Our Ultimate List: 101 Christian Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Blogs represent one of the most important ways that Christians communicate and learn about their faith, and as your audience grows in their journey, they will require more posts from your blog. Naturally, this means that for your site to be successful, you will have to continuously pour out more content.

Unfortunately, coming up with a constant stream of quality blog posts is not the easiest of tasks, and at The Content Panel, we understand that this requires a high amount of time and resources. This is one of the main reasons that we decided to create our blog writing services, where our main aim is to provide all the tools that you need to successfully run your blogs, such as SEO and original content. Additionally, if you do feel like creating content on your own, we also offer topic suggestions just for those days when the ideas aren’t flowing as swiftly. So, to help inspire you, here is our big list of Christian topic ideas.

Christian Blog Examples

  1. Your Favorite People from the Bible

The Bible is filled with many excellent stories and characters that any Christian can learn from. Create a weekly series where you write about your favorite characters from the Bible, including what you were able to learn from their stories.  

  1. Your Testimony

Do you have any particular experience where God impacted your life? If so, don’t be shy to write about it. This can be about healing, promotion, being saved from troublesome experiences, etc. You may also choose to end the post by encouraging your audience to share their testimonies in the comment section.

  1. Verse of the Day

Create a section on your blog where you share a powerful verse each day, explaining what makes it important. You may also include a short prayer relating to that verse.

  1. How You Struggled with Faith

If you have a personal blog, write about the different times that you have struggled to keep your faith, and how you were able to overcome these difficulties. Your audience likely understands the obstacles that can make it difficult to put your faith ahead of many other things, so they will be able to sympathize with this post.

  1. Best Devotionals

Create a post where you list your favorite daily devotionals and what makes them unique. Encourage your audience to list any that you may have missed in the comments.

  1. What You Would Ask X If You Saw Them

Curate a fun series of blog posts where you write about what you would ask certain Biblical characters if they were alive today. So, one of your posts could be, “My Five Burning Questions for Moses”. 

  1. Your Favorite Verses

Many Christians have certain verses or chapters from the Bible that inspire them. Write a post containing your favorite verses from the Bible. Your post may also include a little bit after each verse where you talk about what makes these verses special to you.

  1. How You Became a Christian

Share the memory of how you were converted or what caused you to want to dedicate your life to Christianity. Your post may also include what your life was like before you became a Christian, and how it has changed since.

  1. What does X Proverb mean?

Create a series where you go through each proverb and write about its explanation. This can be helpful for members of your audience who struggle to find the meaning behind each verse.

  1. Your Favorite Christian Songs

Create a post where you list your favorite Christian songs, and what makes them so exciting. To help your audience listen to the songs as they read along, make sure you add the links to where they can find them, such as YouTube or Spotify.

  1. X Things to Look Out for When Choosing a Church

Create a post where you explain the importance of choosing the right church. You should focus on the different aspects of a church, telling your audience the things to look out for before they make their decision.

  1. X Things You Love About Your Church

Create a post where you list the things that make your church special.

  1. Best Ways to Communicate with a Child that Does Not Believe in Christianity.

This is one of the many struggles of Christian parents today. Offer advice on the best ways that a parent can speak to a child who doubts Christianity.  

  1. The Sermon That Changed Your Outlook on Life

Through the course of your Christian life, there may be certain sermons that touched you. Think back deeply about these and give a summary of what the sermon was about. Additionally, if you remember any verses or chapters relating to the sermon, be sure to add these to the post. 

  1. Best Bible Verses For X

Certain Bible verses can be helpful for Christians dealing with certain issues. Draw your audience’s attention to these by creating a series where you write about the best verses for a problem they may be facing. For example, one of the posts may be, “Best Bible Verses for Dealing With Grief.”

  1. Top Apps Every Christian Should Have

Tell your audience about the best apps that can help bring their Christian experience to the digital world e.g., your recommended Bible app, prayer tools, etc. 

  1. Best Gifts You Can Get for Your Christian Friend

Create a post where you list the best Christian-related gifts that someone can get for a friend. To help your audience, you can also include links to where your visitors can buy the items from. 

  1. Difference Between the Christian Denominations

A new Christian may get confused by the different sects of Christianity. Create a post where you write about the different branches of Christianity, including a brief history, and the differences between each of them.

  1. Your Favorite Psalms

The book of Psalms is filled with many beautiful verses. Write about your favorite psalms and why they inspire you.

  1. Your Favorite Proverbs

Many Christians see the proverbs as the book of wisdom or insight. Create a list of what your favorite proverbs are and encourage your audience to share theirs in the comments.

  1. How to Pray for X?

Create a series of posts where you show your audience the best way to pray for certain things. For example, one of your posts may be, “How to Pray for My Wife”.

  1. What Does X Biblical Concept Mean?

Fully being able to understand the Bible is not an easy task, and certain parts may still be difficult to interpret despite being a Christian for many years. If you come across phrases or chapters that you think could be challenging to some Christians, create a post explaining what it means.

  1. How to Talk to Your Children About Coming to Church

Christian parents who may want their children to attend Church, often find it difficult to get the message across. Create a post where you offer advice on the best ways to get unwilling children to try out Church.

  1. How You Memorize Scriptures

Can you quote scripture from memory? If so, create a post about the methods that have helped you easily remember Bible verses. Being able to recall scripture is often seen as an important skill for Christians and your audience will be appreciative of your advice. 

  1. Interview Your Pastor

During the interview, try to offer information that your audience would love to hear about, such as how they became a pastor.

  1. Daily Bible Trivia

The Bible is filled with little bits of information that many Christians may not be aware of. Create a section on your blog called, “Did You Know”, where you write about hidden information that can be found in the Bible.

