Our Ultimate List: 101 Pets Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Blogging about pets is one the best ways to reach your target audience and attract customers to your brand. Writing about common topics in the pet industry establishes your authority and credibility. On top of that, consistently adding new content to your blog helps draw a constant flow of traffic to your website. It may seem daunting to compile a list of topics to cover, especially if you’re busy doing all the other things required to run a business.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of blog topic ideas in the pet industry. With a huge pool of topics to choose from, your content stream never has to run dry. But even when we provide you with topics, blogging can be time consuming. Check out our blog writing services where we can do the hard work for you.

Blog Post Ideas About Pets

  1. 10 of the Best Dog-Friendly Places to Go in Your Area.

Pick some of your favorite pet-friendly locales and tell your readers about them. Describe why you think these places are the best.

  1. How to Host a Pet Friendly Event in Your Community.

Give your readers tips and tricks on how to host a smoothly run and fun get-together with pets. Talk about local places like parks that would serve as a good meetup location.

  1. 5 Great Local Hotels That Allow Dogs.

Pick your top pet-friendly hotel choices and explain why your readers and their dogs would love them.

  1. 3 Local Rescues That Are Working Hard for Animal Welfare.

Interview some animal rescue organizations in your area. Highlight a unique thing that each one is doing to help animals.

  1. 10 Ways to Get Involved with Pet Owners in Your City.

List out ways your readers can get connected with other people with pets near them. Give specific advice to your city, like mentioning a local Facebook group or club for them to connect to.

  1. The Ultimate Guide to Pet-Friendly Events This Summer.

Go over all of the best events that are scheduled near you and explain what type of person and pet would love each one.

  1. My Blog’s Origin Story.

Tell your readers why you decided to start your blog. Tell them about your inspiration and what you hope to accomplish.

  1. What You Need to Know About Pet First Aid.

Go over the basics of pet first aid. Explain what tools or products would be useful to keep in a pet first aid kit.

  1. How to Keep Your Pets Warm During Winter.

List out your favorite winter tips for pets. Explain the importance of keeping pets safe from the elements and go over your favorite winter products designed for dogs and cats.

  1. 5 Top Essentials for Rainy Day Dog Walking.

Tell your reader what you’ve learned from walking your dog in the rain. List out your favorite products that keep you and your dog dry and free of mud.

  1. How to Pick the Right Dog Coat to Buy.

First, talk about why a dog might need a coat. Then, go into your process for picking the right coat for different types of dogs.

  1. 10 Fun Brain Games for Dogs.

Talk about your top games that mentally stimulate dogs. You can talk about how you tested these games on your dog and tell your reader which one he loved the most.

  1. When Should My Puppy Start Obedience Training?

You can interview a dog trainer to discuss the importance of obedience training and what the best age is to start. Give tips on what dogs would benefit the most from this training.

  1. What to Look for When Adopting a New Cat.

Go over the basics of cat adoption and tell your reader what age range and breed of cat would be best for different types of people. You can also discuss some common health or behavioral issues shelter cats might have and talk about how to spot them and how to resolve them.

  1. 10 Reasons Why Rescue Dogs Are the Best.

List out all the reasons you think your readers would love a shelter dog. If you have experience in adopting a dog, share why you’re thankful for your shelter dog.

  1. Monthly Shelter Animal Feature.

Every month, post a photo and bio of a pet from your local animal shelter that needs a forever home. List out all the reasons your readers might love that pet.

  1. Why Cats Make Amazing Companions.

Tell your readers why you think cats make great pets. Talk about what types of people would like cats the most.

  1. What Breed of Cat Should I Get?

Go over the most common cat breeds and talk about any personality traits that are associated with the breed. Also, discuss any common health problems and level of maintenance your reader should expect from each breed.

  1. What Breed of Dog Should I Get?

Tell your reader about some popular dog breeds and what type of person would like each breed. Make sure to discuss the different energy levels of each breed and how much exercise each one needs.

  1. How to Pick the Best Toys for your Dog.

Go over the common types of toys and what kind of dog benefits from each type. Discuss your process for choosing the right toys for your dog.

  1. 10 Cat Products That Will Change Your Life.

