Our Ultimate List: 101 Unique Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

With the world of blogging saturated with brilliant and experienced writers, it can be challenging to carve out a place and attract readers. However, with more and more readers turning to blogs for answers to everything from education to tips and tricks for the perfect romantic getaway, creating a unique blog can help writers stand out amongst the crowd.

Unique blog ideas can provide information on the perfect niche to help a blog writer maintain a following. In addition, utilizing unique blog ideas can also widen a writer’s scope, allowing them to be informative, entertaining, and even soothing.

To help both new and experienced blog writers to accomplish this goal, we have carefully identified and selected several unique blog ideas that appeal to a broad audience. However, even with our blog ideas, writing a blog will still require effort. Constructing a blog and editing it to perfection is not an easy or quick job. This is where our blog writing service can help. By signing up for our service, you can pick from experienced blog writers, saving you both time and energy while providing you with a blog designed to pull in the views.

Fifty of the most popular unique blog ideas for new and established blog writers.

  1. Premium Product Reviews

Identify a popular product or mobile app and create a comprehensive review about it. Make sure to remain unbiased to gain your reader’s trust.

  1. Interview With A Blog Writer

Conduct an interview with a popular or up-and-coming blog writer. Focus on questions that can help new blog writers learn how to create and maintain an effective blogging service.

  1. Aesthetic Playground

Take your blogging experience outside by identifying a particular location and incorporating pictures and videos of the area. For added content, consider making reference to any camera or recording equipment used to create the blog.

  1. Tell All Tutorial

Utilize your own hobbies and experience to create a tutorial for your readers. This blogging idea has the potential of becoming a series.

  1.  Giveaway Bonanza

Giveaways can attract large audiences, so use your blog to promote a specific giveaway. Encourage repeat readers by indicating that future giveaways will be announced in other blogs you may write.

  1. Recipe Connoisseur

Create a blog that shares your favorite recipes and any tips and tricks that you use to perfect your final dish. Consider allowing your readers to request specific recipes.

  1. Movie Madness

Create a blog post that focuses on a movie with an ambiguous ending and simplify it for your readers. This niche has found wide popularity on social media, so consider making this into a series.

  1. Get Personal

Create a post that recounts a past experience, traumatic or pleasant. Then, explain how it has impacted your life.

  1. Give Back

Use your blog to highlight a charity or event of your choice. Include information on how readers can contribute to said charity and how to contact the charity’s organizers.

  1. Crash Course In Politics

Choose a specific political topic and create a blog that examines that topic. Allow for debates but encourage good behavior amongst readers.

  1. Agony Aunt

Create a blog post giving advice to your readers. Start with popular issues that people can find challenging to overcome, then create a series by allowing your readers to leave questions you can answer in future blogs.

  1. Holiday Hotline

It can often be tricky to find the perfect holiday package that combines location and cost. Help your readers by reviewing popular holiday packages.

  1. Pop-up Teacher

Create a blog post with fun lessons plans that parents can use to occupy their children’s time during the holiday months. For added useability, split lessons into age groups.

  1. Life Hack Library

Compile a list of life hacks that users can employ to simplify specific tasks.

  1. Productivity Peer

Procrastination affects almost everyone. Create a popular list of tips and tricks that readers can use to overcome any procrastination habits.

  1. Blog Traffic Breakdown

One of the things that most new blog writers are interested in is the overall traffic breakdown of specific blog posts. To capture this audience, consider including monthly blog statistics.

  1. Online Course Wizard

With institutions moving their educational approach online, many readers will be interested in reviews and advice for online courses. Satisfy this need by creating a top ten list of the best suppliers of online lessons.

  1. Hair Hacks

Create a blog of tips and tricks for men and women trying to maintain healthy hair. Include sites and stores where your readers can obtain any of the tools mentioned in your blog.

  1. Mess Up Mondays

In a world that celebrates only successes, opening up to your readers about mistakes can draw in people with similar experiences. So create a blog about a mistake you have made, how it made you feel, and how you overcame it.

