Our Top 50 January Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

It’s a new year, and you’re looking for topics to fill your business blog. In the slow news month of January, it’s a great time to fill people’s feeds with your blog posts. In January, you can write about resolutions and goals, highlight holiday parties and service projects, review the year or other highlights, and introduce (or re-introduce) your team. Below are several ideas for you to get your blog posts flowing in the first month of a new year.

30 of the Best Blog Topics for January

  1. Goals and Resolutions for the New Year. Don’t disregard this opportunity just because it seems trite; these can be strategic and valuable for your clients. Share your business goals and resolutions as a way to make a pledge to your customers for the coming year. Design the post as a pledge and it’s sure to stand out from the typical goals and resolution post.
  1. Holiday Highlight Reel. Did you host a company party, or did your team engage in community service during the holidays? Collect the pictures and tell your clients about it. This will help build community and connection with your readers. 
  1. A Year in Review. January is a great time to review all that your business has accomplished in the past year, highlighting the best of the best. Reflect and share the wins and the losses and all that you’ve learned from both.
  1. Word of the Year. Pick a word for your business or industry and share it with your online community. Be sure to plan your posts occasionally to mention how that word is motivating, inspiring, or challenging you and your business. 
  1. Reading List for the Year. Share a list of reading, whether books, articles, or journals, that you plan to read or have already read to enhance your business or leadership skills. The most serious industry partners will appreciate the wisdom. 
  1. How to Make a Fresh Start. Does your business have something to share in best practices for organizing and starting over? Share it with your readers! Give them tips and tools to help them get organized for a fresh start to the year. 
  1. How to Build a Marketing Plan. If you’ve designed a marketing plan, and you’re happy with it, share how you built it. What considerations did you make? How did you budget? You’ll earn industry credibility and help others in the process. 
  1. Office Setup. Whether you work from home or in a traditional brick and mortar location, your readers may appreciate tips and tools to make their workspace work for them. Many want to launch new endeavors in the new year, so this will add value to their efforts.
  1. Favorite Planning Tool. Every field needs organizational and planning tools, and if you have a favorite, share it! It will earn goodwill all around. 
  1. A Look Ahead. As your company plans its next steps, give your customers an idea of where you are headed with your business and products. It doesn’t just have to be for the year; it could be an overview of your mission and goals for the future as well as the steps you intend to take to get there. 
  1. How to Plan for Your Year. Establish yourself as an industry leader by providing tips and tools for planning the year ahead. Sometimes others just need to know the steps forward, and if you have something to share, you should.
  1. Getting to Know You. January is a great month to introduce or re-introduce your team to your clients. Highlight your team’s abilities and credentials and establish trust with your community. 
  1. Money Management. Most people look for a new start, especially as it pertains to financial goals. Post a blog with tips and tools for clients and consumers to use that will help them meet their financial and/or business goals.
  1. Lessons from the Field. What are some hard-earned lessons you learned? Share the hardships as well as the victories. Clients look for and want honesty and authenticity to build their trust in you.
  1.  Keeping Shop. Offer your readers with checklists and other tools to help keep their business running smoothly. This is an easy way to connect with your audience and add value to their experience.

  1. FAQ. Take inquiries you have received and curate a list of the most frequently asked questions. Generally speaking, it’d be great to have a page that is constantly updated with this type of information, but with a blog post to address FAQs, you can go into greater depth on any subject. 
  1. Leadership Blog. There is no better time than at the start of the new year to talk about leadership. You can blog about how you structure your teams for maximum efficiency, best practices in leading people, and how to get the most out of your teams. It’s an opportunity to inspire and engage your audience. 
  1. Sneak Peek. Give your loyal followers a sneak peek at a new product or exciting announcement. Don’t give it all away; build anticipation for what’s to come. 
  1. Behind the Scenes. Take your audience through the full process from start to finish of a product or service you offer. Show them how it’s all done, and talk through everything that goes into making what you make or doing what you do. 
  1. Business Tour. Take your audience on a virtual tour of part or all of your business facilities or processes. Give your clients a look at the place in which they are placing their trust.
  1. Product Launch. Use your blog to build anticipation for and launch a new product or service. You can do this in stages or phases, or you can do it all at once. It’s a great way to gain new contacts and grow your community.
  1. Business DIYs. How to design your website, how to write a blog, how to launch a product, and many more blogs can be generated by teaching others how to do it themselves.
  1. Product/Service Review. Try a new product or service and then review it for the audience. It will speak volumes to your expertise and authority, and it could earn you media with the manufacturer of the product/service. 
  1. State of the Industry. January brings us the State of the Union, so bring your readers the state of the industry and structure it in a way that mimics the State of the Union. You could get really creative and do it as a vlog instead of a blog. 
  1. Industry Awards. January is a month of awards for the Hollywood crowd, so make up your own awards and announce them on your blog. You can showcase employees or vendors or both. Think through inventive names to keep your audience engaged and maybe even chuckling. 
  1. Winter Activities. This may be a fun post if your business deals in equipment or services involving winter activities. Highlight the winter fun! People need to feel engaged, inspired, and drawn into the life you offer, and this is a great way to do that. 
  1. Series. A blog post series can be done at any time during the year but may be particularly engaging during the month of January if things get slow. You can take readers step by step through processes and dive deep into each part.
  1. Blogging Tips. Because blogs are a necessary part of content marketing, share your tips and tricks for making the most out of your blog. It will help them get a great start to the new year.
  1. Interview with an Expert. Humility goes a long way in connecting with people. Interview another expert in your industry and talk about what’s happening and how it will impact the people you serve. 
  1. Success Story. Solicit feedback from clients and highlight the success story of the year. Specifically, talk about the ways in which your product or service helped your client meet goals or achieve dreams.

