Our Ultimate List: 100 Marketing Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Business marketing blogging is important when it comes to building an audience, and you should strive to deliver dynamic, engaging and creative marketing blog post ideas and keep content flowing. However, it can be tough to come up with digital marketer blog post ideas, especially when you don’t want your posts to feel repetitive or boring, or for your audience to feel like they’ve read it all before! Your marketing blog posts should include a mix of informative posts, fun and engaging posts, promotional posts, entertaining posts, and more.

The Content Panel can provide marketing blog topics for our clients, as our blog management services produce a wide array of unique marketing blog ideas which will eliminate the stress involved with trying to come up with interesting posts. This will allow you to concentrate on other things that make your brand successful, while we take care of thinking of ways to reinforce that brand to your audience.

  1.  Where will you be in 25 years? Your company’s goals for the future

This topic will give your audience an idea of who you are as a company. It will also let them know that you have your finger on the pulse in terms of changes in the digital marketing world. Your audience will appreciate your insight and knowledge.

  1. Who has inspired your company?

People enjoy reading about inspirational figures. It can be anyone from your parents to a marketing industry professional. It will give your audience personable content while still being informative.

  1. 5 of the most valued marketing skills

Many readers will want valuable information on how to enter the marketing industry. A recent graduate may be searching for an entry-level position. This entry will give them crucial knowledge and also give your company more attention.

  1. Team building activities that strengthen your company

It’s important to focus on ways to bring colleagues closer together. While work is the top priority, it can get stale and repetitive without occasional activities that allow employees to bond. Marketing executives and employers looking to inject excitement into the office will find this content useful.

  1. Music inspiration and songs that get your creativity flowing

Many people work while listening to music. If you need to get some work done at home, you might need some advice on the best music to get your juices flowing, while also helping you concentrate. A blog post about instrumental music or music that pumps you up would be useful.

  1. A closer look into your office space

Give your audience a chance to get inspired. Let them know the ins and outs of how a successful office functions. This can include desk setups, decorative advice, how a break room should look, and more.

  1. Top 10 relatable marketing memes to brighten your day

This is a fun one! Sometimes your audience just wants content to make them laugh. This will show them your company is capable of providing humorous content.

  1. The story behind your company name

Sometimes clients or customers wonder how exactly a company came up with its name. This is especially true if it’s unique or cryptic. If there’s a fun story behind it, let your audience know!

  1. How to perfect your marketing resume

Providing your audience with resume building tips can set you apart from competitors. It also provides you with a trusting demeanour in an intimidating field. You can provide tips on how to list education, skills and relevant experience so that it fits the marketing industry.

  1.  How to successfully network and sell yourself

Some people may have the perfect skill set for the marketing business world, yet are shy or introverted. You can provide tips on how to “turn it on” at an industry event. This will give everyone a fair chance at impressing industry heavy hitters.

  1.  How to successfully reinforce your brand

You may feel like your company has done everything possible to reinforce your unique brand. There is always more you can do! This can include sending clients holiday greetings, newsletters, events, or other fun emails to keep them on your mind.

  1.  Looking ahead: skills you should acquire in the next 10 years

You can provide insight into how the industry may change in terms of skills and programs you should look into. This will be useful for your younger audience.

  1.  How to nail a marketing interview

Everyone gets nervous when they have a job interview! You can help them relax by letting them know what to say during a marketing interview. This can include keywords the interviewer is looking for or specific programs you should be knowledgeable about.

  1.  How to make your website stand out from your competitors

There are aesthetic trends to look out for in the world of website design. Your audience will want to make sure their website doesn’t look dated.

  1.  The 5 best website platforms to build your brand

There are many website platforms out there. You can provide a list of the 5 you think are the easiest to manage and are the most modern and accessible for users.

  1.  5 worthwhile marketing podcasts

Podcasts are booming and are an incredibly popular form of media. There is a podcast for every niche! You can provide your audience with some informative, interesting marketing podcasts.

  1.  The best university majors for a career in marketing

You can let your audience know the majors you should be enrolled in if they’re interested in a career in marketing. For example, marketing, public relations, English, and more.

  1.  How to get your foot in the door in a highly competitive industry

The marketing industry is incredibly competitive and it can be tricky to get your foot in the door. A blog post about standing out would be useful for many viewers. This can include personality traits, ways to present yourself, and how to speak confidently.

