Our Ultimate List: 101 Garden & Landscaping Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

The garden and landscaping industry is an ever-growing and constantly changing world.

It is vital for garden and landscaping business owners to keep up with those changes, not only because they’ll benefit from them but also because it will give their business a competitive edge against other companies in the same industry.

When you blog, you get the opportunity to showcase your expertise in the garden and landscaping industry through informational posts. 

It also allows you to tell customers what your business is all about through helpful posts.

In addition to helping you establish yourself as an authority in your industry, blogging can help you increase your site’s visibility and attract new customers that may not have found your business otherwise.

The best way for the garden and landscaping business owners to keep up with these changes is blogging.

Blogging is what you make of it. It can be challenging, but we make it a little easier with our blog writing services. We help you blog about what matters to your customers and provide information that they can use when planning their next project with your business.

The first step to starting a blog is to decide what your focus will be. This can either be on-site or off-site blogging.

On-site blogging involves you focusing your garden and landscaping business blog articles around what goes on behind the scenes in your business with informative articles about new products, services, and other things that you have to offer your customers.

For example, you can write blog articles about different lights and the best places to put them for specific effects if you sell outdoor lighting.

Off-site blogging involves you taking a more creative approach with your garden and landscaping business blog. It will be focused on promoting your business and its products/services using social media, SEO, and other forms of internet marketing.

Garden & Landscaping Blog Topic Ideas

  1. How to select the right plants for your garden.

Writing about choosing the right plants shows potential clients that you know this area and could be a great blog idea for your business.

  1. Little-known tips and tricks to make your garden more eco-friendly.

We recommend this blog topic because it shows that you care about the environment and a green lifestyle while also giving potential clients an idea of what to expect from your business.

  1. A guide to all kinds of outdoor lighting for gardens.

Another excellent blog site garden and landscaping business owners can go with gives their customers helpful tips on making the most of their outdoor spaces with beautiful lighting.

  1. A step-by-step guide to building a beautiful garden path.

This blog is perfect for garden and landscaping businesses because it gives customers an idea of what your business can do for them and demonstrates your industry professionalism. It also shows consumers that your business can help them accomplish their DIY projects.

  1. The benefits of hiring a garden and landscaping service.

This blog topic is great because it shows potential customers just how much they have to gain from using the services of your garden and landscaping business while also attracting new clients by demonstrating that you know what you’re talking about.

  1. The best fertilizing schedule for your garden.

Posts like this give gardeners an idea of how often they need to fertilize their plants is a great blog post for landscaping businesses. They also display your knowledge about this area and show potential customers that they can trust you to make them look good in their gardens.

  1. Renovating Your Garden on a Budget.

Another blog post written by garden and landscaping businesses will give step-by-step instructions on renovating a garden while still staying within a specific budget. This type of blog would demonstrate your skills as a business owner because it shows potential customers what you can do for them and how much it will cost them to get you to do it.

  1. The benefits of adding Ponds to your garden.

The above blog post can go a long way to capture new customers. It is also a great idea for garden and landscaping businesses because it shows potential customers what features they can expect from your company.

  1. The best time to start planning your garden.

A blog topic that shows people when the best time is to give your services a try. It also demonstrates that you’re an expert in this area and provides helpful tips at the same time.

  1. What to do with Your Lawn After Winter.

A helpful blog idea for garden and landscaping business owners that demonstrates how their business services can help customers while giving them an idea of what work is involved in landscaping. It also shows potential customers when they should consider seeking your services.

  1. How to plant different types of trees.

The garden and landscaping blog topic demonstrates to customers that your business can help them even with large-scale projects. It also shows potential clients what they can look forward to if they hire you for their upcoming projects.

  1. How to put raspberry plants in the ground.

This is another helpful blog idea that allows potential customers to see what they expect from your services. It is handy for those thinking about planting their plants and who want to know more before purchasing.

  1. How to prepare the soil for planting.

This go-to post demonstrates to potential customers how much your garden and landscaping business can help them. It also shows consumers what kinds of projects your company handles, so they know for sure that you’re the right choice.

  1. Most suitable garden shrubs for your climate.

Another excellent blog topic that showcases your knowledge of landscaping and what you can offer customers. It also demonstrates to consumers what they can look forward to from using the services of a professional from your business while providing helpful advice at the same time.

  1. A list of the ten best perennials to plant in your garden.

Listing the best perennials portrays you as an expert in perennials and hardy plants and gives people the best options to grow in their gardens.

  1. The benefits of having a water feature in your garden.

Since water features are becoming more popular, this blog post will attract new customers and show them what you can do for them.

