Our Ultimate List: 60 HR Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

The workplace is drastically shifting across all industries and it is imperative that HR departments can adapt.

Twenty years ago, it was super easy for job candidates to simply walk into a business, fill out an application, and in some cases interview on the spot. However, as the application process continues to become even more digitized, the hiring and onboarding process has become more complicated than ever.

So how can your HR department keep up?

The HR department is the core of any business. It’s often the first touchpoint that candidates encounter when applying for a job, and it’s always the first place employees, managers, and candidates turn to when they have a problem or question.

That’s why creating a blog for your HR department can be so valuable. It can be a place where you can introduce new policies, best practices, and tips for your pool of talent. Blogs not only help answer questions for employees and candidates, but it can relieve some of the email and phone queries that your department receives on a daily basis.

So what can you write about?

There are thousands of relevant blog ideas for hr departments. You can write about anything from the onboarding process, good management techniques, how to navigate termination, and HR trending topics.

To get started, here’s a closer look at sixty blog topic ideas for any HR department.

Top HR Blog Ideas

  1. Top 10 Ways to Show Appreciation

One of the best ways to make employees feel happy and supported in their role is by showing them appreciation. Use this blog articles to empower managers to show appreciation in creative ways. Whether it’s giving a small gift or creating an award, employees will show loyalty to companies and managers who recognize their hard work.

  1. Dealing With a Bad Boss or Bad Managers

Having to deal with a disagreeable boss can make even the happiest of employees frustrated while on the job. To help, provide employees a few practical tips for dealing with these difficult managers. Suggest ways they can find mutual understanding, build resilience, and articulate their problems and frustrations.

  1. How to Keep your Applicant and Employee Data Secure

Compliance is a hot topic right now, and one of the best HR blog ideas for compliance is data security. Employees and job applicants care more about their privacy now than ever before, so use this opportunity to shed some light on how practical ways companies can ensure their HR data pools are secure.

  1. What Great Managers Do Differently

This blog topic idea gives HR departments the opportunity to really clarify what distinguishes average managers from great managers. Based on your company’s data or other insights from over the years, create a piece that shines a spotlight on your best managers and how they achieve great results.

  1. Should Your Company Take a Stand on Political Issues?

This blog idea is the opportunity for your company to assert itself as a thought leader. Some companies are known to take political stand while others do not. With this article, take a deep dive into when a company should and should not get involved in politics.

  1. Everyday Life at [Your Company]

People within the company and outside the company are often fascinated by what a day in the life is like for your employees. Even employees with mundane roles can be interesting. Use this piece to shed light on an interesting job role or a particular job role you plan to be recruiting for soon.

  1. How to Build a Winning Internship Program

Many companies have interns, but not many have great internship programs. Look within your own internship success stories and success stories of other companies to give practical advice on what it takes to build a high-quality internship program. This could include anything from mentoring programs, discovery days, and office exchanges.

  1. Build a Strategic Framework: Mission Statement, Vision, and Values

A company’s mission, vision, and values sets the tone for how the entire organization behaves with customers and internally amongst employees. However, crafting the right strategic framework for the company can be a long and laborious process. Give some clear guidance on the building blocks of a good strategic framework, and empower your readers to craft their own company culture and vision.

  1. Manager’s Guide to Managing Corporate Lay-offs and Downsizing

Undergoing layoffs and downsizing is hard for everyone involved – especially front line managers who must often carry out these very uncomfortable meetings with their team members. Create a sensitive guide for how managers can navigate this tricky topic gracefully.

  1. 10 Best Practices for Managing a Company LinkedIn Page

LinkedIn is one of the hottest social networking sites for HR practitioners across the world. Shed some light on how HR practitioners can use this platform efficiently and professionally.

  1. Recruitment and Selection Strategies for the Modern Workforce

Recruitment today looks a lot different than it did just five years ago. Using your experience, shed light on some recruitment and selection best practices for the modern era.

  1. How to Retain Your Best Employees

Employee retention is a critical issue for companies right now; with dramatic efforts to retain the top performing employees seen across the world. Give your best advice of specific strategies employers can utilize to improve retention.

