Our Ultimate List: 101 Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

A lifestyle blog is in a unique position that gravitates readers into blog posts that deal with everyday life issues and ways to improve the wellness of their own lives. This is fortunate since readers tend to visit blogs to find solutions to their problems, but unlike other niche blogs, a lifestyle blog has a much greater potential reach. Successful lifestyle blogs will bring value to their readers by creating content that gives informative insights into the writer’s lifestyle.

This could trick some into thinking that a lifestyle blog is something like a personal blog, but the true essence of a lifestyle blog lies in the practical aspects of the writer’s lifestyle. Taking a person’s way of life and creating engaging content out of it can be difficult, even with a good grasp of blogging, which is why we have gathered 100 lifestyle blog post ideas to start you off on the right path. If even with these blog topics you feel ill-equipped to start your own lifestyle blog, then be sure to check out our blog writing services to leave the difficult parts in capable hands.

Lifestyle Blog Post Examples

These are some good lifestyle blog post topics to start with:

  1. Time-Saving Hacks: 

Hacks that save people time are at an all-time high popularity spike, and so your lifestyle blog will be able to grasp some of that popularity with posts that can save your readers some time. This post is extremely versatile since it can be based on many subjects such as fashion, beauty, fitness, finance, or any other relevant topic.

  1. How do you stay organized? 

Targeting problems that would be common among readers is a good way to constantly create relevant blog posts, and fortunately many suffer from a bit of disorganization in their life. This can be a guide on how to stay organized or even tips that help in a general sense.

  1. How to be happy? 

Naturally, this post does not need to explain how an individual should find happiness, but rather focus on the lifestyle choices that allow a person to develop feelings of happiness in their life.

  1. How to get/stay motivated? 

As mentioned, general topics that apply to everyone will see a good deal of buzz in your blog. Go over the ways you have found to keep you motivated in all aspects of life, projects, relationships, and anything that people tend to lose motivation in.

  1. How to avoid distractions? 

A key issue that plagues many is the inability to ignore distractions, so writing a blog post that goes over what you do to block out interruptions would be well received by your readers.

  1. How to break bad habits? 

Bad habits are something that people have always struggled against, and any tips on how to start leaving behind undesired traits can add value to your blog. You can also explain how these strategies help you break one of your personal bad habits.

  1. Share your morning routine. 

As part of a lifestyle blog, readers expect to know about what exactly you do in the day. Go over the key elements that you consider essential to starting your day.

  1. How to become a morning person. 

Being active in the morning is usually a sign of good mental health, and It is not unusual for people to want to enjoy their mornings. Consider giving practical tips that allow a person to be at their best in the morning as well the mental outlook they might use to become a morning person.

  1. Self-care. 

People are always interested in self-care tips and any post that promotes caring for yourself will be useful for your readers. These can be daily activities that you personally do as a form of self-care or any other routines that serve this purpose.

  1. Stop wasting time. 

Wasting time is something that causes everyone to feel bad, enough to cause people to search for ways to use their time better. This can be a way to be more productive, or a way to stop thinking about starting something and just starting.

  1. How to relax. 

Unfortunately, many people are unable to relax during their downtime and require help getting out of work mode, so write a blog post that explains how people should get into a mindset that leads to relaxation. The key here would be to describe how a person can relax rather than what activities they can do to relax.

  1. How to take an interview? 

A major source of stress for many is having to prepare for an interview, and this post can help people understand what they should do before and during an interview. Create a checklist of things they should do before the interview and explain the mindset that the interviewee will want out of them.

  1. How to become creative? 

A lack of creativity can affect anyone, and people will seek out a way to increase their creativity for countless purposes. Explain what you do when you are looking for inspiration and how they can replicate that technique to see results in their lives.

  1. Purpose in life. 

This topic is heavier than most topics, but you will see great results in insights into this subject. Explain how you were able to find your calling in life and how this development has been beneficial to your happiness and mental health.

  1. Start drawing. 

Having outlets for a person’s creativity and feelings is essential for them to be able to express what they cannot find the words to. You can help people with a blog post that goes over how to start drawing in their spare time, and how this activity can help a person become happier overall.

  1. Better sleep. 

Create a guide that goes over any tips that you might have for readers that are looking to get better sleep or get over the trouble they have actually getting to sleep in the first place.

