Our Top 50 May Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

May is filled with events to write about. Holidays in May include Mother’s Day, Cinco de Mayo, and Memorial Day.  Each can be written about from a variety of perspectives including suggested activities, gift recommendations, traditions and origination of the holiday, style guides related to decorations and attire, and even recipes and dining suggestions.  Additionally, May is typically the month that school lets out, so it is regarded as graduation season and summer vacations are starting.  As graduation – especially college graduation – often signifies the beginning of adult life, topics to write about include career exploration, living independently, personal finances, and personal development.

May is recognized as Mental Health Awareness Month.  As such, bloggers could write about a myriad of mental health issues to draw awareness to this issue that cuts across all racial, ethnic, and socioeconomic lines.  If a lighter subject matter is desired, May also includes Star Wars Day (May the Fourth be with you), National Road Trip Day, and National Speak in Complete Sentences Day (a day when laughing out loud is represented by more than 3 letters). Below you will find 50 May blog topic ideas.

  1. Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Suggest gifts for different kinds of women.  For example, identify gifts for the stay-at-home mom, the CEO mom, the outdoorsy mom, the healthy yoga mom, the crafty mom, etc.

  1. Mother’s Day Crafts for Kids

Offer examples and instructions for easy gifts that kids can make on their own to show their mom how important she is.  Focus on finding crafts that can be made with readily available supplies.

  1. Do or Do Not.  There is No Try.

Recognize May the Fourth by listing some of the insights passed on by Yoda.  In Star Wars, Yoda says many profound things that we all can learn from today. 

  1. School is Out – Now What?

Offer tips and suggestions on keeping kids occupied and busy during the summer months.  Offer ideas for busy parents to provide enrichment activities to their children during the summer months.

  1. DIY Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day

Many mothers prefer gifts that are handmade over store-bought gifts.  Show examples of thoughtful and personalized gifts that anyone would be proud to give to their mother.

  1. Reflections on Motherhood

A single-subject could reflect on being a mother or on how they were shaped by their mother.  Alternatively, a piece could be written by compiling a variety of viewpoints on motherhood (i.e.  working mothers reflect on balancing their careers and their families)

  1. Graduation Gift Guide

Suggest gifts for high school or college graduates broken up by price range or by characteristics of the recipient.   

  1. Decorating the Graduation Hat

One of the most interesting sites at graduation is when students decorate the tops of their graduation hats.  Write a piece summarizing the history of this act with pictures of unique, funny, or controversial decorations.

  1. Do College Graduates Really Make More Money Than Non-Graduates?

Write a piece detailing the basis for this common assertion.  What is the average annual income of a college graduate versus the average for a non-graduate? What does this difference amount to after 20-30 years in the workforce?

  1. Graduating with Debt

Determine how much debt the average college graduate carries once they finish their education. Discuss strategies to pay down this debt and programs to help prevent defaulting on loans. Include expert opinions on the cost of a college education.

  1. Summer Fashion Trends

May is typically the end of spring and the start of the summer months meaning people often change out their seasonal wardrobe.  Identify current summer trends and suggest budget-friendly seasonal purchases.

  1. The Perfect Swimsuit for Every Body

Women often loath swimsuit season for fear of not finding a flattering swimsuit.  Identify which type of suit is best for various body types.  Highlight characteristics of swimsuits that flatter areas of a woman’s body.

  1. Life Lessons from Star Wars

Summarize some main points from Star Wars and compare the lessons learned to modern events and issues.  Demonstrate that issues such as family dynamics, loyalty to the country, fear of failure, and commitments towards a goal are universal.  

  1. Outdoor Entertaining

Offer tips for hosting guests in outdoor spaces including outdoor seating and lighting.  Suggest outdoor decorating options and include popular outdoor party themes.

  1. Traveling with Young Children

Provide tips for traveling with children including what to pack, how to keep kids occupied during car rides, air travel with kids, and planning for childcare at the destination.

  1. Traveling on a Budget

Provide suggestions on how to lower the cost of travel.  Compare costs of various modes of transportation to determine the cheapest alternative. Provide links to sources of coupons and discounts for common destinations.

  1. Summer Workout Tips

Suggest activities to encourage readers to get outside and enjoy the spring and summer season after being indoors for the winter.  Focus on exercises that target body areas that are shown off during the summer like the forearms, upper arms, and calves.

  1. Summer Recipes

Offer recipes for popular summer dishes including cold salads, dishes including fresh fruit, and options for the grill.

  1. Advice for the Recent Graduate

This article could be a compilation of advice from various well-regarded professionals or older adults.  Advice could include topics such as finances, relationships, family planning, and career options.

  1. Summer Jobs for Teens

Suggest options for young workers looking for seasonal employment.  Provide suggestions and ideas outside the typical fast food and mall jobs including starting a microenterprise, using social media expertise, and exploring gig work.

  1. National Speak in Full Sentences Day

Explore this little-known “holiday” which has its roots in opposition to the increase in text-based language.  Explore the rise of text-based expressions such as LOL and LBVS.  Challenge readers to go one full day using grammatically correct sentences with nouns and verbs both in written and spoken language.

  1. Summer Hair Care

Offer tips to keep hair healthy despite sun exposure.  Include information on how to mitigate the effects of chlorine from swimming pools.

  1. What is Cinco de Mayo?

Provide a brief history of the holiday along with information about cuisine, costumes, decoration, and relevant activities for the holiday.

  1. Reasons Not to Miss the Kentucky Derby

Introduce readers to the events surrounding the country’s longest continuously running sports events. Explain the origins and meaning of the expression, “the most exciting two minutes in sports.”

  1. Why Mental Health Awareness Matters

Provide basic information about the prevalence of Mental Illness. Discuss ramifications of continued ignorance of mental health issues and examples of communities that have seen improvements as the result of widespread mental health awareness initiatives.  

  1. Mental Health First Aid

Discuss Mental Health First Aid training and the benefits of being trained. Provide resources for access to the training. Explore positive effects when communities, schools, and businesses have implemented widespread mental health first aid training.

  1. Memorial Day

What is the point of Memorial Day other than to mark the beginning of Summer? Offer suggestions for activities on Memorial Day.

  1. Best Summer Gadgets on Amazon

Review summer gadgets such as drones, camping gear, outdoor lighting, and bike equipment.

  1. How to Wear All White

Wearing all white can be a fashionable option in the summer months if done correctly.  Showcase what to do and what not to do to pull this look off.

  1. Graduation Photos

Provide suggestions on how parents can take outstanding graduation photos without hiring a professional.  Include information on taking quality photos with smartphones as well as information about taking photos outdoors in lots of sunlight.

20 More May Blog Post Ideas

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  8. BBQ Recipes
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  10. Summer Pool Safety
  11. Salad Recipes
  12. Memorial Day Cookout Recipes
  13. Snacks to Bring to the Beach
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  15. Must-have Items in Your Beach Bag
  16. Natural Sunscreen
  17. Star Wars Decoration Ideas
  18. Summer Road Trips
  19. Planning the Perfect Summer Vacation
  20. Why Swimming is Good for Your Health