Brilliant Business Blogging Examples: Real Estate

Business Blogging

The real estate industry is one of a handful of industries that have a special relationship with business blogging. Today we’re going to look at the benefits of blogging specific to the sector, and we’re going to discuss how they can help boost your bottom line.

We’re going to finish off this post with what we think are 3 of the best real estate business blogs we’ve come across (to give you some inspiration for your own blog).

Why Is The Real Estate Industry So Well Suited To Business Blogging?

Real estate companies can benefit from all of the “standard” business blogging benefits in the same way as any other company in any other industry can.

These benefits on their own are normally more than profitable enough to make devoting resources to business blogging a sound decision (click here to learn what they are). However, for real estate companies, business blogging solves two of the biggest digital dilemmas the industry faces…

Clients Need To Know That Their Real Estate Agent Is Capable

Buying or selling a property is often one of the biggest transactions an individual will make in their lifetime.

Usually, the process of a property sale is unfamiliar territory for a real estate client, and they’re likely to have had very limited experience with the industry in the past (or often times none at all).

Buyers and sellers are ultimately working with the agents involved to try and close the perfect sale – but they’re also looking for some expert guidance along the way…

For you, it’s just Tuesday.

For them, it’s a scary, complex, and risky process.

The huge size of real estate transactions combined with the complex unfamiliar nature of the sales process means that whenever you gain a new client they’re putting a huge amount of trust in you and your ability to get things done correctly.

By posting non-commercial industry relevant advice on your blog you’re demonstrating that you’re passionate enough about your profession to devote precious time to blogging about it.

And a passionate professional is almost always a capable professional.

With a blog, you’re able to share your expert knowledge in laymen’s terms for the general public to understand. You can provide them with interesting industry hints, tips, and updates that’ll leave no doubt in their mind that you know what you’re talking about (and that you know what you’re doing).

Clients Need To Know That Their Real Estate Agent Is Personable

When a potential client comes across your website for the first time, you’ll often be an unknown entity to them.

They will want to know what you’re like as an individual (or organization).

Both parties to a sale want to be sure that they are dealing with a personable, respectful, and genuinely helpful agent who isn’t going to be pushy and try to force them into closing a deal they’re unsure about.

You probably already have a brilliant “about us” page and some awesome professional headshots on your site – which is great. There’s no denying that they provide some insight into your values and your experience.

But they’re not genuinely personal pieces of content, they’re marketing materials designed to get people to pick up the phone…

And your visitors know it.

The informal and conversational nature of blogs is their biggest asset. It’s a tried and tested humanization method that converts your website into an asset that visitors can relate to and connect with.

With each piece of useful informational content prospective clients read on your blog you’re becoming more and more familiar to them. They can connect with the human side of your brand and get a feel for who you are and what you’re all about.

It’s rocket fuel for getting visitors to reach out and ultimately turn into leads.

Bonus Benefit: It Shows You’ve Got Local Knowledge

Not everything on a real estate blog needs to be about property – the area you serve is a huge talking point too.

By covering local topics on your blog you’re demonstrating that you’ve got your finger on the pulse of the community and that you’re “in the loop” with current local affairs that could affect your client’s decisions.

Here are a few post topic ideas to get you started:

  • Upcoming festivals, shows, and events
  • Developments of new schools or hospitals
  • Guides to eating out locally
  • Recommended activities or day trips
  • Local trivia or facts

Our Top 3 Real Estate Business Blogs

So by now you should be getting the picture.

A well run real estate blog shows prospective clients who you are, what you’re like, and that you’re able to get the job done properly.

Here are 3 examples of real estate business blogs that are bringing their brands the benefits we mentioned above (alongside the several other “standard” benefits of business blogging).

Note: None of the organizations below are clients of The Content Panel – we just really like what they’re doing with their blogs. We keep the identity of all of our clients strictly confidential.

Stephen FitzMaurice Real Estate Team

Here’s an example of a perfectly executed business blogging strategy that’s paid off big time for Stephen FitzMaurice.

Stephen is a one-man real estate operation who’s thrown himself into the world of content marketing 110%. The results of his efforts speak for themselves, he has one of the world’s top 10 real estate blogs in terms of traffic.

The amount of business this blog must bring Stephen is almost certainly substantial (to put it lightly). However, the interesting thing here is that he’s not done anything super special…

His website’s design is better than that of most real estate companies we see, but it’s certainly nothing worth writing home about. His Twitter and Facebook follower numbers are decent, but they’re not unattainable or anything crazy.

All Stephen has done is follow recommended content marketing best practices to the letter.

  • His content is mainly informational and is genuinely helpful regardless of if the visitor uses his services.
  • The content is well written, engaging, and is much more focused on the buying/selling experience instead of impersonal data, facts, and charts.
  • His posting cadence is excellent with up to 4 or 5 posts being published in a week
  • The content is matched with high quality properly sized images
  • He’s active on social networks and shares all of his posts regularly

There’s absolutely no reason why you cannot make your real estate blog as successful (and as profitable) as Stephen’s. The only thing special about what he’s done here is the amount of effort he’s put into it.

We take our proverbial hat off to Stephen as he’s done a truly excellent job. It’s a blog worthy of a huge national agency…

But he’s just one guy absolutely crushing it with content marketing.

Clark Hawaii

Clark Hawaii’s blog has a combination of commercial promotional content mixed in with purely informational posts. Instead of providing actionable advice they’re mainly focused on selling the area. Their posts are always accompanied by stunning imagery and usually explain a little bit of interesting history or trivia about Hawaii, upcoming cultural events, or the current local real estate market.

Their content has a very corporate feel to it, which is not something we often recommend for the residential real estate sector (we usually suggest a personal yet professional tone). However, as Clark Realty is in fact a massive nationwide corporation – it’s probably quite fitting for their blog.

Premier Estate Properties

Premier Estate Properties is a Florida based organization that mainly deals with high-value real estate. Their blog is a subtle yet sophisticated blend of useful buying information, local events, recommendations, and news.

It’s all highly targeted content that’s aimed at the wealthier demographics that make up the company’s clientele. They focus on things like artisanal coffee shops, prestigious schools, famous local interior designers, and high-end restaurants.

With all of their content they’re selling the sizzle, not the steak – they rarely promote their services directly. Instead, they’re positioning their blog to be a niche local resource with highly shareable content to drive traffic and get their brand a huge amount of exposure.

Does Your Blog Look Like This?

All three of the blogs above are from very different companies who target very different demographics – but we’re certain they’re all bringing in their owners a serious amount of business.

There’s no reason you cannot make your real estate blog as good as the three examples above as long as you’re willing to put the effort in.

Make no mistake about it, it’s a lot of hard work to publish content of this quality regularly.

In fact, that’s the whole reason our business exists.

If you want to benefit from blogging without any of the hassles involved, then check out our blog management service.

We’ve got several specialist real estate bloggers in our talent pool (that contains over 3,000+ writers) who will be able to write engagingly about the things that matter to your visitors the most.

Our plans are completely customizable, meaning we can service brands and budgets of all sizes.

From topic identification through to post creation and publication – we’ll take care of it all.

Here’s how it works.