Our Top 50 December Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

The 50 Best Blog Ideas for December

You’re sitting at the laptop, coffee in hand, getting ready to roll out the latest material for your content writing initiative or favorite website. Soon it’ll be December, so you’ve got to brand your posts regarding the month’s highlights. What new blog ideas pop to mind? Naturally, you’re thinking of holiday sweets, vacations, and family time—right? Well, after researching the most exciting, captivating topics of interest for December, I’ve found that great public interest centers on sports, travel, and “holiday spirit” themes, including community-building, fundraiser socials, and baking. According to the National Day Calendar, sports that take place both indoor and outdoor are highly sought after. Additionally, since December is a busy time, there are many commercial needs. People need help with budgeting, avoiding holiday party conflict, and bundling their children in new gear. In other words, they need help with the day-to-day stuff! All in all, I’ve come up with 50 great blog post ideas for December which are both practical and popular.

  1. Tips on Helping Kids With End-of-Term Projects

Before the fun begins for the holiday season, students experience chaos with final exams and evaluated projects. This is a great time to ease family stress, helping people smooth their children’s success just before winter break. Parents can embrace new strategies for how to keep their home life calmer, with listening skills and ways to walk their kids through their assignments.

  1. How to Encourage Your Friends to Drive Safely

December is Drunk/Drug Driving Awareness Month. This creates an opening to generate blog information which can truly help the community spread awareness. Write about driving safety tips and how to bring up the topic with a teenager or friend. Do your part in enriching public knowledge surrounding the dangers of drunk driving.

  1. New Snowblowers this Season

Snow clearing can be pricey. In cities that experience average to low snowfall, the investment may not be worthwhile. Explore the latest deals in snowblowers, including those that can be delivered to people’s homes, or bargain sales. People can check out these snow blower deals and get their driveway perfect in no time.

  1. Easy Handmade Gifts

This is a popular and favorite topic, and yet, it can never be exhausted! With the holidays opening up and more time and affection in the air, you can list creative ideas of items people can make at home. For people on a shoestring budget, the message to give is: Don’t let your funds hold you back from giving your best. Here are lovely and fun things you can make at home!

  1. Tips to Stress-Free Travel

In the excitement of going on vacation, items can be lost, valuables forgotten, and minds can be chaotic. In the flurry of December, help people get their bearings and make a vacation truly worthwhile, hopping on the road or going to the airport safely and efficiently.

  1. Getting Ready for Brownie Day on December 8

It’s the day children across the country have been waiting for: Brownie Day is December 8th! Offer a list of some of the best, traditional brownie recipes in the United States. From 5-minute sessions to deluxe efforts, show approaches that work for everyone, along with brownie-decorating tips!

  1. Most Beautiful Ice Skating Rinks

Going skating can be both fun and glamorous. Get people ready for the experience of a lifetime as they take their children or friends to one of the most glorious skating rinks in America. List the most spectacular ones across the nation.

  1. Cruises You Can Afford

Naturally, people are seeking a much-needed vacation at this time. Show off some holiday deals on mini-cruises to help people take it easy. You can list cruises which appeal to children, those for people who are retired, and so on.

  1. Verify if You Have a Low-Efficiency Heating System

In the winter, it’s time to crank up the heat! But just because the heat works doesn’t mean it’s working well. Post about how people can ensure they are maximizing heat efficiency.

  1. Charities that Issue Gift Cards

When people are searching for gifts, they are often seeking items that can be ordered easily online yet come from the heart. The two criteria can be resolved beautifully: People can give a gift to a loved one by giving money in their honor to a charity. Draft a blog that describes the websites that help them do so!

  1. Easy-to-Wear Snowsuits for Kids

A quality snowsuit is hard to find, and what’s even harder to get is a snowsuit that Mom can slip on in a second. Relieve parents’ stress by showing off the online stores where they can find easy-to-pull-on snowsuits, so they can dress their kids in a hurry on a snow day.

  1. Web Advertising for Winter Sales

Help people get your products or business moving before the holidays. From new Facebook post ideas to fresh newsletter templates, show off new ideas for small business owners to leverage the season’s commercial craze!

  1. Ways to Connect to Your Community

With snowy days ahead, it’s tempting for people to stay indoors with family. Yet, for many people, this is the time to open their arms to community. From fun fundraisers to community potlucks, write about great ways people can get involved in their neighborhood and lift spirits.

  1. Do-it-Yourself Bathroom Renovation

There’s nothing like bathing in a quaint, professionally renovated bathroom. With many people having time on their hands at this time of year, it’s an opportunity to encourage a home project. You can show people how to create a miraculous effect with some moderate renovation strategy.