  1. Eating healthy. 

People are conscious of what they eat and this is especially true when they know they have bad eating habits, such as having a bad diet. Give readers tips that you employ to ensure that you are keeping a healthy balanced diet in your life.

  1. How to set goals? 

It’s easy for people to become disillusioned with their dreams and aspirations since they are not aware of how to properly set up a goal. Explain what a realistic goal is and how they should work toward their dreams in feasible steps.

  1. How to save money. 

Money is important in people’s lives, and being able to manage it is even more important, so explain the tips you have found that can save people money in realistic ways. 

  1. Habits for success. 

It’s not to say that habits can make a person successful, but the fact is that successful people tend to share the same habits that help them manage their lives and in turn provide space for success. Explain what some of these habits are and how they can improve a person’s life.

  1. Morning skincare. 

The delicateness of skin is only matched by the concern people express for their skin, so you should help your readers by letting them in on how you care for your skin in the morning. This can be a special product you use or any other kind of routine.

  1. How to start writing. 

Similar to drawing, writing can allow people to express themselves through the use of literature. This post can explain the positive effects that taking up writing can have and how the outlet can be used for storytelling and journal keeping.

  1. How to start cleaning. 

Wanting to keep your home clean and actually making good on your cleaning plans are unfortunately very far apart. Oftentimes people just need some guidance on how to undertake the start of their cleaning and a post that talks about how to get started on this will be very useful for readers.

  1. Mental health tips. 

Give your readers some tips to keep their mental health in check. These can be simple wellness advice that goes over what can have negative effects on the mind.

  1. How to leave your 9-5. 

Create a post that explains how people that want to leave their 9-5 jobs, can start the process of finding their own source of income. Go over actual guidance and warnings against what not to do when trying to leave your job.

  1. How to find your weaknesses? 

The best way to improve your life is to find the aspects of yourself that hold you back, so create a post that explains how a person can localize these negative thoughts and what they can do to change themselves.

  1. How to make time for family. 

Family is important, which is why this is a question that your readers may have for themselves. Write a blog post that goes over what a person can do to make time for their family and how they can effectively spend that time to bond properly.

  1. Why managing time is important. 

Explain the benefits that a person will see if they learn to manage their time. Do go over how time can be managed with your insights and tips.

  1. Favorite beauty products. 

Beauty is a big part of a person’s lifestyle, and one of the few things that is very easy to copy. Talk about the beauty products you use and how they are beneficial to you.

  1. 5-minute makeup routine. 

Create a short, but informative, guide that details a fast makeup routine for when people are in a hurry or simply not that seeking to spend more time on their makeup.

  1. 15-minute makeup routine. 

Alternatively, you should create a makeup tutorial that goes more in detail and can have a greater effect on a person’s appearance.

  1. Social media tips. 

Social media plays a big part in people’s lives, and it’s no wonder that people want to integrate this into their lifestyle. Create a blog post that explains how one can go about improving their social media presence.

  1. How to start a YouTube channel. 

Creating a YouTube channel is easily the easiest way for someone to create a social platform for themselves so any advice on how to get ahead of the curve would be greatly appreciated by your readers.

  1. Creating YouTube content. 

Creating content, regardless of where, is extremely difficult and time-consuming, so give your readers some guidance on how you would go about making your own type of content that can attract the attention of viewers.

  1. SEO. 

SEO is essential for anyone that is trying to perform business online, and the sooner you get your readers acquainted with the subject, the more they’ll thank you. Explain how SEO affects the visibility of content and how someone can use this to drive traffic to their website.

  1. Fashion hacks. 

The interest in hacks has not simmered down and due to its versatility, it can be applied to just about any subject. Fashion hacks are a good way to solve problems for your readers that they might not have been aware that they had in the first place.

  1. Fashion trends. 

A good part of a lifestyle blog is the analysis of fashion trends. Since fashion can change overnight, a blog that can keep its readers up to date on what is in style will see a higher retention rate of visitors.

  1. Relationship advice. 

Problems with love are not anything new, but they also will never not be an issue in people’s lives so be sure to create posts that give solid advice on people’s potential love problems. This can work as a Q&A from user-submitted questions.

