belgian interior designer named Sarah Van Peteghem, the blog explores the popular Scandinavian interior design style, all while incorporating her own personal touches.

Peteghem takes an incredibly unique approach when it comes to her blog, letting pictures of her work and inspiration do the talking for her. Each post is filled with beautifully composed photographs of the rooms that she designs, alongside some short explanations of what we’re seeing.

Showing off hundreds of her designs, Peteghem successfully promotes her own services with very seemingly very little effort. Anyone scrolling through her blog is guaranteed to feel compelled to visit her online store!

10. Lucky Vitamin: Health and Wellness

Lucky Vitamin is a great example of an already established brand using their business blog to both educate their customers and to develop a much more personal relationship with them. Their writers cover a wide range of topics within their posts, including but not limited to general wellness, supplements, mental health, and hygiene.

A lot of their blog posts take the time to promote the products available on their website, but in a very natural and non-aggressive way – they simply suggest why a customer may need or enjoy their products, providing thorough explanations about their uses and the ingredients they contain.

11. Rio Grande: Jewelery

While Rio Grande don’t necessarily refer to this section of their website as a ‘blog’, but as a resource center, both aspiring jewelery makers and accessory lovers alike will be sure to find hundreds of incredibly useful posts!

Alongside their wholesale jewelery selling business, the people behind Rio Grande take the time to share insider tips and tricks about their industry. Their posts have covered relatively general topics such as building a successful online business, as well as super specific topics like metal forming and enameling. They have even posted how-to’s and guides to the basics of jewelery making, creating an easily accessible, beginner-friendly platform!

12. Cosmo Salon Studios: Hairdressing

The Cosmo Salon Studios blog is a perfect combination of current events posts about the industry, and inspiration posts that come straight from the heart of their stylists! The writers on this blog have really managed to find a balance between being super candid about their work experiences and being one of the main sources of professional news and information about hairdressing.

This blog takes the time to educate both their customers and fellow hairdressers about the most important aspects of the industry, demonstrating their reputability and passion for their work – it’s easy for these types of businesses to keep their insider knowledge a complete secret, and yet Cosmo Salon Studios choose to share this information with the world!

13. James Edition: Automobiles/Cars

The James Edition blog is a pretty interesting one. The blog itself actually covers a lot of topics, including real estate, lifestyle guides, and even yachts. However, we’ll be focusing on the car dealership side of this multi-faceted blog.

Every single car-related blog post reflects the type of business that’s being run here – it’s all about luxury, and living a lavish life. By providing customers with an insight into the world of incredibly expensive and luxurious cars, James Edition proves to people that they are no ordinary car dealership, but one of the most elite businesses in the industry. Who wouldn’t want to buy their car from such a prestigious business?

14. Hacker Noon: Technology

Hacker Noon is a great example of an industry blog that strays slightly from the norm. Instead of being run by just one tech company or individual, Hacker Noon is a huge collaborative platform, that allows tech experts from all over the world to contribute their knowledge and experience to the blog.

In exchange for creating content for the site, these tech experts will have the opportunity to promote their own services to the thousands of readers visiting the site each day. This essentially makes Hacker Noon a business blog, as the content published on it often leads to the generation of new customers.

Think of Hacker Noon as a bulletin board-style blog advertising a handful of different, tech-related businesses, rather than a hobby blog run by one individual.

15. Haute Hijab: Beauty and Fashion

Fashion designers very often use business blogs to showcase their talents and educate others in their craft, and Haute Hijab is no different. The writers of this blog often delve into topics surrounding the fashion side of wearing a hijab, but also venture into more lifestyle advice and religious education posts along the way.

This open minded and friendly approach to a side of the fashion industry that is often left unexplored is the perfect advertisement for their brand – their customers can be sure that they are supporting an inclusive and conscious brand, and are left feeling welcomed and educated!

16. Ditto Music: Music and Entertainment

As a brand that exists to promote independent musicians and to help them sell their music, Ditto Music chooses to focus their blog posts on giving out advice and uplifting those interested in pursuing a career in the industry.

Throughout almost every blog post, they do make sure to promote their own services but in a casual and non-demanding way, giving their readers a choice in the matter rather than forcing them to check out their services.

They also make sure to actually post some of their best advice on their blog, instead of hiding it all behind a paywall. This establishes them as a genuine brand that wants the best for the industry, rather than one that just wants to make as much profit as possible.

