Our Ultimate List: 101 Solar Power Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Search engines like Google will prioritize websites that offer a high quantity of quality content aimed at being useful for possible consumers. Without putting a lot of time and effort into your blog It can be very difficult to compete with websites that constantly produce informative guides, website pages, and trendy blog posts that search engines will likely place on the front page of search results.

While this is true for all businesses, solar power is in an emergent state that is proportional to its rising popularity, and this has created a surplus of interested potential customers that are uninformed on the topic. Solar power businesses that can produce high-quality blog posts that address customers’ concerns and questions will not only see an increase in their website visitors but will also establish trust in the customers, which will result in a higher retention rate.

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Solar Power Blog Post Examples

Here are some of the more popular solar power blog post ideas:

  1. What is green energy? 

There are a large number of potential customers that are still unsure what exactly green energy is. A good description of what constitutes green energy would be helpful to readers.

  1. What is climate change? 

This may seem to be a basic topic, but green energy centers greatly on this. This blog post idea, as a matter of great debate, can drive a large amount of traffic to your website while informing your clients on the matter. 

  1. How does solar power affect the environment?

How exactly can solar power help the environment? Explaining the positive results that solar power has on nature can be very informative.

  1. Green energy bill assistance. 

Explain the misconceptions that people have regarding green energy bill assistance. Do inform people what kind of federal aid is available to them.

  1. What is net metering? 

This intricacy of green energy is very useful to people that are not aware of how green energy can be consumed as opposed to a more traditional energy source. Go over how a customer’s energy consumption will affect their bill in situations where their meter is reversed due to a surplus of energy generated.

  1. How will solar panels be installed? 

Knowing the actual installation process itself can provide reassurance to customers who are looking to be more informed before they start transferring to green energy. Be sure to also go over estimated rates for the process so that customers are aware of potential extra costs.

  1. How do solar tax rebates work? 

What type of tax rebate can a customer expect to receive? Are there any deadlines that customers should be aware of for these rebates? Be sure to inform readers that these benefits also change based on which state they live in.

  1. Do solar panels save people money? 

Aside from federal aid, explain how solar power usage can result in a lowered utility bill. Be sure to mention that solar panels may increase a person’s home value.

  1. Alignment of solar panels. 

Readers may not be aware of how the alignment of solar panels may affect energy production. Advice readers on the best method to find the perfect alignment.

  1. Can solar panels be installed in a commercial building? 

Advise potential customers on the value that solar power has on commercial buildings. Explain regulations that they must be aware of and how to proceed regarding them.

  1. Solar power financing. 

It is worthwhile to explain how financing can facilitate the installment of solar panels through financing. Explain the benefits of this process and what options a client may have.

  1. Customer reviews. 

Giving out testimonials from satisfied customers is a good way to build trust with new clients. Place emphasis on the practical benefits that your review experienced to ensure that readers can relate to the review.

  1. Solar panels & cloudy weather. 

A common concern that people express about solar power is the perceived notion that cloudy days will leave a house without power. Informing readers on the fail-safes that prevent this will increase the confidence that people have in solar power.

  1. Solar panel maintenance. 

List the steps to provide proper care for solar panels in a way that customers will be able to easily understand. Provide any tips that may not seem obvious to those new to solar power.

  1. How does solar power work? 

It’s easy to take solar power for granted, but customers could develop a new sense of respect for solar power from an explanation of the inner workings of solar panels. People like to understand that things they put money into so detailed posts on this topic will be more beneficial.

  1. Types of green energy. 

You should write about the different types of green energy available to the public, and how exactly solar power is different from those other energy sources.

  1. Advancements to solar power. 

If there are any advancements to solar power, then that would be a good thing to explain to customers. Even customers who are already somewhat aware of solar power details can benefit from these posts.

  1. Solar panel manufacturing. 

Letting potential customers know about the manufacturing process of solar panels can go a long way in letting people know exactly how amazing solar power is. Explaining how essential the solar-cell structure is can also be effective in this type of post.

  1. Step-by-step explanation on how to invest in solar power. 

An informative guide that can break down each step in getting involved with solar power can be extremely valuable for readers. This guide should ideally run from estimates to installation.