  1. Start Your Own Snow Removal Company

Exhibit this opportunity for people to make quick bucks this winter. Whether the reader is a student with a shovel or an engineer with a snowplow, you can offer strategies to help them start a side business.

  1. Fix Mold and Mildew Concerns this Winter

Ew! That’s the response people will have if they don’t prep their home to avoid winter-time mildew and dampness. Write a guide to help them take initiative to prevent this most-hated substance from entering the crevices of the home.

  1. The Best Replies to A Gift You Don’t Like

Getting a gift should be the most exciting moment ever, but people also need to prepare for what to say if they don’t like what they see. Help save people from social disaster (and from broken friendships) with this list of best-things-to-say when a gift just doesn’t cut it.

  1. Most Nutritious Winter Produce

Just because it’s not mango season doesn’t mean people can’t get quality produce! With so many family festivities that involve eating at this time of year, good nutrition is even more important. Explore nutritious winter fruits and vegetables to add to the dinner table, paired with recipes to encourage eating them.

  1. Affordable Places to Change Your Tires

Sometimes when winter arrives, it comes in a sudden, blast of snowfall! That’s why people need to be prepared in advance with an affordable garage to get their snow tires on efficiently. Research and exhibit the best nationwide chains and prices.

  1. Relaxation Exercises You Can Do At Home

When it’s too cold to go out, people can still get in shape in the privacy of the home. Suggest non-equipment related, enjoyable stretches people can do to keep mind and body in shape during the winter season.

  1. Easy Snow Day Crafts You Don’t Need to Shop For

What’s the best thing about having kids home for snow day? Adults get to have fun with them. What’s the worst thing about having kids home for snow day? Parents can’t get to the store to buy what they need! Calm some crazy kids (and their parents) with a list of make-at-home crafts which can be created from kitchen supplies like aluminum foil, Kleenex boxes, jars and paper goods.

  1. Favorite Stay-Cation Models

Even though it’s popular to go away for the holidays, December can be a pricey time to leave town for vacation. Give your reader a gift: ideas on how to create a “dream” vacation in the comfort of their own home.

  1. Cut Down on Groceries this Season with these Warm Recipes!

It’s time to whip the budget into shape! Here are master recipes for reducing expenditures on groceries, so you can spend more on gifts. Healthy eating certainly does not need to be pricey; in fact, sometimes the low-cost items are most healthy, such as basic vegetables and grains.

  1. Spicy Soups to Heat You Up

There’s nothing like a delicious hot soup in the winter. Create a blog post filled with innovative “spicy soup” recipes. These can be great for a low-key family meal or to heal a winter cold.

  1. Indoor Sports to Keep You Moving

Encourage readers to sign up for a popular indoor sport to keep them moving all December. There’s lots on offer: indoor tennis or basketball, classes in swing dance, indoor volleyball, ice skating or hockey. Write a blurb about each one and recommend some affordable ways to get started.

  1. Best Husband and Wife “Cozy Cabin” Getaways this Season

Help couples treat themselves to a romantic getaway. Offer selections from across the country, from low to high cost. Choose from environments in the mountains, by the sea, and in the forest.

  1. Household Appliances to Save You Time

In the rush and chaos of winter break, people need all the time they have in order to host guests. Write about efficient household appliances that can save time from cooking and planning. From the latest food processors to “robot” vacuum cleaners and speedy clothes washing machines, it might be the right time of year for an upgrade!

  1. Classical Music You Can Find Online For Free

For people who need to study, work, run errands, or de-stress, instrumental music eases body and mind. Offer a selection of great websites which provide this music for free.

  1. Popular Reward Point Credit Cards Worth Checking Out

Let’s face it: Winter is the season to shop. Since it’s expected that people will spend, they can think ahead and opt for a credit card with points. Travel point cards might be especially popular. Guide people on how to take advantage of seasonal shopping with the latest point card, and hopefully, zoom away on a special point-paid-for vacation soon!

  1. How to Make Sumptuous All-Natural Hot Cocoa

Help parents avoid chemical-laden and sugar-loaded cocoa mixes from the supermarket! Instead, teach them to make fresh, thick, and nurturing cocoa for the family.

Want More December Blog Ideas?

Here are more December topics to get you writing.

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December is a wonderful time of year: a time for family, for fun, and for sports. Take advantage of the month with a new creative series of blog posts aimed at making the season more simple and practical for all. There is an unlimited amount of topics you can try—worries people need to resolve, errands they need to run, health they need to have and joy they need to experience. With these new ideas for wintertime blog posts, what are you waiting for? Live inspired, get writing, and help make someone else’s day brighter!