Our Ultimate List: 101 Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Christmas is the perfect time to start blogging due to the influx of traffic caused by people scrambling to get their perfect holiday season. People will be looking for advice on countless topics such as gifts, treats, decorations, and other Christmas items, so it is a good idea to start creating blog posts in preparation for those questions.

The benefits of capturing that surge in online traffic are certainly valuable to any website seeking to grow but making interesting blog posts is not an easy task to achieve, especially when ensuring that blog posts are as fun as they are informative. This list of 100 Christmas blog post ideas should help you get started on a decent blog composed of solid topics that answer your readers’ questions.

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Christmas Blog Post Examples

Here are some of the best Christmas blog post topics to start with:

  1. Christmas gifts for men/women. 

Out of all possible Christmas questions, this one is likely the most popular. People will be very interested in getting good advice on what are popular gift choices for their respective partners.

  1. Christmas gifts for parents. 

Gifts ideas are among the most commonly asked questions that can be answered in a Christmas blog post, and that is because everyone wants to get the perfect gift for their loved ones. This post should mainly focus on safe gift choices for a person’s mother or father.

  1. Christmas gifts for boys. 

It is not unusual for older generations to be a little out of touch with the latest trends among boys, and that is why this post can be extremely informative for those that are at a loss at what to gift them.

  1. Christmas gifts for girls. 

Getting a good idea as to what is popular among girls can give people an insight into what to gift them for Christmas. Be sure to give a wide range of possible gift ideas to tap all the major gift types for girls.

  1. Christmas gifts for friends. 

Getting a good idea on what to get your partner is vastly different from getting a good idea on what to get your friend, that is why your readers will enjoy a Christmas gift blog post dedicated to them. This post, due to the diverse nature of general friends, could delve more into figuring out what a friend would like to receive based on their personality, rather than specific items.

  1. DIY Christmas crafts. 

Christmas decorations are a very important part of celebrating the festivity, and there is plenty of people that have an interest in creating these themselves. Give them a comprehensive guide to creating eye-catching Christmas crafts in this post.

  1. Christmas trivia. 

A fun challenging blog post can be a small Christmas trivia quiz for your readers. The trivia should be more on the humorous side and not on the challenging side.

  1. Ecofriendly Christmas. 

In the spirit of going green, many are looking to lower their pollution levels, especially during the holiday season. Provide an informative guide that goes over the many ways that families can help keep Christmas on the eco-friendly side.

  1. Christmas Stocking stuffer ideas. 

There are countless ideas for stocking stuffers, and that means that people will want to create unique stuffers to surprise spice up their Christmas. Create a list filled with creative ideas so that readers can find a suitable stuffer for their stockings.

  1. Handmade Christmas gifts. 

The DIY scene has seen a large increase in popularity and that has even extended to Christmas gifts. Inform readers of cool and interesting ideas on what they can create themselves to gift to their friends and loved ones.

  1. Nontraditional gifts. 

Sometimes a unique experience can be a better gift than something that can be wrapped up in a box. This post can be composed of gift ideas such as classes, vacations, and other intangible presents.

  1. Budget Christmas gifts. 

Christmas can be expensive, and people will be looking to save money on their Christmas gifts. Compile a list of potential inexpensive gifts that people will be happy to receive, and the price of these items should be considered inexpensive in relation to the average price of similar items.

  1. Christmas party games. 

A fun way to keep a party going is to have exciting party games. Write a blog post that goes over any Christmas-themed party game that readers might like.

  1. Christmas playlist. 

There is no better way to get into the Christmas spirit than hearing Christmas songs. This post can be a carefully curated playlist filled with fun Christmas songs, and there is no need to find obscure songs, the classics will do.

  1. Christmas carols. 

Although caroling is not for everyone, you will find that a lot of readers will be interested in getting a list of Christmas carols. You can add flavor to this post by adding in some history that makes caroling even more exciting.

  1. Christmas quotes. 

Readers may find a list of Christmas quotes to be inspiring and get them into the Christmas spirit. They can also be humorous quotes from famous Christmas movies, these will be able to deliver a light-hearted post.

  1. Christmas movies. 

Movies are a major source of entertainment for people, and Christmas time is no different. Create a blog post that gives people a good list of Christmas movies to get into the holiday cheer.