  1. Solar panel savings. 

How much can a person expect to save on energy by going solar? Be sure to properly explain how much a customer can save on average.

  1. Solar panels in cold climates. 

A common misconception is that solar panels transform heat from the sun into energy, but you should let your readers know that solar panels generate energy from the sun’s light, so there is no problem in cold climates.

  1. Tesla’s Powerwall. 

A rather popular topic on solar power is Tesla’s Powerwall. Letting customers know the benefits of having a Powerwall for their house that is powered by solar power can be conducive to attracting more traffic due to the trendy nature of the post.

  1. Solar panels at night. 

Solar panels cannot produce electricity at night, and the reason that some people believe that solar-powered homes have no power at night. You can explain that the amount of energy generated during the day can result in a surplus that can be captured or credited.

  1. Are solar panels worth the investment? 

Going over the upfront costs and comparing them to the results to clients should be able to expect is a good way to quantify the benefits that people might see if they switch to solar power.

  1. How to set up Net Metering. 

It will be helpful for readers to understand how they can set up Net Metering in their own homes once they have installed their solar panels. A quick guide to point them in the right way can add practical value to your blog.

  1. Solar Batteries. 

A good way to store any surplus of energy produced during the day by solar panels is a home solar battery. You can explain the detailed benefits of owning such a battery to your readers.

  1. Ways to make your home energy efficient. 

A very effective method to save on energy bills is to ensure that your home is as energy-efficient as possible. You can clarify the method to achieve this and the savings that a person can expect to come from this.

  1. Solar loans. 

Giving your readers a rundown of solar loan options can greatly help potential solar power enthusiasts that need some financial help to jump the gun. You should explain that monthly payments will depend on the loan’s timeframe, but savings should remain constant.

  1. Solar lease. 

Explaining the solar lease option to potential customers should give them insight into leasing. It should be noted that a lease will see less monthly savings compared to a loan due to the longer lease timeframe.

  1. Solar power myths. 

A fun topic that can be informative is dispelling common solar power myths that are harmful to the perception that people have over solar power and its reliability.

  1. Solar-powered cars. 

Talking about solar-powered cars can attract a larger crowd than just solar-powered homes could. Expanding what it means to use solar power will benefit your appeal to customers.

  1. Types of solar panels. 

Explaining the differences between solar panel types will give readers a better sense of the advantages that each type holds over one another in relation to the price that each one can carry.

  1. Lead-acid VS lithium batteries. 

Go over the advantages that a customer would appreciate in each battery type. Going through up-front costs and degradation rates will help simplify the chose for your readers.

  1. Solar hydroponics. 

Green energy enthusiasts are excited to read more about sustainable food sources. Solar hydroponics is a good topic of discussion to show how solar power can be useful for eco-friendly farming.

  1. Tiny homes & solar power.  

Another trendy topic is the housing revolution of tiny homes and how they can be sustained in the spirit of going green. Solar panels are one of the more popular choices that tiny homeowners take for their energy production.

  1. Life-in-the-road with solar power. 

With the rise in life-on-the-road popularity, people are looking for green energy to power their house-van and solar is a fantastic method for these people to do so.

  1. Tips to save energy. 

General tips that allow people to be more conscious of the energy they consume and how they can better manage their consumption are always welcome and useful for readers. This type of post can even be useful to a non-solar powered household; a potential client.

  1. Solar panels & fire hazards. 

A concern that potential customers may express is the potential risk for solar panels to cause a fire on their roof. It would be a good idea to address those concerns and reassure your readers on the safety of solar panels.

  1. Solar panel colors: Do they matter? 

While there are only two colors for solar panels, readers might find the explanation behind this interesting. Discuss the possibility of future solar panels that may come in a wider range of colors for the purpose of aesthetics.

  1. Buying and selling a home with solar panels. 

It can be difficult to assess the value that solar panels add to a home when you are looking to either buy or sell one. Talk about what people should be looking out for when they estimate the value of solar panels in a home.

  1. Building VS buying solar panels. 

Building solar panels yourself has become more popular and it would be wise to discuss the pros and cons of going through with that process against buying pre-built panels.