  1. Folklore Foray

Appeal to readers interested in myth and legend by creating a series of blogs that focus on specific folklore characters and situations.

  1. Be My Valentine

Create a blog that advises readers on ways to make valentine’s day memorable for their significant other. Use affordable tips and tricks and include pictures to help readers visualize what is expected of them.

  1. In Memoriam

Create a blog about a famous or influential person who has passed away. Include their achievements and struggles and keep the post as respectful as possible.

  1. Unemployment Guide

Create a blog that shares examples of essential documents needed to search for a job. Consider including personal statements and curriculum vitae.

  1. Diet Plan Diva

Create a blog that offers healthy meal alternatives for readers looking to lose weight. Include information on healthy calories, proper sleep schedules, and the impact of exercise.

  1. Gamer Guru

Make a blog that outlines the best way to become a professional gamer. Include a list of popular games, streaming platforms, and required resources. Also, include pay scales so readers have a realistic expectation of how much they will be earning.

  1. College Cohabitation

Create a how-to guide for new college students, outlining the issues they might experience when sharing space with new people. Include the costs they might incur and helpful resources they will probably need.

  1. Tax Terror

Create a blog that outlines the best time schedule to follow when completing taxes. Embed helpful tips and tricks to ensure correct calculations and leave contact information for local accountants.

  1. Meme Madness

Take advantage of the popularity of memes and create a compilation blog post that explains each meme, along with possible reasons for their popularity.

  1. Social Media Climber

Achieving popularity on the internet is difficult, but you might have a fighting chance by establishing yourself on new platforms early. Use this knowledge and create a list of up-and-coming social media platforms that your readers should keep an eye on.

  1. Mood Playlist

Create a blog that provides your readers with different types of playlists for different occasions. Consider providing a walkthrough of how the playlist was created and what applications were used to sync the song choices together.

  1. Discount Disco

Create a blog that identifies the various ways users can save money. You can make it locally based by highlighting specific stores that offer discounts or keep it open with links to coupons and other online offers.

  1. Gardener’s Guiding Hand

Make a blog that provides tips and tricks for new or established gardeners. Include the best plants to grow in specific seasons, the benefits of planting, and any plant maintenance guidelines you think a reader will need.

  1. Switching Paths

Make a blog that outlines how to change from a particular profession to another. Highlight any advantages or disadvantages such a decision might cause and open dialogue with readers to get their thoughts and opinions.

  1. Blog Roundup

Identify ten popular blogs and rank them. Provide explanations for your ranking and any advice you would give to the writers of the blogs.

  1. Around The World

Take advantage of any travel plans you have and blog about them. Consider including vlogging footage and pictures to make your blog more attractive to users.

  1. Pet Owners Dos And Don’ts

Create a blog that provides a guide for new pet owners. Include links to reputable pet shelters, local veterinarians, and any other resource an owner would need.

  1. Influencer Matchup

Consider reaching out to social media influencers with large followings on platforms other than blogging. If accepted, share footage about the partnership and blog about the experience.

  1. Road To Success

Share a goal you wish to achieve and allow your readers to work towards it with you by blogging about the steps you are taking. This idea has great potential as a series.

  1. Grouch Season

Make a blog about something that you hate. Allow yourself to rant about the issue, person or thing, but be respectful. Encourage communication by asking your readers for their perspectives.

  1. Try It Tuesday

Create a blog in which you try something completely new and out of your comfort zone. Explain your thought processes and consider vlogging the experience.

  1. Plugin Roundup

Plugins are multifaceted helpers that everyone should know about, especially bloggers, so create a compilation of your favorite plugins and where to find them so your readers can benefit from your experience.

  1. Gift Themes

Finding the perfect gift can often seem like an impossible task. By creating a blog that matches particular gifts with specific personalities, you can draw the eyes of desperate readers.

  1. Decorative Designs

Create a blog that provides new homeowners and renters with thematic interior designs that they can accomplish on their own.