  1. Top X Ways to Grow a Church

Write a post where you offer the best ways that small churches can grow and attract new members. This can be great advice for visitors who may be interested in starting a church.

  1. How X Holiday Started

There are several holidays that many Christians celebrate despite being unaware of their origins. Create a series on your blog where you write about the origins or history of the different Christian holidays.

  1. Why I Moved Churches?

If you run a personal blog, then keeping your audience up to date with your Christian journey can be extremely important. If you have recently moved churches, write a post about it. You should try to explain the reasons for the switch, and what the main differences are between your old and new church.

  1. Favorite Christian Books

Create a post where you list your favorite Christian books. You should also try and share the main lesson that you learned from reading each book.

  1. Review Christian Books

Create a series of posts where you give your opinion about various Christian books that have recently been released. Your review should be as honest as possible, and you should highlight the parts of the books that you loved and disliked.

  1. Your Favorite Preachers

Write about the best pastors or preachers that you listen to, including why you love their sermons.

  1. Dating as a Christian

Some members of your audience undoubtedly find dating as a Christian to be quite difficult. Offer some tips or advice on how they can navigate the dating world while keeping true to their faith.

  1. Parenting as a Christian

Curate a list of tips that Christian parents can follow to make their parenting lives a little bit easier.

  1. Your Favorite Christian Podcasts

Write a post dedicated to members of your audience who love to go beyond the written word. It should include a list of your most-listened-to podcasts and should include the best features of each one.

  1. Your Favorite Christian Movies

Create a list of the Christian movies you can’t help but love, including what makes them so special to you. Encourage your audience to create their mini-list in the comments.

  1. The Verse that Defines Your Life

If your blog is more personal, write about the verse or chapter that you simply can’t do without. Your post can include how you found this verse, what makes it so important to you, and how it changed your life.

  1. How You Study The Bible

Create a post where you include any special methods that you follow when reading the Bible.

  1. How to Deal With X?

Many Christians can still struggle with certain emotions such as pride, or shame. Create a series on your blog where you write about the best ways for Christians to deal with harmful emotions.

  1. Top X Christian Games

Create a list of Christian games that can be played by small children or a group. Make sure that you deeply explore the rules of each game as this will be helpful to members of your audience.

  1. The Different Translations of the Bible

It can be easy for new Christians can get lost in the different translations of the Bible. Include a brief history of each translation of the Bible and explain its main differences from the other versions.

  1. Favorite Bible Translation

Write about your favorite translation of the Bible and the main reasons that you prefer it over the others.

  1. A Day in My Life

You should focus on the different things that you do during the day, and how you can balance your daily work-life with your Christian life.

  1. My Typical Sunday

Share with your audience about how you typically spend a Sunday, including when you go to Church, how long the sermon lasts, and what you do when you return home.

  1. Top X Fasting Tips

Write a list of the best fasting tips, this can be especially helpful for members of your audience who have never fasted before. 

  1. Fun Christian Date Ideas

Provide a list of fun but religious date ideas for Christian couples.

  1. Upcoming Christian Events

Some members of your audience may be interested in attending Christian events that may be happening around them. Make sure to include basic details about the event, such as who is going to be preaching or performing.

  1. What Did I Learn at X Event?

If you have recently attended any Christian event, write about what happened during the event, including the sermon that was delivered and what you learned from it.

  1. Best Shops for Christian Resources

Curate a list of the best shops that your audience can visit for Christian resources. Additionally, if you are including any online shops, ensure that you add links to them.

  1. A Parable that Impacted You

Look through the many parables of Jesus and pick one out. Write about how this parable impacted you and what you were able to learn from it. 

50 More Christian Blog Post Ideas

  1. How to meditate on scripture.
  2. Run a Bible reading challenge.
  3. Bible supplies you can’t do without.
  4. Top X tips for Bible journaling.
  5. Best ways to invite a friend to church.
  6. Run a prayer challenge.
  7. Top free Christian resources.
  8. Best ways to lead a service.
  9. How to grow Christian friendships.
  10. Tips on hosting an event at church.
  11. Best ways to deal with a difficult situation.
  12. Christian marriage tips.
  13. Top questions you have after reading the Bible.
  14. Your favorite Sunday school teacher.
  15. Bible study tools you can’t do without.
  16. Youth event ideas.
  17. How your church was started.
  18. A tour of your church.
  19. What do you love most about your pastor?
  20. Your Christian bucket list
  21. What happens in X book of the Bible?
  22. Best ways to get connected in your church.
  23. Sunday school ideas.
  24. Learning how to show love to others.
  25. How to minister to others.
  26. Discovering your calling.
  27. Sharing your faith with others.
  28. How God can help you break bad habits.
  29. Top X ways you can help out at church.
  30. Funniest Christian memes.
  31. How to bless your pastor.
  32. Tips on conquering your fears.
  33. Top Christian inspirations.
  34. Dealing with a break-up as a Christian.
  35. Dealing with divorce as a Christian.
  36. Run a giveaway program.
  37. Top after-church dishes.
  38.  X things only Christians will understand.
  39. How your faith has changed over the years.
  40. The things refresh your soul.
  41. Best Christian concert that you have ever attended.
  42. Best tips for Christian newlyweds.
  43. How it feels when you are baptized.
  44. Favorite church memories.
  45. The most embarrassing thing that happened at your church.
  46. How you learned to pray.
  47. How to create a prayer journal.
  48. What you need to do before you are baptized.
  49. Tips on starting a prayer group.
  50. What every young Christian should know.