Talk about your favorite cat products that have made your life or your cat’s life easier. Go into detail about what makes them so great.

  1. The 5 Best Places to Shop for Your Pet.

Tell your reader about your favorite pet stores or online services. If you have local favorites, be sure to list those.

  1. 10 DIY Cat Toys.

If you’re creative, you can come up with some tutorials yourself. Or you can browse the internet and pick your favorites. Try them out yourself and tell your readers about your experience, and how much your cat enjoyed them.

  1. 5 DIY Dog Halloween Costumes.

Follow your favorite tutorials or make your own. Test them out on your dog and give his “review” of each costume.

  1. 5 Fun Ways to Include Your Pet in Holiday Festivities.

Your list can include pet-safe Thanksgiving “feasts” and cute holiday outfits.

  1. What to Look for in a Pet Sitter.

Talk about what makes a good sitter and how to spot a bad one. If you have any good or bad experiences with a pet sitter, tell your reader what you learned from them.

  1. 5 Puppy Behaviors to Nip in the Bud Early.

Interview a dog behavioral specialist about problem behaviors that present themselves early. Ask the specialist how to break a puppy of these habits before they become a bigger problem.

  1. Common Behavioral Problems in Cats and How to Fix Them.

Go over the most common behavioral complaints from cat owners. Talk to a behavioral specialist about tips to stop or prevent the behaviors.

  1. 10 Ways to Encourage Good Behavior in Your Puppy.

Get this information from a behavioral specialist, too. Ask about tips on positive reinforcement and pass the information on to your reader.

  1. 5 Fun Tricks to Teach Your Dog.

Tell your reader about your favorite tricks that you’ve trained your dog to do. Share your process for teaching her.

  1. How to Get the Most Out of Your Training Sessions With your Pet.

Ask a local pet trainer about the best ways to make every training session great for both you and your pet. List common mistakes to avoid.

  1. Supplements that Promote Health in Your Pet.

Interview a pet nutritionist. Discuss the best vitamins and supplements and what health benefits they have for your pet.

  1. How to Cope with Losing Your Pet.

If you have experience with pet loss, share it with your readers. Talk about what techniques helped you the most with dealing with your grief.

  1. How to Improve Your Senior Pet’s Quality of Life.

Talk to a veterinarian and get their advice on taking care of senior pets. Talk about the best supplements and products that will make a senior pet more comfortable and prolong its life.

  1. 5 Tips to Keep Your Cat from Scratching Your Furniture.

Go over your favorite training techniques to break this bad habit. Talk about the products that you’ve had success with that deter cat scratching.

  1. 10 Things You Should Know Before You Go Hiking with Your Dog.

Discuss the most common dangers dogs might face on a hiking trail, like wildlife and poisonous plants. Talk about how to avoid these dangers. Also, talk about any products or tools that you might need to bring with you.

  1. How to Make Camping with Your Dog Easy and Stress-Free.

Warn your reader about the common struggles people have when they take their dog camping. Then tell them what they can do ahead of time to avoid the problems, as well as the products that might make their trip smoother.

  1. How to Clip Your Pet’s Nails Without the Drama.

Go over the best ways to get pets used to getting their nails clipped. If you’ve found success with certain products or methods of positive reinforcement, talk about them.

  1. 5 Tips on Drama Free Cat Baths.

Talk about the techniques that have helped you the most when bathing your cat. If you’ve bought any life-saver products, talk about them and why they’re so great.

  1. 5 Best Pet Food Brands.

Give reasons for why each brand is good for your pet. Talk about what makes a pet food good or bad.

  1. How to Deal with Pet Allergies as a Pet Owner.

Go over techniques owners can use to get rid of pet dander, like air purifiers and frequent vacuuming. If you have allergies and have found success in dealing with them as a pet owner, talk about how you did it.

  1. Best Litterboxes for Your Cat.

Talk about how cats can be picky about their litterboxes and why it’s important to get one that they like. Discuss the pros and cons of some of the different types of litterboxes.

  1. 10 Pet Trends That Are Overrated.

Tell your readers about some of the trends you’ve tried that you thought weren’t worth the hype. Talk about why they fell flat.

  1. 5 Challenges That Made Me a Better Pet Owner.