  1. Recruiting Time Management Techniques You Must Use

Topics about recruitment are some of the best hr blog ideas for spring, considering the influx in interviews and onboarding for soon to be grads. Take a moment to share how recruiters and HR professionals can better manage their time in this busy season.

  1. 10 Tips for More Effective Team Meetings

Team meetings are intended to encourage discussion and creativity. However, more often than not employees see them as a waste of time! Use this piece to share ten tips for how leaders can ensure team meetings are a more effective use of time. Feel free to include elements of psychology, new tech ideas, or creative activities!

  1. Ask a Recruiter!

This is a great piece to promote around busy hiring seasons for new grads. Many new graduates have never worked with a recruiter before, so give them the opportunity to ask questions. Once you have your questions, have one of your recruiters answer them in the form of a blog post.

  1. 5 Tips for Rookies – How to Nail Your First Job Interview

Again, new graduates are particularly vulnerable when looking for their first job, and it’s your job to help them out! Give them a few tips on nailing their first interview. This could include preparing some questions beforehand, dressing the right way, and following-up in an appropriate manner.

  1. 3 Signs You Are an Awful Boss

This blog is a great twist on the common question of “What makes a great boss”? Use some of your past experience to write a piece geared for managers about what NOT to do while managing others.

  1. Exit Interview Questions That Aren’t a Waste of Time

Exit interviews can feel like a waste of time for both parties involved. However, these interviews can provide crucial long-term insights for your HR team. Equip managers with the questions they should be asking in these exit interviews so that you don’t waste this critical touchpoint.

  1. Facebook Recruiting Guide

Many people use Facebook for their personal lives, however there are also ways that companies can use it for recruitment. Provide a guide for your local teams to use in case they want to explore using Facebook as a recruitment tool.

  1. How to Get Your Team Out of a Creative Rut

Part of any HR department’s responsibilities are empowering teams to be their very best – and that includes creativity! Create a piece all about how teams can get out of a creative rut and get back to generating innovative ideas.

  1. 10 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Office Birthdays

Depending on how large your office is, it’s not likely that you can celebrate every single employees’ birthday with a huge party or get together. However, there are many relatively cheap ways that you can make employees feel good on their special day. You could try monthly birthday happy hours, a birthday bulletin board, or a birthday ecards/videos.

  1. 5 Perks You Can Offer Your Employees that Won’t Break the Bank

The war on talent is getting fiercer by the day, and sometimes it’s the little things that can make a huge difference. Perks like allowing flexible working schedules, creating a recreational space, or building a small community garden are just a few inexpensive ways that you can create perks for your employees that may make a huge difference.

  1. 20 Cheap Snacks You Can Stock for the Best Office Kitchen Ever

People always love a fun piece about anything other than work. And food is a great alternative topic! Not only that, but topics about food can help you better connect with clients or customers. Other hr blog ideas connecting with customers include topics about drinks, pets, holidays, and sports.

  1. Inside View of Our Company Culture

What makes your company special? What is its quirks? Create a blog article that gives readers the inside scoop about what it’s really like to work at your company.

  1. Tips for Minimizing Workplace Negativity

Once negative starts, it can be a very hard habit to stop. However, negativity can be detrimental to your workforce moral. Come up with a few ways that managers and team leaders can minimize negativity at work.

  1. More than Luck – How to Land Your First Job Interview

If you are looking for hr blog ideas for St Patricks day, look no further! Play on titles with the word “luck” to make your article festive. Suitable titles could involve job interview, landing a big project, or getting a promotion.

  1. Why Your Professional Dress Code Might Want to Loosen Its Tie

Modern workplaces are slowly evolving to a more casual attire, and millennials and generation x employees now expect to work somewhere that isn’t too “stiff”. Write a piece about what the modern professional dress code may look like.

  1. Rethinking Reputation: How Your Employees’ personal Brands Elevate Your Employer Brand

Personal branding is becoming more and more important. And an individuals brand can both positively – and negatively – impact your company’s reputation.

