6 Skills You Need To Get Hired As An Accountant

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There’s far more to accountancy than numbers… 

Being successful in the profession requires a diverse range of skills that are equally as important as a passion for figures and calculations. Today we’ve put together a list of 4 skills that every accountant needs to demonstrate to potential employers (or clients).

Working to Deadlines

Having the ability to work to deadlines is a crucial skill that any employer (in any sector) would like to see evidence of, but in the accounting industry, it is especially important. From tax requirements to company accounting to individual taxation tasks, accountants have a plethora of responsibilities every single day that must be completed within strict deadlines. And that’s just your general day to day – don’t get us started on the frantic end-of-year period!

Attention to Detail

Ensuring every small aspect of your accounting is correct is essential in so many ways. The smallest mistake can cost your client untold amounts of hassle (and it can cost you your job too). As such, attention to detail is the cornerstone of the accounting industry.

Technology Adaptation

The ability to adapt across a variety of accounting systems for companies, trusts, individuals and other entities is an important skill, whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional. Integrating seamlessly into your new employer’s team is a benefit that will not be overlooked when it’s time to pick applicants for the job.


You may read ‘communication’ and think, ‘I’m good at talking to people in a professional environment, this one is in the bag!’, but that’s not enough. Your ability to translate the ‘accounting world’ to management and those outside the industry, is extremely important. Accounting is its own language, so you need to be able to understand and articulate what is required and how that can be achieved in terms understandable to everyone. It’ll make your employer (or client) happy…

And it’ll make your job a whole lot easier too.