Our Top 50 April Blog Post Topic Ideas (With Guides)

Blog Post Ideas

As a month filled with holidays, historical events, and everyday occasions, April is one of the best months for blog writers. However, choosing the perfect blog topic is essential when trying to stand out from the fierce competition. To make this task just a bit easier, we have identified fifty April blog ideas, providing a jump start for writers, leaving them nothing to do but get their content written.

  1. Daylight Savings

Create a blog that provides tips and tricks to help readers make the most of their daylight hours.

  1. April Fools

Subvert the usual April Fool’s Day pranks with ways users can look back at and laugh at any past failures.

  1. Spring Aesthetic

Encourage readers to brighten their office spaces with valuable guides to aesthetics. Include video tutorials and example pictures.

  1. Tax Haven Madness

Create a schedule for your readers, helping them navigate the intricacies of tax season without dipping into their working times. Also, consider adding additional resources that can help simplify the tax process.

  1. Gardener’s Delight

Encourage peace of mind by creating a how-to guide for spring gardens. Include plans for plants that are used for relaxation purposes, such as lavender.

  1. Easter Celebration

Suggest thematic ways of celebrating Easter that can be used in the office, school, and at home. Keep suggestions affordable.

  1. Discount Delegation

Provide links to stores, coupons, and discounts that can save your readers money.

  1. World Health Day

Help your readers pay attention to their own health by promoting World Health Day. Explain the origins of the day and provide tips and tricks readers can use to improve their health.

  1. Garage Sale Madness

Allow your readers to gain an additional source of income by walking them through the mechanics of a garage sale. Include suggested prices and set up costs.

  1. Educational Egg Hunt

Create a guide to switch the usual hunt for chocolate-filled eggs with a search for educational tips readers can use to help themselves or their children deal with heavy workloads.

  1. Success Story Share

Write a blog post about a famous or influential person born in April. While sharing that person’s history, make sure to outline the steps they took to achieve their success.

  1. Religious Knowhow

Create a blog that focuses on the Passover to educate your readers about the history of the celebration. Also, suggest ways that schools can incorporate teaching about Passover into their curriculum.

  1. Local Pathfinder

Identify a hiking route or trail that readers can use to unwind after a stressful day at work or school. Suggest the best times and leave pictures to encourage your readers to take advantage of the resource.

  1. 100 Day Project

Write a blog about the 100-day project and how members can join it.

  1. Spring Fashion Fiesta

As the seasons change, so does fashion. Suggest the best types of clothes, colors, and accessories for the month. Include links to local stores and outlets.

  1. Penny Pincher Prom Ideas

Many parents face the bank drain of buying prom supplies. Help out by creating a blog that details the best places to purchase discount supplies. Also, include any financial help offered by businesses.

  1. Seasonal Survey

Create a spring-themed quiz to test whether or not your readers are comfortable in their current careers. Provide additional help by suggesting possible routes to other jobs and tips and tricks to lessen their workload.

  1. Spring Cleaning Saturday

Suggest ways that readers can improve their productivity by enhancing their office or home space. Use affordable tips and tricks and leave links to outlets selling the resources required.

  1. Mental Health

Create a blog that emphasizes the importance of mental health and how to balance it with any workload. Leave links to online resources and encourage readers to reach out to the appropriate people if they need help.

  1. Quote Compilation

Make a compilation of inspirational quotes for your readers. Enhance your blog with appropriate pictures and videos that tie in with the quotes used.

  1. Guests Welcome

Create a guest post interviewing someone in your field who has achieved acclaim through their efforts. Request any advice they would give to your readers.

  1. Cinco De Mayo

Suggest respectful ways that readers can celebrate Cinco De Mayo in their schools or business places. Include the history of the holiday for additional educational worth.

  1. Flower Language

Create a blog that identifies the most popular April flowers and what they mean. Suggest ways readers can send messages using flowers in and outside of the workplace.

  1. National Coffee Cake Day

Make a blog sharing different coffee cake recipes in honor of National Coffee Cake Day. Also, suggest a coffee cake exchange at work or at school to encourage comradery.

  1. Sunstroke Survival

With the months starting to heat up, sunstroke is once again an issue. Help readers by suggesting ways that they can try to prevent sunstroke.

  1. April Blog Roundup

At the end of the month, create a blog that identifies April’s top twenty themed blogs.

  1. Outdoor Productivity

Suggest ways that readers can use the outside to improve their productivity. Include spots where they can work and areas that offer peace and quiet.

  1. April Application Acquirement

Identify your favorite new apps of the month, explaining why you’ve chosen them and how they can help readers in their everyday life.

  1. Tutorial Tuesday

Help your readers by creating a tutorial on a valuable skill. Provide added help by including video footage and access to a comments section where readers can discuss their success.

  1. April Alphabet

Make an A-Z list of all the points of April that help and hinder progress, then allow your readers to suggest alternative options to the opinions presented in the blog.

20 More April Blog Ideas

  1. Suggest a spring-themed diet to help readers lose weight.
  2. Compile the best tips and tricks to beat procrastination.
  3. Create a how-to for surviving allergy season.
  4. Offer tips and tricks for staying safe during spring break.
  5. Create a blog about the A-Z blogging challenge and how to take part.
  6. Explain the best ways to give back to the environment on Earth Day.
  7. Make a list of your top healthy Easter recipes.
  8. Identify the best social media trends for businesses.
  9. Review a popular product that debuted in April.
  10. Suggest the best ways to organize a work picnic.
  11. Create and share a roundup of your favorite office moments.
  12. Explain your career motivation.
  13. List the top ten places for cheap cars.
  14. Explain how to process tax deductions.
  15. Raise awareness for National Child Abuse Prevention Month.
  16. Explain how you achieved your goals for the first quarter.
  17. Create a how-to for starting a blog.
  18. Make an April mood board and explain how you did it.
  19. List the things you are looking forward to this spring.
  20. Create a vlog and blog about the process.