17. Loud & Clear: Accounting

This UK based accounting business blog does an amazing job of promoting their services and educating their readers, all in one go. While their posts aren’t as consistent as they are on other blogs, each and every one of them contains very useful information and often answers common questions related to accounting.

A lot of the posts on this blog round off by explaining the importance of having a dedicated accountant to ensure everything related to taxes and other business expenses is well looked after. This is a super clever tactic as it very naturally and indirectly promotes the blog author’s services to the readers – the posts will probably leave some people thinking “maybe I really do need an accountant…”, which will prompt them to look into the blog owner’s services.

18. Rocket Lawyer: Law

Rocket Lawyer seems to use some similar tactics to Loud & Clear, mostly due to the similarities between the two industries of law and accounting. This blog seems to really focus on the importance of understanding how the law works and changes, in context of current events both within the industry and in the general world.

A lot of the blog posts also highlight just how useful having a dedicated family or business lawyer really is, by presenting common problems people face when they have no legal knowledge or representation. The blog owners also do something incredibly clever, where they offer a free trial for their most exclusive and useful law-related resources, hoping to interest as many people as possible and retain a percentage of them as paying customers after their trial ends.

19. Bo Vegas: Casinos and Gambling

Bo Vegas is an online gambling website that really stands out from its competition, by publishing consistently high quality blog posts about the gambling industry. Having a whole blog dedicated to the latest news surrounding gambling, insider tips and tricks, and real stories from both successful and unsuccessful gamblers, Bo Vegas implies that their target audience isn’t just a group of broke hopefuls looking to get rich quick, but a more sophisticated and educated demographic.

This gambling company treats its potential customers with a lot of respect, and offers them the opportunity to thoroughly educate themselves about the industry, if they wish to do so.

20. McKinsey & Company: Insurance

While McKinsey & Company is a general financial services company, a large percentage of their best blog posts focus on the insurance side of finance. These posts provide readers with incredibly comprehensive insights about the world of insurance, educating them about the different types of insurance policies available to them, as well as outlining what to avoid in order to not be overcharged for insurance services.

Of course, all of this helpful advice serves as a pretty good marketing tool for the company, as their readers will quickly grow to trust them and will be very likely to request the company’s services when needed.

21. Cardinal Buses: Transportation

At first glance, the Cardinal Buses website may seem a little outdated and basic, especially when you compare it to some of the other blogs mentioned in this post. However, we feel like that just adds to the brand’s authenticity and ‘family’ feel!

This company’s blog mainly focuses on the reasons why someone would need to hire a charter bus, the reasons why their company provides the best services in the area, plus some myths about hiring charter buses that need to be debunked. They do, however, also venture into the tips and advice territory of blog posts, covering topics like hiring charter buses on a budget, or keeping your luggage safe while on a long journey.

22. Business Marketing Services: Marketing

As their name implies, Business Marketing Services are a pretty successful company in the marketing industry, and their blog really reflects that. Instead of the usual business blogging approach, where a brand focuses on educating about their industry, BMS decides to mostly focus on giving their readers updates about the company itself.

Scrolling through their blog, you’ll find post after post about new employees joining the company, or a new deal being signed. All of these company updates work to show potential customers just how reputable BMS is – they’re obviously being trusted by other brands and individuals, so they must be doing something right! This sort of blogging approach has, no doubt, prompted many people to inquire about this company’s services.

23. Tutor Cruncher: Education

Both individual tutors and tutoring companies often use business blogging as a way to market themselves online, and to prove to potential customers that they are competent enough to help them with their studies, and Tutor Cruncher is just one example of that.

Their blog regularly covers a lot of relevant news surrounding education, alongside answering questions that both aspiring tutors and struggling students may have when it comes to private tutoring. They also, of course, offer up their services whenever they can, but in a very casual way – it’s almost mentioned in passing, rather than the main focus of their content. This shows to potential customers that they’re not desperate for business, making the company appear more trustworthy and their services more desirable.

24. Talkitect: Architecture

This architecture blog is incredibly subtle in its marketing tactics. Unlike some of the other blogs mentioned in this list, Lucas Gray (the owner of Talkitect) lets the raw content and photographs found on the blog do all the work – he simply knows that his previous designs and extensive knowledge will be enough to persuade potential customers to get in touch with him.

Showcasing his abilities rather than shoving promotions in his readers’ faces proves, above all else, that he is truly passionate about architecture and isn’t simply trying to earn as much money as possible, making people more inclined to trust his brand.

