Brilliant Business Blogging: Veterinary


We’ve been on a recruitment drive recently to expand our talent pool in sectors that we feel benefit from business blogging more than average – one of which is the veterinary industry.

The huge amount of trust that pet owners are putting in the hands of their veterinarians means they want to know they’re dealing with a business that cares about their customers. When this is combined with the viral nature of pet based posts it makes the veterinary world an industry that’s practically custom made to benefit from business blogging.

Today we’re going to take a look at 3 veterinary practices that have decided to invest in their blog to bring them more traffic, more exposure, more trust, and ultimately – more clients.

Hopefully, they will you some inspiration for your own blog.

Let’s get started.

Note: None of the blogs below are clients of The Content Panel – they’re just excellent examples we’ve come across while our talent team has been scouting for new veterinary copywriters.

Bridgeview Animal Hospital

Bridgeview Animal Hospital takes a very middle of the road approach to their blog. In our opinion, it perfectly straddles the line between providing useful and actionable advice without covering topics that need to be discussed with a veterinarian in person.

We really like the way they’ve chosen to focus on seasonal topics for a large portion of their posts. Their content highlights potential issues (or opportunities) that different seasons, events, and holidays bring with them.

Their writing style and tone are near enough perfect in our opinion, it is more or less what we recommend for our veterinary clients – informal yet professional, with a dash of humor.

Access Specialty Animal Hospitals

Access Specialty Animal Hospitals have committed to their business blogging strategy 110% – and the results speak for themselves. Instead of focusing on providing informative advice, they’ve adopted a highly personal “news” style blog for most of their postings.

Normally this style of blogging is a little bit boring in other industries when it’s not used in moderation. No one really cares that you’ve got a new cleaner for your accounting firm or you managed to save a client 1.5% on a tax return…

But when you save the life of a kitten, people want to know about it.

ASAH understands this, and the feel-good factor of reading about how several adorable animals have been saved by their team makes for compelling reading. The large amount of visual imagery (and custom videos) their blogging team uploads to each post makes each post super shareable on social media too.

Hudson Animal Hospital

Hudson Animal Hospital’s blog has almost everything we like to see in a veterinary blog. Their posting cadence is excellent, and they manage to publish a wide variety of topic types:

  • Informative posts that provide actionable pet health advice
  • Training posts that focus on improving life with your pet
  • Community posts that talk about local pet-related issues in the NYC area
  • Newsy success stories like ASAH do on their blog above
  • Pure entertainment posts that are just for fun

On top of this, their writing style is perfect. Again, it’s a professional yet informal and slightly humorous tone that’s more or less the same as Bridgeview Animal Hospital’s blog that we talked about first in this post.

Every post is accompanied by high-quality imagery, and the unique introductory blurbs to each post entice the reader to keep clicking through to read more (and continue engaging with their brand).

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