  1. Pick And Mix

Make a blog listing all the things students should look for in their perfect college. Then, consider creating an additional blog post providing similar advice for parents.

  1. Future Perfect

Create a blog that outlines where you would like to be in thirty years.

  1. Mental Health

Make a blog that emphasizes the importance of mental health. Identify the most common mental health issues that people can suffer from and identify ways that readers can support their own mental health.

  1. Question And Answers

Surveys and polls are a brilliant way to encourage communication with your readers. Identify several reoccurring topics in your comments, then let your readers select which you should focus on next using a survey or poll.

  1. What If?

Present your readers with a ‘what if?’ scenario where you made a choice other than the one that has led you to your current career. Outline what you think your life would be like.

  1. Holiday Hiatus

Create a fun but insightful list of excuses for your readers who don’t enjoy holiday celebrations. Allow readers to add their own reasons that they have used to avoid the holidays.

  1. The Big Question

Make a blog explaining why you started blogging and why you have kept up the practice.

50 More Unique Blogging Ideas

  1. Make a compilation of your favorite lockdown movies with reasons for the selection.
  2. Create a pitch party guideline for aspiring authors.
  3. Identify your life motto and what it means.
  4. Analyze an influential figure with a focus on their methods of success
  5. Identify a political statement or action you disagree with and explain why.
  6. Create a personality quiz designed to identify the best blog niches for new writers.
  7. Share your daily schedule with your readers and consider including a vlog of your day.
  8. Create a blog about a major illness you or a loved one has overcome.
  9. Present your favorite reader or longest subscriber as a featured blog topic.
  10. Highlight the best tech support companies.
  11. Identify your favorite holiday and give the origins of any celebrations linked to the date.
  12. Make a list of the ten things you wished you knew ten years ago.
  13. Create a blog about tips and tricks you use to keep a productive schedule.
  14. Compile a list of the best DIY games for toddlers.
  15. Create a workshop for new bloggers.
  16. Identify the ten worst mistakes new entrepreneurs make.
  17. Review a local restaurant.
  18. Identify the best gender reveal themes with illustrative pictures.
  19. Debunk an incorrect theory in your niche or career field.
  20. Create an A-Z post for new parents.
  21. Do a vlogging tour of your home and create a blog explaining the expenses you incurred and the renovations you have done.
  22. Identify twenty must-have skincare products and explain why they are needed.
  23. Create a mood board for your favorite season and walk your readers through its creation.
  24. Identify the top ten indie video games with reasons why readers should play them.
  25. Create a post about the best part-time jobs for college students.
  26. Make a blog explaining how to keep holiday costs down while vacationing abroad.
  27. Identify the best pets for children under ten with explanations and pictures.
  28. Highlight a popular social media trend and explain its impact on society.
  29. Write a blog about your childhood experiences.
  30. Identify the best financial apps on the market, including prices and capabilities.
  31. Create a troubleshooting guide for an issue within your niche.
  32. Identify a popular conspiracy theory and try to explain its origins.
  33. Make a compilation of homework resources for teenagers.
  34. Identify the best local volunteering opportunities.
  35. Create a blog focused on body language and what each gesture means.
  36. Compile a collection of inspirational quotes.
  37. Make a blog about a historical landmark in your area.
  38. Create a murder mystery blog that readers have to solve.
  39. Create a blog about the impact of infographics on advertising.
  40. Identify the best camera equipment for new photographers.
  41. Create a list of online library resources and how to access them.
  42. Highlight the most popular gifs and where they originated from.
  43. Write a how-to guide for readers who wish to try the RV life.
  44. Create a blog about getting over a bad breakup.
  45. Identify the best minor for a specific major field of study.
  46. Highlight the best informational resources for first-time stock buyers.
  47. Explain your company’s logo and what it represents.
  48. Create a blog where your readers are allowed to ask you any questions.
  49. Identify the most critical contributor to your success.
  50. Identify the top keywords for numerous niches and explain how writers and small businesses can use them to grow their client base.