Our Ultimate List: 101 Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

With fashion businesses recognizing the benefits that blogging can bring to their websites, it’s understandable that many are rushing to create their own blogs. There is no shortage of potential blog post topics to select from, and a fashion blog is not only cheaper than traditional advertising, but it can have greater reach as well.

Fashion is an everchanging subject that can give rise to new trends overnight, so fashion aficionados will be looking for blogs with daily updates of expert insights, creative guides, and general news regarding what is currently stylish. Having an informative fashion blog on your website is important in not only bringing in new customers to your site but also in giving your readers the confidence that your business is genuinely interested in fashion trends.

Although the benefits of maintaining a professional business blog are great, it can be difficult, especially for small businesses, to find the time to research and write engaging blog posts. If working on your business leaves you with little time to care for a blog, you should consider using our blog writing services.

Fashion Blog Post Examples

These are some useful fashion blog topics you can write about:

  1. Outfit of the Day.

Fashion blogs should focus on topics that readers will find immediately useful, and that means blog posts that give creative ideas on what to wear for any given day will be popular among readers.

  1. Expensive look & a budget.

Give tips to your readers on how to get the most out of their money so that they can look good without breaking the bank. Be sure to also mention the drawbacks that can occur when choosing to buy clothes from unreputable sources when looking for something cheap.

  1. Wardrobe items that see the most use.

Going over items that are particularly versatile and therefore worn more often can be a fun read for readers. This can be done in a list format to simplify the blog post.

  1.  Wardrobe items that see the least use.

Talk about fashion items that may not see a lot of use for any particular factor. You can add a creative idea on how to use that item so that it can see more use.

  1. Wardrobe tour.

Fashion can be very personal, so showing your readers an individual’s wardrobe can be very interesting to your readers.

  1. Jewelry collection.

Jewelry is a big aspect of accessories and people will want to see what constitutes a decent collection as a point of reference for themselves.

  1. Shoe collection.

It goes without saying, but matching shoes are an integral part of making an outfit work. This should go over what type of shoes should be added to any decent collection.

  1. Bag collection.

Give expert insights into what bags are worth looking into and how they can be matched with an outfit. Be sure to talk about what to look for in a bag when researching by yourself.

  1. How to style outfits yourself.

As the amount of clothing available to people increases, more people are looking for ways to style the clothes they already own into proper outfits. Explain how to style clothes and what to look out for when matching items.

  1. How to dress for a wedding.

Weddings are very important events, and nobody wants to be the one that wore something inappropriate, so readers will find a blog post that explains the rules for wedding attire useful.

  1. How to dress for a formal event.

While normally not as important as a wedding, formal events can leave people unsure if they are following social etiquette with their attire. A post going over the minute details of these guidelines will be informative.

  1. How styles have evolved.

Talking about current styles that have transformed since their inception can be interesting for readers that are unaware of the history behind their favorite outfits.

  1. Finding your personal style.

Some people are looking for the style that suits them the most rather than a style they already know, a post that explains the things that they should be looking out for would be popular among readers. Explain how colors, body type, and personal likes can impact a person’s style.

  1. How to style jeans.

Jeans are arguably the most versatile article of clothing and so there are countless ways to style them. This type of post should go over how to make denim stand out in an outfit.

  1. Must-have beauty products.

Compile a short list of 5-10 beauty products that are essential for any kit. Give detailed reasons why each product made the cut and offer alternatives.

  1. Skincare tips for sensitive skin.

People with sensitive skin may be reluctant to try out products that are known to cause skin reactions. Talk about products created with sensitive skin in mind and put them at ease.

  1. How to style a specific trend.

Creative guides that help people navigate new trends will always be welcome and instill readers with the need to check back on your blog regularly to stay up to date on these tips.

  1. Recreate celebrity look.

Posts that serve as a guide to recreate a famous look that was seen on a celebrity or in a movie will be well-received and a fun read for fans.