  1. How to Get Hired at [Your Company]

This is the exact question that every potential job candidate wants to know. Create an article all about what your company looks for in new hires, and the best processes to go about looking for work with your company.

  1. How to Hire an Intern Who Can Do More Than Order Coffee

Interns can be incredibly valuable for any team. However, you have to know how to pick the right ones. Give hiring managers a guide about what to look for in potential interns.

  1. How Strong is Your Personal Brand

If you are looking for the new year hr blog ideas, personal development is always a key theme at the start of the year. And for many people, that is evaluating and improving their own personal brand. Create a piece about how individuals can determine the strength of their brand, and actionable steps they can take to improve it.

  1. How to Set Your Office Up for Productivity

Hr blog ideas for customer service typically center around how employees should interact with clients or customers. However, oftentimes productivity is a key hindrance in delivering top quality customer service. Create an article about how customer service departments should be set up in order to maximize productivity.

  1. How to Host a Successful Take Your Kids to Work Day

Everybody loves a classic “take your kids to work day”. However, if poorly planned, it can be frustrating for employees (and super boring for kids). Create a guide for how HR departments can host a perfect day for both parents and kids.

  1. 5 Tips for Managing Diversity in the Workplace

Workforces across the world are becoming increasingly diverse, and this has a huge impact on management. Create a guide with practical and actionable tips for managing diverse teams that are inclusive and positive.

  1. How to Incorporate a Flexible Work Week Without Losing Productivity

Having a flexible schedule is becoming more and more important for workers. However, these flexible schedules can often cause headaches for management who want to ensure maximum productivity. Create a piece about effective work from home and flexi-schedule practices.

  1. Addressing Rumors at Work Without Removing the Water Cooler

Workplace rumours can be tricky. Create a piece about how leaders can manage rumors tactically without ruining the company culture.

  1. How to Become a Boss People Admire

There are plenty of hr blog ideas for managers, however one of the best topics that leaders can’t get enough of is how to be a better boss. Create an article all about what it takes to be a boss that people admire.

  1. Onboarding Best Practices: Don’t Let Your New Hires Fend for Themselves

One of the most important hr blog ideas for hiring process is about how to ensure new hires start their journey with the company on the right track. Create a piece about what policies and actions managers can put in place to make sure they get the most out of new employees.

  1. How to Find the Right Job That You Can Fall in Love With

The day of love is a popular holiday, however it can be tricky finding perfect hr blog ideas for valentines day. Stay away from writing about workplace romances, and instead make your articles all about how people can find jobs and careers that they will fall in love with.

  1. Top Office Holiday Party Ideas

Finding enough good HR blog ideas holidays for November and December can feel overwhelming. Why not write about your suggestions of the top office holiday party ideas?

Other blog ideas

If you still need even more blog ideas to fill up your editorial calendar, check out these 20 additional title suggestions.

  1. 3 Things Talent Management is Not
  2. 12 Tips for Team Building: How to Build Successful Work Teams
  3. How to be a Stellar Team Player in the Office
  4. Your PTO Policy Needs a Performance Evaluation of Its Own
  5. Performance Appraisals Don’t Work
  6. How to Make a Potential Employer Fall in Love With You
  7. 5 Employee Perks that can Drive Your Company Retention Efforts
  8. What [Your Company] Looks For in New Hires
  9. How to Hire on LinkedIn
  10. 10 Reasons People Aren’t Taking You Seriously as a Leader
  11. How to Negotiate a Pay Rise
  12. How to Show Appreciation to Your Best Employees
  13. How to Demonstrate Respect at Work
  14. How to Hire on Twitter
  15. A Day in the Life of a [insert job role]
  16. How to Share Your Corporate Values With Employees
  17. 5 Things You Should Look for in Any Job Candidate
  18. Charitable Causes Every HR Professional Needs to Get Behind
  19. The Secret to Being Happy at Work
  20. Employee Appreciation Ideas Your Competitor Hasn’t Thought of Yet