25. Atilus: Web Design

Web designers use blogs very often to promote their services, as they can really show off their skills by designing their own custom websites. Atilus is no different – although the design seems relatively simple, it works seamlessly and is incredibly easy to use, which already showcases the blogger’s web design capabilities.

Moving on to the content of the blog, it’s clear to see that this blogger is highly experienced in their field. Regular posts about new developments in web design technology, plus insider information about the logistics of web design work to prove to potential customers that this business owner is no beginner in the industry.

26. A Wealth Of Common Sense: Investing

Ben Carlson, the man behind A Wealth Of Common Sense, is a broker trying to make the world of investing less daunting to the average person. His blog offers useful tips and advice about investing, plus in-depth explanations of even the most complex concepts of the industry.

Alongside his educational blog posts, Carlson takes the time to promote both his books and the broker services he offers through Ritholtz Wealth Management, although the self-promotion is relatively rare to avoid annoying his readers.

27. Music Gateway: Broadcasting

While the name of the blog does imply that its sole focus is music, it does actually cover a wide range of topics related to broadcasting TV, music, and radio. A lot of the posts particularly focus on promoting other businesses by rounding up best independent radio stations, or best streaming platforms, etc.

These posts actually reflect the brand’s services very well, acting as a great marketing tool. The Music Gateway brand acts as a licensing agent, helping individuals license and profit off their creative media, so publishing blog posts that educate aspiring creatives about the industry helps to establish them as a reputable brand.

28. Huffington Post: Publishing

Huffington Post is a very well-known publishing company, so it comes as no surprise that they also have a pretty successful business blog. On this blog you will find hundreds of blog posts about the world of the publishing industry, explaining all the positives and negatives, and providing inspiration to up-and-coming writers.

Some of the most notable posts on Huffington Post’s blog include: “Traditional Journalism is Dying: Why the Publishing Industry Must Adapt to Survive” and “Should You Self-Publish or Pursue a Mainstream Publisher?”.

29. Cats Who Code: Coding and Programming

Even though most of the services and resources found on Cats Who Code aren’t paid, the site still manages to run a pretty successful business blog. The blog posts published on this site cover all of the basics of coding, as well as doing ‘deep dive’ posts about current events and new developments within the coding and programming industry.

The easy to digest writing style and the abundance of useful information definitely make readers more inclined to check out all of the other services and resources offered by this site, making this seemingly simple site an incredibly successful business blog.

30. Annie Watson: Photography

This business blog is still in its early days, but we can already see signs of great success! The topics covered in the blog posts that have already been published all directly relate to the services offered by this photographer, making it incredibly easy for her to slip in some self-promotion.

Every post is incredibly informative, explaining to readers the different processes involved in professional photography and why certain services would benefit them. At the end of every post, the photographer includes a casual call to action, asking readers to contact her for more information or to arrange a photoshoot.

31. The Harley Street Dermatology Clinic: Dermatology and Skincare

Just like the dentistry and veterinary blogs we mentioned earlier, this dermatology blog promotes its business by acting as a reliable source of information about the industry. A large majority of the blog posts tackle common questions about skin care and health, providing readers with well researched and easy to understand answers.

Just by reading these posts, some people will be more inclined to trust this particular dermatology clinic – the information contained in the posts implies that the people working at the clinic are experts in the field and can be trusted to take care of people’s skin.

32. Restaurant Systems Pro: Food and Hospitality

Now, when thinking of a good and hospitality business blog, most people would expect a family run business with a blog to keep their loyal customers updated. However, this blog is a little different.

While still a part of the same industry, the Restaurant Systems Pro blog is all about how to successfully run a restaurant, as it’s actually a coaching and training company for restaurant owners! It provides insights into both very general topics like setting goals for your business, and incredibly industry-specific ones like maximizing menu profits, proving to potential customers that the company is worth working with,

33. Mixergy: Entrepreneurship and Startups

For our final business blog on the list, we have something a little different. The Mixergy blog was created by entrepreneur Andrew Warner to share his personal story in the startup industry, as well as to give aspiring entrepreneurs motivation and advice.

Although Warner is no longer considered an up-and-coming entrepreneur, his blog is still incredibly successful due to the various courses and workshops he’s promoted through his posts. The posts themselves offer a lot of valuable advice that can be implemented by beginners and seasoned CEOs alike.

As you can see, business blogging is a truly universal marketing tool – when done correctly, a business blog can replace all other forms of advertisement for a company! We hope that these business blogs have inspired you to potentially start one too, or to at least explore the different blogs written by experts in your particular industry.