  1. Fashion fails.

Talk about well-known fashion fails that are somewhat humorous and act as a lesson for readers. You can also talk about fashion fails that people unwittingly commit.

  1. Where people can draw fashion inspiration.

Talk about idols, figures, or events that people could look for in search of inspiration that could lead to the creation of a style or outfit.

  1. Beauty in a budget.

Write about beauty products or other similar items that are worth the money spent on them. This should focus mainly on beauty products that are exceptionally useful for everyday use.

  1. Memorable outfits.

Go into outfits worn in a public setting that were noteworthy for their flair and stunning delivery. If possible, detail how the reader could create a similar result within a budget.

  1. Shoe review.

Review a shoe or a shoe type. Provide details into how they can be matched and how would they perform for the price paid.

  1. Rules of wearing statement pieces.

Discuss how to properly use a statement piece to take a good outfit into an eye-catching piece. Note that an overused outfit can be revived by a fitting statement piece.

  1. Review reader-submitted wardrobes.

This type of post can incentivize readers to engage more with your blog and allow readers to showcase the wardrobe that they are proud of.

  1. Fashion rules to live by.

General tips and rules that can be followed to always deliver solid outfits from your wardrobe. Spice up the post by adding creative rules that can make simple wardrobe changes into a way to create stunning outfits.

  1. Fashion hacks.

Hacks or unorthodox methods to do things are a very popular topic for readers, so posting simple hacks that people can do at home to their wardrobe will drive organic traffic to your website.

  1. Guide to sale events.

Saving money is a topic that attracts everyone, so create a guide for your readers to follow when they try to navigate yearly or seasonal sales.

  1. Shoes to buy under $100.

The price itself is interchangeable but the theme remains, you can add in shoes that would be considered a buy below the stated price. People are looking for the best shoes they can buy, even on a budget, so research the topic well to add credibility to your brand.

  1. Review expensive fashion items.

People tend to do plenty of research for expensive purchases, so these posts have an innate quality that allows them to be popular among readers.

  1. What to wear on a first date.

First dates are usually not people’s first impression, but they can set the tone for a relationship. What people wear during the first date is important enough that they will greatly appreciate posts that give them a solid guide on the matter.

  1. What to wear to the office.

Office attire can be tricky depending on where you work, which means that readers will appreciate a guide on what can be considered appropriate in the workplace.

  1. How to pick a stylish gift?

People can get uncomfortable with picking a fashion gift for family or friends. Creating a guide that covers how to select the perfect gift will give readers the confidence to pick out a style for someone other than themselves.

  1. DIY fashion.

DIY is a popular style of content that has a faithful following, and you can tap into that trend by giving tips on how to transform an outdated piece of clothing into a trendy piece of a brand-new outfit.

  1. DIY beauty.

DIY recipes that can clear up that acne overnight or help that dry skin are the type of posts that people look for in these posts. Focus on the natural aspect of these DIYs compared to products that are manufactured.

  1. Fashion Q&A.

Take the reader’s questions and turn them into an informative blog post that addresses common questions that you receive on your blog posts. Fill these posts with plenty of useful tips for each question answered.

  1. Solutions to common fashion problem.

Addressing the problems that people may believe they are experiencing alone but are in reality common issues could earn you some credibility points and gratitude from your readers.

  1. Items you wished you bought sooner.

Write about fashion items that people can find useful and might be on the fence about. This can work as a review post.

  1. Monthly favorites.

These posts should act as recaps for outfits that were trendy during that specific month, and they can also serve as guides for people that want to recreate those styles.

  1. 10 outfits from 10 items.

This works like a challenge where you create 10 outfits from 10 items, and the ability to create outfits from a limited selection boosts the perceived creativity of your blog.

  1. Best sale picks.

Write a blog post that highlights the best picks for a sale. Create a section for each type of item in the sale and limit the selection to a select few. The purpose of this post is to facilitate the decision of customers, so the fewer items on the list the better the post.