  1. Christmas explained. 

It is not uncommon for people to celebrate Christmas without being aware of the history behind the celebration. Make an informative post that goes over the reason why Christmas is celebrated and why it’s currently celebrated the way it is.

  1. Ways Christmas is celebrated around the world. 

Christmas is not celebrated the same way everyone in the world. Some readers will have fun learning how other cultures and regions celebrate the holiday.

  1. Christmas photo themes. 

Although Christmas itself is a theme, you can be more specific with the ideas. Suggest the family take a cute photo dressed as Santa and his elf helpers, or even have a family photo as Santa’s reindeers.

  1. Santa’s Wishlist. 

Create a post that gives people a good idea on how to make their own Santa’s Wishlist, so that they can create one for their children or another Christmas event.

  1. Christmas cards. 

Christmas cards are extremely popular, and people will want to have a good idea of how to make their own. Write a blog post that gives readers descriptive information on how to create their own Christmas cards or even create your own template for them to print out.

  1. Christmas shopping guide. 

Christmas shopping is one of the biggest surges of consumers for retail stores, and people will not be keen on making multiple trips for that one essential item they forgot. Help them out by creating a Christmas shopping guide that will run them through everything that they should think about before going out shopping.

  1. Christmas parties with kids. 

Christmas parties for adults can be very different than nuclear family celebrations, and people that have children do not want to be left out. This guide can either be about how to have a fun Christmas party with children or how to have children be taken care of so that parents can go to a Christmas party without worry.

  1. Christmas activities for children. 

People want to bond with their kids during the Christmas season, and there is no better way to do so than by having fun activities that both parents and children can enjoy. Give a list of things that can be used for this purpose such as, baking, making gingerbread houses, and writing a letter for Santa.

  1. Christmas bucket list. 

Create a list that people can take as a challenge with Christmas Day as the deadline. Add in items to the list that are generally enjoyable and memorable so that keep people can remain engaged with celebration.

  1. Outdoor Christmas decorations. 

People are always looking for ways to out-Christmas their neighbors, so help your readers with creative guides on how to decorate their outdoors. Go over the placement of lights and other decorations that are usually overlooked.

  1. Indoor Christmas decorations. 

Decorating the inside of a home for Christmas can be very tricky for some. Explain the basic Christmas decorations that should be bought, such as the Christmas tree and ornaments. Give helpful details that accentuate the festive feel of a home such as how to create a good Christmas smell.

  1. White Christmas decorations. 

White Christmas is a popular theme that can be very appealing for people. This post can explain what exactly should be bought in white and how exactly people can add in a white theme indoors.

  1. Mantel decorations. 

Everyone needs a little help with long-time traditions every once in a while, so it’s no surprise that people will want to learn any cool ways to decorate their mantel for Christmas. Give tips on how people can add life to their fireplace and advice protection against fire hazards.

  1. Christmas Pajamas. 

Some families enjoy having their families sport identical pajamas for the Christmas season, so create a list of the more appealing pajamas on the market. Additionally, provide other alternatives to pajamas to families seeking to match.

  1. Ugly Christmas sweaters. 

You can create a post that goes over fun and interesting ugly sweaters that people might enjoy wearing for Christmas. Adding a bit of history of where the term ugly sweater came from can be enlightening to some readers as well.

  1. Christmas party must-haves. 

If there is a new trendy party style that your readers might find entertaining, then write an engaging post about what they can do to bring that into their own parties.

  1. Christmas bedtime stories. 

Reading children a bedtime story as they fall asleep in the Christmas season is every parent’s dream, so a post that can give entertaining Christmas stories will be well received by readers.

  1. Gifts for pets. 

It has become increasingly more common to get pets a gift from Christmas and the lack of communication may be an issue in finding out what a pet is looking for. Create a post that lists the most popular gifts for pets and write a separate post for different animals.

  1. How to decorate a Christmas tree. 

People will always want to know more ways to make their Christmas trees truly shine, so posts like these will be able to drive traffic to your website with ease. Explain what ornaments and candy can be used to make a tree pop.

  1. Childproof Christmas tree. 

Children and dogs will be a hazard to your carefully decorated Christmas tree, so be sure to warn your readers not to let them get too close. Give ways that readers might be able to prevent their children from getting hurt around decorations.

  1. Minimalist Christmas. 

Minimalism’s newfound popularity has spread to Christmas, and people will be looking for ways to tone down their celebration. Go over any ways to simplify Christmas decorations and point out any things that could be reined in.