  1. How to find the best landscaper for your home.

This is another essential blog topic that shows people how to find a qualified business to hire. You can say that this is your way of giving back to the landscaping community by showing people how to avoid a bad deal or a landscaper who doesn’t know what you’re doing.

  1. The best types of grasses for planting near trees.

Having a blog topic on types of grasses showcases your knowledge of the area. It demonstrates that you understand when certain grasses should be planted with trees, making you seem like more of an expert than others who could be making less educated guesses.

  1. How to maintain your garden.

Writing a blog on garden maintenance provides you with the opportunity to show people your services and how they can benefit from using them. It also shows potential customers how much work you put into your business and what they can expect if they choose you for their next project.

  1. What to do with garden waste.

Another great blog that shows people that you are willing to go the extra mile for them. It is handy for those who cannot do it themselves and are thinking about hiring your business for future projects.

  1. The Best Time to Plant Lilac Shrubs.

A must-write garden & landscaping blog post for your business. Lilac shrubs are a popular choice for landscaping and can be a great addition to your blog. It is advantageous if someone is thinking about planting them in their yard who seeks your advice.

  1. How to plant bulbs in your garden.

Topics like this are not too difficult to write. It demonstrates to potential customers how much you know about planting bulbs in your garden and prepares them for the work involved in the entire process.

  1. What are perennial bulbs?

Such helpful blog posts that showcase your knowledge of perennials and their care are outstanding if prospective customers know that you’re an expert in the area.

  1. The best plants for autumn.

Writing a post on the best autumn plants is vital when different types of flowers and plants are available throughout different seasons. It shows potential customers what they can look forward to from using your business and demonstrates how much you love working with all kinds of plants.

  1. The best perennials for shade.

Posts on perennials portray you as an expert and display your knowledge to customers looking for this type of advice.

  1. Care instructions for trees.

Instructions write-up for a tree will cater to many of your local customers and put you on the map as an expert in this field.

  1. How to improve drainage in your lawn.

Since drainage is so crucial in landscaping and many people need help with this aspect of gardening, it’s a good idea to write about things you can do for them.

  1. The Best Grasses for a Drought-Resistant Landscape.

Informing people about this topic is a must if you encounter a lot of drought-like conditions. It will attract people who might not be able to find this type of information elsewhere.

  1. The Best Trees for Rain Gardens.

With rain gardens being a hot topic right now, writing about the best trees for them will help you attract customers who want to add this element to their landscaping.

  1. The Best Herb for Controlling Weeds in Lawns.

Weeds are a growing problem for many people, which is why it’s important to offer advice on how to keep them under control. It attracts customers who are looking for the best herb for controlling weeds in lawns.

  1. The Best Ground Cover for Shade.

Other ground cover options are also essential to discuss. This blog post will cater to people looking for options that can be used in shady areas, especially if they are unable to find this information elsewhere.

  1. How to control lawn weeds.

Helping people get rid of the problem before it even starts attracts customers looking for an expert in lawn care to take care of their weeds.

  1. The Best Bulbs for Spring.

Spring is the most popular time of year for planting bulbs, which is why it’s important to provide helpful descriptions of different types of bulbs. It attracts people who are thinking about using your business in the future.

  1. How to control garden pests.

Controlling pests is a big issue for potential customers. It attracts people who are looking for organic or chemical-free treatment options, which you may offer.

  1. Growing Frozen Vegetables.

Having information on frozen vegetables is beneficial for people who like to grow their vegetables and might be looking for this type of information. The blog post will attract customers who want to delve into organic gardening.

  1. How to Control Weeds in Lawns.

Lawns that contain weeds need to be treated by professionals. This attracts customers who might not find this information elsewhere and want help with the problem. You can also write a blog post about how you can prevent this problem from occurring.

  1. The Best Grass for Lawns.

You can attract customers looking for the best grass for their lawns, especially if you offer different types of grass seed. This topic is helpful because it shows how much you care about your customers and their lawns, making them want to come back in the future.

  1. Get Rid of Crabgrass Naturally.

Providing helpful advice throughout the article that people can refer to in their own business or personal projects demonstrates what potential clients will have access to if they hire your company.

  1. The Best Vines for Climbing.

Showing that you are ready to help with all types of projects allows prospective customers to know that they will receive the assistance they need if they use your company.

  1. Growing Grape Vines on a Fence.

Since many people might not know how to grow grapevines on their fences, this is a helpful and valuable post. The article will attract customers who want you to do the work for them and can’t find someone who knows how to do it.

  1. The Best Daylilies for Shade.

Most people know that daylilies are beautiful, but not everyone knows how to grow them in shady areas. It attracts customers who want to learn how to plant them and might need your help with this project.