Talk about the lessons you’ve learned from your own struggles with your pets. Discuss the ways you overcame them.

  1. 5 Products and Toys That Keep Your Pet’s Mind Busy While You’re at Work.

Review your favorite mentally stimulating products that can be used by your pet while you’re not home.

  1. How to Make Your Own Dog Treats.

Go over what ingredients are safe and healthy for pets. Give a tutorial on how to make treats at home.

  1. How to Introduce a New Pet to Your Home.

Advise readers on what problems pet owners might face when introducing a new pet. Go over tips for introducing your old pets to the newcomer and talk about introducing children to new pets.

  1. How to Help Your Pet Get Over Their Car Anxiety.

Tell your reader about training tips and products that have helped your pet learn to enjoy rides in the car.

  1. 5 Tips for Crate Training Your Dog.

Talk about the benefits of crate training. Then, go over how to slowly get your dog used to the crate. Tell your readers that they want to make sure their dog sees the crate as a positive place, not as a punishment.

  1. 5 Best Cleaning Tips for Keeping Your Home Pet Hair-Free.

List your favorite products and methods for getting rid of pet hair. Talk about the importance of frequent brushing and vacuuming.

50 More Pet Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to Make a DIY Cat Tree
  2. 5 Pet Products That Are Not Worth the Money
  3. How to Introduce Your Pets to a New Baby
  4. What My Dog’s DNA Test Taught Me About My Mixed Breed
  5. 10 Pet Behavioral Books That Are Worth a Read
  6. 5 Awesome Etsy Shops That Sell Pet Products
  7. 7 Tips That Will Save You Money as a Pet Parent
  8. What Your Pet’s Horoscope Says About Them
  9. 10 Insta-Famous Pets We Love
  10. 5 Tips for Your First Pet Show
  11. What Kind of Leash Should You Buy Your Dog?
  12. Should You Walk Your Cat on a Leash?
  13. Are Harnesses or Collars Better for Walking Dogs?
  14. How to Socialize a Puppy
  15. How To Keep Your Longhaired Cat’s Fur from Matting
  16. 5 Best Brushes for Dogs
  17. 10 Best Pet Shampoos
  18. How to Make Your Own Bandanas that Give Your Dog Style
  19. 10 Silly Things Our Pets Do That Are Adorable
  20. 5 Best Dog Toys for Aggressive Chewers
  21. 5 Tips That Will Make Potty Training Your Puppy A Breeze
  22. How to Deal with a Jealous Pet
  23. How to Make Good Choices for Your Pet’s Health
  24. How to Train Your Dog to Not Have Food Aggression
  25. Popular Pet Brands That You Should Avoid
  26. A Brief History on How Dogs Became Man’s Best Friend
  27. How to Make Your House More Pet Friendly
  28. 5 Most Pet-Friendly Cars
  29. Why You Shouldn’t Buy Your Puppy from a Puppy Mill
  30. Is It Okay to Let My Dog Run Off-Leash?
  31. What Your Dog’s Breed Says About You
  32. 25 Cute Name Ideas for Your New Kitten
  33. Top 5 Dog-Friendly Cities in Your Country
  34. 5 Eco-Friendly Ways to Clean Up After Your Dog on a Walk
  35. 5 Pet Subscription Services We Love
  36. How to Train Your Cat Not to Get on the Counter
  37. Is a GPS Tracking Device a Good Idea for My Pet?
  38. 5 Best Exotic Pets That You’ll Love
  39. 5 Human Foods You Should Never Feed to Your Pet
  40. How to Train Your Dog to Walk on a Leash
  41. Our Favorite Pet Toothbrushing Products
  42. How to Make Your Pet Not Hate Getting Their Teeth Brushed
  43. Tips For Caring for Your Dog’s Paws in the Winter
  44. What You Need to Know Before Adopting a Bird
  45. 10 Tips for Caring for Your Pet Bird
  46. 10 Fruits and Veggies that Double as Healthy Dog Treats
  47. How to Get Rid of Stinky Pet Odors
  48. How to Keep Your Pets Safe Around Wildlife
  49. Natural Remedies to Get Rid of Fleas and Tick
  50. 5 Common Signs of Stress in Dogs and Cats