  1. Real VS Fake Christmas tree. 

While some people are perfectly content with a fake Christmas tree, some people want to decorate their home with a real pine tree. This post should go over the two and compare their pros and cons.

  1. How to spend Christmas alone. 

Sadly, some people are unable to spend their Christmas with family or friends for whatever reason, this post can be really helpful to readers that are forced to be alone during the holidays.

  1. Favorite Christmas appetizers. 

Appetizers can set the mood for a good Christmas dinner, so give your readers good recipes that they can follow to produce something enticing.

  1. Christmas dinner guide. 

Food is a big part of celebrating Christmas, and there is no doubt that people will want all the information that they can get to help them prepare the best dinner possible. Provide readers with delicious recipes and helpful tips to set up the perfect Christmas meal.

  1. Christmas dessert guide. 

Dessert can make or break a meal, and Christmas dessert is no different. Creative desserts that are eye-catching can be very popular with your readers so be sure to provide them with unique dessert recipes.

  1. Healthy Christmas recipes. 

Catering to those that are looking for a more health considerate diet can add a lot of value to a blog. Give your readers recipes that will help them stay on the right side of nutrition without compromising taste.

  1. Sugar-free Christmas. 

It can be a daunting task to stay away from sugar during Christmas time, so readers will enjoy learning about any alternatives that they can use to get by during the holidays.

  1. Miniature trees. 

Small Christmas trees are becoming popular among people in small apartments or otherwise limited spaces. Write a post that gives readers an idea of the appeal behind these trees and how to properly decorate them for the holidays.

  1. How to wrap gifts. 

There is no shortage of people looking to polish their dexterity when trying to wrap Christmas gifts, and they would certainly appreciate an informative guide on the subject.

  1. How to beautify a gift bag. 

A lot of people see a gift bag as a way to circumvent having to put effort into wrapping a gift, but that doesn’t mean that people want to gift something in a plain bag. Explain any way that readers can make their gift bags look nice enough to make up for the lack of festive wrapping.

  1. When are the best sales during Christmas? 

Christmas sales are one of the biggest sales of the year for many stores, and people will be wanting to know the best deals available. Creating a blog post that has a curated list of, arguably, the best sales will be really helpful to readers.

  1. Christmas with a baby. 

The hectic frenzy that Christmas brings can be overwhelming for parents with a newborn, so be sure to add a post that details how these individuals can still plan and enjoy their Christmas celebrations.

50 More Christmas Blog Post Ideas

Here you will find an additional 50 more blog post ideas for Christmas.

  1. Creative gifts for loved ones living abroad.
  2. Christmas jokes.
  3. Holiday wishes.
  4. Best wrapping paper.
  5. Christmas hymns.
  6. Christmas word games.
  7. Kid help in Holiday preparation.
  8. Bedroom Christmas decorations.
  9. Safely store Christmas decorations.
  10. Handmade sweaters.
  11. Wreath ideas.
  12. DIY ornaments
  13. Christmas quilts.
  14. How to flock your tree.
  15. Christmas party dress ideas.
  16. Holiday hairstyles.
  17. Wrap gifts on a budget.
  18. Christmas cakes.
  19. Allergy-friendly Christmas food.
  20. How to deal with Christmas leftovers.
  21. Incredible light displays.
  22. Christmas DIYs for toddlers.
  23. Grinch themes food ideas.
  24. Christmas theme cocktails.
  25. Christmas deviled eggs.
  26. Stay in shape over Christmas.
  27. Alcohol-free Christmas.
  28. Best Christmas jumpers.
  29. Unique gift-wrapping ideas.
  30. Last-minute Christmas gift ideas.
  31. Holiday party bag.
  32. Holiday footwear.
  33. Christmas shopping haul.
  34. Holiday makeup ideas.
  35. Christmas beauty wishlist.
  36. Festive fragrances.
  37. Avoid holiday burnout.
  38. Outdoor fun on Christmas.
  39. Christmas on college life.
  40. Kids & Santa.
  41. Destress during Christmas.
  42. Christmas workouts.
  43. Christmas tree baubles.
  44. Recycle your Christmas cards.
  45. Best places to spend Christmas.
  46. Traveling tips on Christmas.
  47. Foreign Christmas foods.
  48. Vegan Christmas.
  49. Christmas detox.
  50. Christmas stuffing recipes.