  1. Give a success story. 

Talking about a positive customer experience that encompasses the positive ideas you want to bring to the community will be well received by your readers.

  1. How much energy does a solar panel generate? 

Talking about specifics like these is a fun way to quantify the actual usefulness of each panel installed. It will also help the reader visualize the work that each panel does in their home.

  1. Degradation rate. 

Going over the degradation rate of solar panels is useful for clients that are still going over the details. Knowing that panels will degrade over the years will help in calculating if it will be better to buy more high-quality panels over cheaper ones.

  1. HOA approval. 

Some homes will require HOA approval if they want to set up solar panels. It will be a valuable read for customers that are concerned with this aspect of installation.

  1. Solar panel warranty. 

As solar panels are a valuable aspect of a home, customers will want to know their investment is safe from potential dangers. Talking about how solar panel warranties can affect panels is a good way to inform readers on the issue.

  1. Protection from blackouts. 

Being independent of the power grid offers unique protection from a rolling blackout. Solar-powered homes can be sure of their energy supply even if the power grid shuts off.

  1. Impressive solar panel homes. 

It’s a fun and interesting topic to blog about, and people will be happy to see how creative people can install solar panels to fit a home’s aesthetic.

  1. Federal tax updates. 

The federal government passes laws and legislation year-round. This is why readers will find updates on solar power rebates useful.

  1. Generator VS battery. 

A comparison between these two backups will be valuable to readers. Go over the specifics and how these can change depending on people’s situations.

50 More Solar Power Blog Ideas

These are some more solar power blog topics that should be able to bring organic traffic to your blog. 

  1. Why Going Electric Pays Off.
  2. Where to Install Solar Panels.
  3. Is My House Suitable for Solar Panels?
  4. Renewable Energy Organizations in Texas We Love.
  5. Organizations Against Solar Power.
  6. Ways to Conserve Energy During Summer.
  7. FAQs That You Should Know About Solar Power.
  8. What To Expect During a Solar Panel Estimate.
  9. Why Solar Power is the Energy Future.
  10. Reasons Why Now is the Best Time to Go Solar.
  11. Does the Size of a Solar Panel Matter?
  12. How Far Solar Has Advanced in a Decade.
  13. Why do Governments Offer Solar Power Rebates?
  14. Worldwide Solar Power Innovations.
  15. Company Q&A.
  16. Companies Choosing to Go Solar.
  17. How Many Solar Panels Do I Need?
  18. Things to Know Before Going Solar.
  19. Holiday Energy Saving Tips.
  20. The Uses of Solar Energy.
  21. What Makes Solar Panels More Efficient Than Others?
  22. Interesting Solar Power Facts.
  23. Company Milestones.
  24. Solar Panels & Home Resale Value.
  25. How Solar Eclipses Affect Solar Power.
  26. Things to Consider When Building Your Own Green Home.
  27. Solar Is America’s Fastest-Growing Non-Partisan Energy Source.
  28. What Are Solar Panels Made Of?
  29. How Solar Power Saves Water.
  30. What is Your Carbon Footprint & How to Decrease it.
  31. How Much Money has Solar Power Saved the World in Total?
  32. How Going Solar Can Change Your Life.
  33. How Apartment Complexes Are Choosing to Go Solar.
  34. Customer Interview on Why They Chose to Go Solar.
  35. Solar Power Used in Space.
  36. How the NFL is Going Solar.
  37. How Solar is Being Brought to Communities in Need.
  38. Local & Nationwide Solar Energy Programs.
  39. Building of Solar Farms.
  40. Federal Pledges to Increase Renewable Energy.
  41. Advice on How to Prepare for Solar Panel Usage.
  42. Tips on Small Details That People are Not Expecting When They Go Solar.
  43. How to Avoid “Greenwashing”.
  44. Solar Power in Smart Homes.
  45. Solar Panels in Shading.
  46. Phase Solar Inverter.
  47. Solar Panel Optimizers.
  48. Solar Panel’s Optimal Temperature.
  49. Solar Panel’s Optimal Angle of Installment.
  50. Renewable Energy’s Place in The World.