  1. Growing Raspberries in Containers.

Raspberries are expensive to buy, so people would love to learn how to grow them in their backyards or on their patios. It attracts customers looking for a way to have fruit at home without spending too much money.

  1. How to Grow a Topiary.

Growing a topiary is something many people would love to learn how to do, which makes it a vital topic for attracting customers. It attracts people who are looking for both ornamental gardens and landscaping services.

  1. Best Annuals for the Front of Your House.

Unique topics regarding annuals will attract customers who are looking for both flowers and landscaping services. The article adds uniqueness to your website and demonstrates how business-savvy you are.

  1. When to Cut Back Forsythia.

The right time to cut back forsythia is a topic that many people can relate to. It attracts customers who might be looking for landscaping and lawn care services.

  1. What to Do with a Dead Tree.

A must-write garden & landscaping blog topic that informs customers about what to do with dead trees since it attracts potential customers looking for landscaping services, whether they want to plant new trees or remove the old ones.

  1. Perennial Vegetables.

Helpful posts on perennial vegetables provide information as well as how to grow them. This attracts customers who want to eat healthy foods and have a garden in their backyards since they don’t have the time to do both.

  1. What is a Hedge?

By writing a blog post about hedges, you’ll be providing people with helpful advice and information about what they can expect from working with your company. It also provides a descriptive explanation of hedges and how to look after them throughout the year.

  1. Top 5 DIY Garden Trellises.

DIY content that people can look forward to if they hire you. It also provides helpful advice throughout the article and demonstrates how much more information a customer will have access to after hiring your company.

  1. How to Trim a Tree.

Most people won’t think of writing a blog about this topic because it could be considered “too simple,” but you should. It’s another helpful blog post that provides an insight into what customers can expect when working with your company and why it’s so important to do so.

50 More Garden & Landscaping Blog Post Ideas

  1. Plant a Vegetable Garden.
  2. Plan Your Vegetable Garden.
  3. How to Build a Raised Garden Bed.
  4. 10 Tips for Growing Outstanding Tomatoes in Your Backyard.
  5. Planning & Designing your Vegetable Garden.
  6. Choosing the Best Plants for Your Garden.
  7. How to Plant a Seed.
  8. Weed Control – Do it the Organic Way.
  9. Planning Your Perennial Garden.
  10. Growing & Planting Morning Glory Seeds.
  11. Plant Propagation Made Easy! How to Take Cuttings, Root Seeds & More.
  12. Create a Backyard Meditation Garden.
  13. Growing & Planting Sunflower Seeds.
  14. How to Grow a Gorgeous Chrysanthemum in Your Backyard.
  15. 2 Ideas for Beautiful Fall Container Gardens.
  16. 5 Annuals that Attract Butterflies to Your Garden.
  17. How to Prune Bamboo.
  18. How to Plan Your Dahlia Garden.
  19. 5 Tips for Growing Eggplant Indoors!
  20. How to Grow the Most Beautiful Daisies – Easy Plant Care Guide.
  21. Fall Container Gardening Ideas.
  22. Container Gardening Ideas That Are.
  23. 5 Tips for Growing Sweet Peas in Your Backyard Garden.
  24. 5 Types of Fertilizers & When to Use Each Type.
  25. Create a Container Water Garden!
  26. Container Gardening – 5 Indoor Plants for Your Home.
  27. How to Make Homemade Potting Mix
  28. How to Grow Carrots in Containers
  29. 10 Blue Flowers That Attract Butterflies
  30. 5 Underrated Vegetables – Everyone Should Grow These!
  31. Beginner Gardening Series: The Importance of pH in Your Garden Soil.
  32. How to Propagate Rose Bushes.
  33. How to Grow Wheat Grass at Home.
  34. Top 6 Foods that Attract Hummingbirds to Your Garden.
  35. Container Gardening Ideas for A Warming World – 4 Plants.
  36. What is Companion Planting?
  37. Rooftop Gardening 101.
  38. How to Plant an Herb Garden.
  39. 5 Easy California Native Plants That Drought Tolerant.
  40. How to Build a Potting Bench for Under $100.
  41. Benefits of Mulching.
  42. 5 Tips to Growing Pumpkins.
  43. 5 Reasons You Need a Bee Garden.
  44. Bee Friendly Plants: A List of Flowers and Herbs That Attract Bees – With Pictures!
  45. How to Cover a Garden Bed with Hay or Straw.
  46. Types of Garden Edging: Types of edging for your garden plus how to install it.
  47. Landscape Design Ideas.
  48. What are the best books for your gardening business that you recommend?
  49. Top 5 DIY Garden Trellises.
  50. Plant Propagation Made Easy!