20 other blog post topics for consideration

Finding the right blog topic can be frustrating and confusing at times, but the point is to engage, inspire, and add value to your readership. Above are several great options, but here are a few more ideas to get you going:

  1. Best in the Biz. Highlight a vendor you use and explain how you only use the best for your business. This is an opportunity to help a friend and build your community at the same time.
  1. A roundup of New Year’s News. Curate a list of the New Year highlights in your industry. It’s a way to build goodwill with other businesses and establish yourself as an authoritative voice on the topics.
  1. Cull the Chaos. The beginning of a new year, when things are slow, could be an excellent opportunity for businesses to clean out the old and make way for the new. When it comes to business, it can be hard to know what to keep and what to toss in terms of paperwork and files. Give your readers the tools they need to make wise decisions as they cull through the chaos.
  1. Get Excited! Post-event depression is a real thing, and people just exiting the holiday season may need something to get excited about it. Provide them with the opportunity for cheer. Help people get excited about what’s to come and beat the post-holiday doldrums.
  1. Charity Highlight. If your business supports a charity, what a better way to start the new year than to provide them with earned marketing. Highlight the work they do and why you feel it’s important enough for your business to get behind. 
  1. CrowdSource Ideas. Put out a poll to your followers and ask where they see gaps that your business could or should fill. Ask them what they want to see and take their feedback into consideration as you develop new products and services.
  1. Star of the Year Highlight. Pick the best product, the best service, or the best launch of the previous year and talk about it. Showcase the people that made it happen and how it has served the community well.
  1. Giveaway. Especially after holiday spending, people love freebies. Use your blog to engage social media, gain new followers, and draw attention to your site. Use comments and tags and shares as entries to win.
  1. Newsworthy. If there is industry news worth highlighting, do it! People want to see that you are on top of the latest information and expertise in your field, and a blog to share what’s newsworthy will show that you are in tune with what’s happening in your industry. 
  1. New Year, New Trends. Take a moment to highlight what’s new and fresh for your industry and how it will impact the business in the year ahead. It’s a great way to establish your authority as an industry leader.

  1. Holiday Tips and Tricks. Your business may deal in holidays, and there are still more just around the corner. Whether it’s how to find the best deals in your industry or a curated list of the best products and services, you can serve your community by giving them tools to make the most out of holidays. 
  1. Weather Woes (or Wins). Perhaps the weather has an undue impact on your business. Post a blot about how winter impacts your business or services and how you and your clients can capitalize on advantages and minimize the disadvantages it causes. 
  1. Martin Luther King Jr. Day (January 18th). Take a post, or the whole month worth of posts, to celebrate the life and legacy of Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. Highlight his work and the work of those following in his footsteps. Highlight your own employees who are also making contributions to his cause. 
  1. National Human Trafficking Awareness Day (January 11th). It’s one of the graver subjects but a worthy one. Draw attention to the human trafficking that happens around you and how your business or your patrons can help bring an end to it. 
  1. National Fun at Work Day (January 28th). The best way to write about this day is to celebrate it! Find a way to fight the doldrums at work and livestream or post pictures and videos following the day’s activities. 
  1. National Hobby Month. If your business deals in hobbies, this is a great opportunity to showcase your products and services. Take advantage of the January month and highlight those hobbies. 
  1. National Mentoring Month. You and your community partners can engage meaningfully with your online community by highlighting the importance of mentoring. If your business supports a specific non-profit engaged in mentoring, this is a great opportunity to highlight their work and build goodwill. 
  1. National Blood Donor Month. Hospitals always need blood donors, and this post could take a number of shapes. You could live blog an on-site donation drive, set goals for your community, and track your progress. This is a great way to demonstrate your involvement and caring for your community, something potential clients want to see. 
  1. Make Your Dream Come True Day (January 13). If your business has the opportunity to make a dream come true, then do it! Then share about it on your blog and encourage others to do the same.
  2. Belly Laugh Day. This is a just-for-fun post that may delight your audience. Share jokes or anecdotes that will make people chuckle. Laughter is contagious, and it’s also good for the soul.