  1. How to create a capsule wardrobe.

Give tips and techniques to help readers understand how to properly curate their wardrobe to fit their personal style. Emphasize that this will help reduce the amount of clothing that gets bought but never worn.

  1. Testing trending fashion hacks.

There appears to be a large number of fake fashion hacks on the internet and readers would appreciate a blog that can test which of these so-called hacks are legitimate and which are fake.

  1. Set up a price alert for that one fashion item you want to save on.

Create a guide that explains how to create a price alert for items that go on unannounced sales. Readers that add items to their wishlists will find these posts very useful.

  1. How to care for luxury fashion items.

Make an informative guide that goes over tips and steps for the proper caring of luxury items. Add in tips that people can easily overlook or not think about when looking for ways to care for expensive items.

  1. How to sell luxury fashion items.

People may decide to sell their luxury designer items for any particular reason, and when they do, they will look for plenty of research on the topic.

  1. How to organize your wardrobe.

This guide should go over any tips that can facilitate the time people have going over their wardrobe looking for potential outfits. Be sure to add in the usage of organizational tools that can help people turn this chore into a painless experience.

  1. How to care for your clothes.

Clothes can be the unfortunate subject of wear and tear. Create posts that discuss the best methods to ensure that clothes are well protected from any potential issues.

  1. How to add more color to your wardrobe.

Adding vibrant colors can be daunting to some, so a blog post that carefully details how you can safely add more colors to your outfits will be well received.

  1. Fashion pieces that will not go out of style.

Create a fun list of items that have not gone out of style and will likely remain relevant in the future. You can discuss the reasons why some items seem to last forever while others go out of fashion relatively fast.

50 More Fashion Blog Post Ideas

Here are 50 more fashion blog post topics that you can write about to drive more traffic to your website.

  1. Best swimwear for summer.
  2. Seasonal fashion bucket list.
  3. Favorite looks from Fashion Week.
  4. Stay warm and stylish in winter.
  5. Summer Travel Essentials.
  6. Winter Holiday Essentials.
  7. Take Amazing Outfit Photos.
  8. Holiday Wardrobe.
  9. Outfits for Travel.
  10. Create a Day to Night Look.
  11. Job Interview attire.
  12. Declutter Your Wardrobe.
  13. What is acceptable gym fashion?
  14. How you can style winter accessories.
  15. How you can style mismatched prints.
  16. All-time favorite outfits.
  17. How to pick swimwear that fits your style.
  18. Coats and jackets for winter.
  19. Picking a Christmas sweater.
  20. Things in your wardrobe to get rid of.
  21. Lazy day outfits.
  22. Minimalist wardrobes.
  23. Best trendy outfits for non-costume Halloween parties.
  24. Fashion advice for reader-submitted outfits.
  25. Cute outfits for Valentine’s Day.
  26. Review reader-submitted wishlists.
  27. What to wear to a festival.
  28. Outfits for your vacation.
  29. How to create a day-to-night outfit.
  30. Get into a fashion trend.
  31. Your Top 5 Winter Outfits.
  32. Your Top 5 Spring Outfits.
  33. Your Top 5 Summer Outfits.
  34. Your Top 5 Autumn Outfits.
  35. Real VS Faux: Compare a real item against a knockoff.
  36. Shop for a complete outfit under a budget.
  37. Shopping tips to avoid bad purchases.
  38. Must-have for the season.
  39. How to layer clothes.
  40. How to shop for vintage.
  41. Storing seasonal clothing.
  42. Luxury fashion item rental reviews.
  43. Unboxing a luxury fashion item.
  44. How to spot a knockoff fashion item.
  45. How to pay less for expensive luxury fashion items.
  46. No-spending outfit challenge.
  47. The total cost of a wardrobe.
  48. How to recreate runway outfits.
  49. Pieces to invest in for the season.
  50. Discuss body types in relation to fashion advice.