  1. Marriage advice. 

A step up from the last topic but certainly not any less common. People tend to look for help with their marriage with those that they perceive to be reliable, and so giving solid tips on how to handle common marriage problems will do wonders to increase the trust your readers have in your blog.

  1. Date ideas for parents. 

Some people believe that romance dies in a marriage after children, but that is not the case, and your blog should give hope to couples that are looking to revitalize their dating life. Go over children-friendly date ideas that will reignite the spark in a marriage’s romance.

  1. Parenting advice. 

Parenting is difficult, even for those with experience, so be sure to create blog posts that give useful tips that will help parents or potential parents deal with their children. 

  1. Working at home with children. 

Working from home can be a blessing, but it can also be a curse if you have children running amok in your workspace. Give readers a blog post that provides them with tips on how to manage their kids while they are busy working from home.

  1. Fitness guide. 

Staying fit is an integral part of any lifestyle and that should be reflected in your blog. Create guides that go over your fitness routine and how those guides have improved your life.

  1. Best vegan/keto/health diet. 

Diets are very popular among those seeking to improve their wellness, but there is a massive surplus of new diets popping out each year. To help guide readers on the right path to a diet appropriate for them, you can create a blog post that details the benefits of popular diets and how they compare to each other.

  1. Healthy alternatives. 

It can be hard to let go of certain foods, which is why healthy alternatives are very popular when trying to become more fit. Explain popular substitutes that readers can try to get on the path to fitness without too much change to their diet.

  1. Cheat meals. 

Too much of one thing can be harmful, which includes health as well, so it’s okay to occasionally have a cheat meal. Talk about your favorite cheat meal and why your readers should not feel guilty over an indulgence in something here and there once in a while as well.

  1. How to study. 

While some might think that this can only be relevant to school students, studying can be useful for anyone. Talk about studying techniques that you use to better understand the subjects you are looking into.

  1. How to prepare for exams. 

Exams can really hurt, especially if you don’t perform well despite your understanding of the subject. Upcoming exams can be stressful for some, and that stress ends up affecting their grades, so give readers some tips on how they can prepare for an exam to alleviate that tension.

  1. Party planning. 

Lifestyle blogs don’t have to constantly focus on serious topics either, a fun post that explains how your readers can create an awesome party to hang out with their friends can make some readers’ day. Add unique party ideas that will really create a strong impression.

  1. Spiritual health. 

People’s spirit can be affected by everyday life, and ultimately can affect their mental state. Explain how people should ensure that they care for their moral values and how important it is for them to maintain a good spirit.

50 More Lifestyle Blog Post Ideas

Here are another 50 lifestyle blog post ideas to get you on your way to a solid blog.

  1. Favorite coffee recipes.
  2. Recipes with less than 5 ingredients.
  3. Seasonal dishes.
  4. Eat healthy on a budget.
  5. Choose a family-friendly career.
  6. Declutter your workspace.
  7. How to get inspiration for writing.
  8. How to get more done in less time.
  9. How to make friends.
  10. How to start a bullet journal.
  11. How to stay calm.
  12. How you handle a busy schedule.
  13. DIY spa day.
  14. Evening facial care routine.
  15. Healthy foods to eat daily.
  16. Beauty products you’ve ditched.
  17. What’s your dream job?
  18. Who do you admire most? Why?
  19. Why self-care is important.
  20. Work at home ideas.
  21. Write a book review.
  22. Writing tips.
  23. Outfit of the day blog post.
  24. Your photo collection.
  25. Travel bucket list.
  26. Family gatherings.
  27. Photography tips.
  28. Safety tips for traveling.
  29. Best lessons you’ve learned.
  30. Living a carefree life.
  31. Things you wish you knew as a new mom.
  32. Music that inspires you.
  33. First date ideas.
  34. Book recommendations.
  35. Beauty product reviews.
  36. Best movies to watch this month.
  37. Capsule wardrobe ideas.
  38. Cleaning hacks.
  39. Tips for choosing a degree.
  40. Tips to create a solid essay.
  41. How to work well in a group.
  42. How to deal with long-distance relationships.
  43. How to make money online as a freelancer.
  44. How to study online.
  45. How to surprise your loved ones with a date.
  46. How to find the perfect gift.
  47. How to plan the ideal honeymoon.
  48. No makeup beauty tips.
  49. Home decoration ideas.
  50. How to improve your self-esteem.