  1.  The perfect desk setup for success

Sometimes our desk setup can cause back problems or lead to an uncomfortable work environment in general. Tips on the right computer chair, how to set up your laptop, and small decorative perks can improve the quality of life for your audience.

  1.  5 apps that help organize your daily life

Your audience is likely glued to their phones for at least a good portion of the day. There are many apps out there that help manage our day-to-day lives. You can give your thoughts on the best calendars, health apps, money management apps, and more.

  1.  How to build a great relationship with your boss

Everyone’s boss has a lot on their plate, so they can sometimes forget to build a relationship with every employee. You can provide conversational tips to your audience so they can make sure their boss values their contribution.

  1.  Tips on making a great first impression in the office

Give your audience some advice on how to not only impress their boss but their new colleagues as well. This can include ways to introduce yourself or even the best shareable treats to bring to the break room!

  1.  How to repurpose old content

Old blog content can become irrelevant if it’s not updated. Give your audience pointers on updating keywords, images, or the structural layout of older blog posts that aligns with more recent content.

  1.  A collection of client testimonials

A blog post about client satisfaction and their excellent experience will go a long way. It will attract potential new clients and highlight your company’s efficiency.

  1.  Highlighting the contribution and importance of women and minorities

It’s important to showcase the diversity and the value that women and minorities bring to the industry. You can discuss how valuable these industry professionals are and reinforce your company’s stance on the importance of diversity.

  1.  A list of common myths about the marketing industry

You can debunk common myths about your field. This can include myths about job interviews, how the industry works, and personality traits people may assume marketing professionals have.

  1.  How to make the most of your LinkedIn profile

A LinkedIn profile can go a long way. A post about how to perfectly curate your experience, accomplishments and education on LinkedIn would be appreciated.

  1.  5 current trends in the marketing industry

The marketing industry is constantly evolving. Make your audience aware of how you are on top of it!

  1.  The best work party ideas for your colleagues and employees

Another fun idea, your audience will appreciate the break from informative posts. This post can discuss work party themes, games, and more.

  1.  Frequently asked questions for people in marketing

You can compile a list of 25 to 50 questions that people frequently ask about the marketing industry. These questions can include anything from marketing trends to how to land an entry-level position.

  1.   How to successfully present your ideas in a meeting

Some people are anxious or shy during a meeting, and may not be able to successfully convey their tips. You can create a post breaking down how to conquer your goals during a meeting.

  1.   The history of marketing: past, present and future

Marketing didn’t just come out of nowhere! It’s progressed so much, and you can create an informative piece about the history of marketing, advertising, and branding.

  1.   Documenting a day in the life of a digital marketer

Your readers can emulate a blog post like this. It will make them feel like they’re on track for their own success, and they will appreciate the breakdown of a day in the life of a successful industry professional.

  1.   Pivotal moments in the marketing industry that shaped the present day

Similar to a historical breakdown of the marketing industry, you can write a detailed post about key moments. This can include how computers, the internet, and eventually social media revolutionized marketing.

  1.  The best movies and tv shows about marketing

Whether it be documentaries, biopics, or an original screenplay about the marketing industry, your audience will love to check out these interesting films.

  1.  Highlighting the attributes of a certain employee every month

Your audience will want to support and commend a company that cares about its employees. Writing a monthly personal post about an industry professional that thanks them and praises them will give your company a good-natured feel.

  1.  Books to help guide you towards success

Appeal to the bookworms out there! You can compile a list of books that will help readers achieve their goals of landing that industry job or climbing the career ladder.

  1.   What not to do during a meeting

Everyone wants to know what to do during a meeting, but they also would appreciate some insight into what not to do. Give your readers a chance to remember what faux pas to avoid, such as being late or dressing unprofessionally.

  1.   Holiday-themed blog posts

Holiday-themed posts show that your company is managed by human beings with families and friends. Take the time during the holidays to post something special and personable.

  1.  15 Inspirational quotes to build your team’s confidence

Quotes from influential leaders, activists, artists, or marketing heavy hitters can boost your audience’s morale and get them pumped up. They will appreciate the effort you take in curating a post like this.

