Our Top 50 November Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

November brings us loads of traditional–and plenty of fresh–topics for bloggers to tackle.

It’s a rich time of remembrance, when Americans honor our military with Veteran’s Day, loved ones who have passed with All Souls’ Day and Day of the Dead, and our nation’s early heritage with Thanksgiving and all the nostalgic trimmings.  But November also looks to the future, prodding us with election days, National Cancer Awareness Day, and National Stress Awareness Day. 

Then there are the wacky “holidays” like National Hug a Musician Day (Nov. 13th) and National Pizza with the Works except Anchovies Day (Nov.12—no word on when the anchov-ied pizzas get celebrated).

Some sports are in high gear and will merit blog posts.  Autumn is at its best, and readers will be interested in everything from leaf-peeping to winterizing home and garden.  Your November blogs will be as crisp and nourishing as a ripe apple. 

Let us get your fall juices flowing with these ideas:

  1. On the hunt?

November is prime hunting season for deer, and this overlaps with elk season.  Look into quail, rabbit, etc., opportunities in your locale.  Don’t forget your readers who may be “game” for bow hunting, trapping, and fishing.

  1. Your first Thanksgiving?

Cover how little ones are introduced to the holiday, or describe the experience of a recent immigrant or visitor to the U.S.—how did they or will they celebrate it, and what dishes will be on their table?

  1. Election Day

Take a look at voter registration, local processes, and of course, the results.  Congressional and Presidential polling will draw a large audience but you can also weigh in on legislation and lesser-known candidates.

  1. Leaf-peeping—is it a thing? 

According to “The West Wing,” and according to thousands of tourists in the Northeast, it is!   Guide your readers to likely scenic spots and to the equipment, transportation, and lodgings that will make for an Insta-worthy experience.

  1. November’s nuisance: daylight saving time

Make “light” of it by gathering the common complaints and anecdotes about business and travel mix-ups, or inform your readers on how best to cope with the patchwork of times.

  1. Create a Thanksgiving Day A to Z

Create a checklist of foods, table décor, and family activites to ensure a gracious holiday. Or come up with a catalog of things to be grateful for. 

  1. Winterize your home and garden

While it’s still light after work and the ground’s not frozen solid.  Gather some local experts who can help prep your readers for the next season.  Explore the need to invest in a generator, snow tires, or new insulation.

  1. Who’s eating what this Thanksgiving? 

Interviews will appetize your readers.  Contact local influencers and even office holders to expound upon their Turkey Day menu and memories.

  1. November 3rd is National Stress Awareness Day, so do some consciousness-raising

Collect stress-fighting strategies, and invite readers to participate by sharing how they handle this widespread problem.

  1. Hold a contest for the best sweet potato recipe, or turkey technique

Readers can vote in categories like easiest, most economical, and most creative.

  1. Recommend key staples and ingredients for holiday cooking

From comparing brands of canned pumpkin to asking readers to rate cranberry sauces, you will engage everybody who cooks or eats the big feast.

  1. November 5th is National Redhead/Love Your Red Hair Day

Create a corner for photos and suggested fashion looks for “gingers.”

  1. List good fall cocktails and seasonal brews

Local breweries will be glad to pour in info about their libations.

  1. Catalog ways to conserve heat and maximize light in your house

As the season darkens and chills, readers will be eager for tips on saving money while keeping things bright and cozy at home.

  1. November 8th is National Parents as Teachers Day. 

With the steady rise of homeschooling and online instruction, you will have plenty of fresh research and opinion to share, as well as educational products to rate.

  1. What is the Day of the Dead? 

Dig into the deep secrets of this cultural treasure.  Solicit reader stories about how they observe it.

  1. All Saints Day, All Souls Day

What is this observance and who are the people commemorated?

  1. On Nov. 7th, draw attention to National Cancer Awareness Day

Spotlight new treatments, preventive regimens, and brave fighters and survivors.

  1. Animal Shelter Appreciation Week

It comes along in November, giving you a chance to reach pet owners and animal enthusiasts.  Feature animal shelters doing the best work.

  1. November is National Native American Heritage Month

Go big on ways to celebrate native traditions and history.  This blog topic lends itself to lots of visuals.

  1. It’s time for National Candle Month

So rate candles, discussing safety tips and brands.

  1. November 15: National Clean Out Your Fridge Day

Today’s the day you can connect with readers with hacks and motivation to do that dreaded job.

  1. Early November brings National Fountain Pen Day

There are enthusiasts all over the world, from users to collectors.  They’ll be happy to see you promote it.

  1. Nov. 6 is National Bison Day

Take the habitat preservation approach or give recipes for bison burgers.

  1. Nov. 6 is National Saxophone Day

Maybe it’s time to jazz up your blog with some sound clips. 

  1. Take the occasion of National Younger Reader’s Week

Post people’s favorite children’s book titles.

  1. Family gathering tips

How to enhance relationships and avoid conflict.

  1. Forecast holiday travel conditions

Give guidance on itineraries, costs, and how to keep one’s options open on the busiest travel week of the year.

  1. How to celebrate my child’s November birthday? 

With Halloween in the rearview mirror, the weather iffy, and schedules stacking up, offer party and gift ideas.

  1. Hold a competition for the finest essay on Thanksgiving nostalgia

The prize can be a frozen turkey, or whatever you’re promoting.

  1. Demonstrate turkey prep techniques with videos of local mavens at work

It’s as much much fun to watch someone frying turkey as it is to do it.

  1. National Split Pea Week comes along this month

So give recipes and nutritional background about this mighty legume.

20 More November Blog Post Ideas

Here are some more suggestions to prompt the best November blogging:

  1. Invite ideas on finding, preserving, and using fall leaves in this month’s décor.
  2. Tackle American Football Day in early November, giving us a fresh take on the sport overall.
  3. Highlight how local businesses are honoring our veterans on their day.
  4. National Novel Writing Month calls for an interview with a novelist in process.
  5. Poll your readers about how veterans they appreciate.
  6. Give your take on the topic of patriotism.
  7. Diwali, India’s biggest holiday of the year, is a photogenic “festival of lights.”
  8. Feature recipes for Thanksgiving leftovers.
  9. Who were the Pilgrims: myths and heritage.
  10. Create a calendar keeping your readers on pace to be ready for their Thanksgiving feast.
  11. Portray “Friendsgiving” happenings that provide alternatives to traditional Thanksgivings.
  12. National I Love to Write Day is in mid-November; solicit contributions of short items written by your readers.
  13. List ways to start a business in honor of National Entrepreneurs Day mid-month.
  14. Also mid-month is National Unfriend Day; you know what to do.
  15. Take a Hike Day on Nov. 17 calls for itinerary and locale tips.
  16. Delve into the realm of kids’ football—risks and benefits.
  17. Hail Black Friday: where are the best deals?
  18. Highlight National Diabetes Awareness month by identifying early symptoms or diet plans.
  19. National Game and Puzzle Week comes around the week of Thanksgiving, so poll your audience on their favorites.
  20. Address Seasonal Affective Disorder as the sunlight wanes.