  1.  10 time management tips

Time management can be tricky for most people. Your audience is juggling their careers, personal lives, and hobbies. Give them some advice on how to compartmentalize time and how to multitask.

  1.   Revisiting your most successful blog posts

Making a blog post about your most successful blog posts can highlight your company’s success. It can also make your audience feel proud for investing their time into your company’s content.

  1.   Highlighting new employees and why you’re excited to welcome them

Did you just hire a new team member? Make a post about their educational background, hobbies, or even their family. Make sure to mention why you’re excited to welcome them!

  1.   Industry heavy hitters you should be following on social media

Provide your audience with useful information about who to follow on social media. Be sure to pick the best accounts that provide engaging and informative content.

  1.   Year-in-review post highlighting the company’s best moments

Similar to highlighting your company’s most successful blog posts, you can make a post towards the end of the year showcasing your company’s best moments. You can select 4 or 5, such as landing an awesome client, a successful website relaunch, a great new hire, and more.

  1.   Interview an influential person and share their responses

Sit down and do a one-on-one interview with an industry professional. This can be with someone who has successfully retired or one of the up and comers in the industry. You can ask them questions about how they got where they are now.

  1.   How to fix your mistakes at work

Everybody makes mistakes! Not only that, but we all could use some tips on how to fix them. This can include how to react to mistakes and how to make sure you don’t make the same mistakes again.

  1.   Personal tips for handling industry competitiveness

Your audience will appreciate some guidance on managing the competitive spirit that can sometimes dominate the marketing industry. You can give them some self-help, relaxation or self-care tips.

  1.   How to deal with industry tension or stress

Similar to dealing with industry competitiveness, we all appreciate tips on how to manage stress. You can compile a list of fun, relaxing ways to decompress and take a break from work.

  1.   Company website redesign advice

Some companies need to hear the truth that their website may need a revamp. You can make a post that outlines some indicators that it’s time for a website redesign, this can include aesthetics, as well as important features that may be missing.

  1.  Debatable marketing topics and the arguments from both sides
  1.  Relatable marketing cartoons and comics
  1.  Funniest satirical skits about the marketing industry
  1.  A “where are they now” piece about an influential company
  1.  A challenge series that reinforces time management skills
  1.  Your company’s thoughts on a recent event
  1.  Create a survey for your audience on a trending topic and then post the results as a blog post
  1.  New year’s resolution post about your company’s goals
  1.  Document a life-changing event for a team member
  1.  10 of your company’s most used tech products
  1.  How to make an eye-catching slideshow
  1.  What to avoid when deciding on a company name
  1.  How to create a logo that best fits your brand
  1.  Reflecting on the past year and how your company can improve
  1.  A wish list of tech products to make your company more efficient
  1.  How to tune out noise when trying to focus
  1.  How to get more traffic on your blog
  1.  The most important info to include on your website
  1.  Important questions to ask on your first day at work
  1.  Showcase a new feature on your website
  1.  Highlight different stories on how your clients use your product or service
  1.  Pros and Cons of different computers and the best ones for your team members
  1. Common problems in the marketing industry and how to solve them
  1. The best colors for your company’s logo
  1. Thank your clients in a post dedicated to them
  1.  How influencers shape the marketing world
  1.  A post asking your audience to comment on what blog ideas they would like to see
  1.  A dedication to a team member who is retiring or moving forward in their career
  1.  A mother’s day post dedicated to mothers of team members
  1.  A “meet the team” series
  1.  How much vacation time do we need to recharge?
  1.  The top 5 cities to find a job in marketing
  1. 10 facts everyone should know about the marketing industry
  1.  Everything you need for a home office
  1.  How to work without distractions
  1.  A post about the charities and organizations your company supports
  1.  A post about influential professors that you and your team members have learned from
  1.  Your company’s greatest success stories
  1.  Your dream lunch date with an influential person
  1.  Your team members goals as children vs. goals as adults
  1.  How family members helped start your company
  1.  The best marketing youtube series
  1.  Marketing Myths vs. Facts
  1.  A post about a marketing stereotype that bothers you
  1.  Your 5 favorite things about your company
  1.  A video blog series about your company and brand
  1.  A series of funny moments from your office
  1.  How to manage work while travelling
  1.  Jobs you and your team members had before working for your company

     100. Write about your company’s manifesto that details your company’s message