Supercharge Your Productivity With These 5 Remote Working Tips


It’s undeniable: working from home can be tough. The line between work and your personal life can be easily blurred. There are times that, without the comradery of co-workers or the looming presence of a boss, it can be hard to stay motivated. Here are a few ways you can avoid falling into a slump and supercharge your productivity:

1. Change up your space

Having a dedicated work zone is imperative. Whether it’s a whole room that’s been converted into an office, or that one place corner of the dining room table, find a space you can comfortably work and keep it that way.

Creating a physical distinction between work and home will help separate the two in your mind. You’ll instinctively know that your designated office space is a space to work and, in turn, it will be much easier to focus. A bonus is that beyond that boundary, it will be much easier to switch off and chill. A win-win situation.

Oh, and try not to work from bed.

2. Take regular breaks

Breaks are like mini resets for the mind. They help you to process what you’ve done as well as increase efficiency when you get back to it. Make a cup of tea, get up and stretch, water your plants, step outside for a stroll around the block, or simply sit and daydream. There are a plethora of ways to take your mind off work for 10 minutes.

Never force yourself to stay cooped up, particularly if you’re feeling sluggish and unproductive. Short and regular breaks will do wonders for your focus.

3. Define your working hours

Sometimes remote working comes with other benefits like having more flexibility with your schedule. Great, so now you can lounge around and start work whenever you want? Wrong. That would absolutely kill your energy levels. Create a routine and stick to it – this includes maintaining regular working hours.

Defining your working hours also makes communicating with your colleagues and clients easier. They will know when to schedule meetings and they will also know the times you are unavailable for work-related tasks.

Life is better when work doesn’t bleed into it and having a set time to clock off serves as a great motivator for powering through your workload.

4. Have a morning ritual

Speaking of routines, it’s important that you start every day off right. It’s widely advised that getting ready for the day as if you were going to the office is a brilliant way to get your work hat on, so to speak, but how about adding a morning ritual into the mix?

It can be making the bed, fixing yourself a hearty breakfast, having a cup of tea, writing your morning pages, reading a chapter of a book, going outside for some fresh air… the list of possibilities is endless. Do something just for you. Starting the working day in a state of zen sets you up for success.

5. Socialize

In traditional office settings, you’re typically surrounded by coworkers aka break time buddies. Without these social ties in their close proximity, it’s not uncommon for remote workers to experience feelings of isolation. But remote working doesn’t have to equal disconnection.

Be sure to carve out time for people, even if it’s not strictly work-related. Make it a point to check in with your team on a regular basis – if nothing else, this will get you out of your ‘work from home’ getup and into something smarter every one in a while! And, it goes without saying, don’t neglect your friends and family.

Working remotely without much social interaction can take its toll in the long term. Make a conscious effort to counteract the isolation. Your mental health comes first and all the productivity tips in the world are good for naught if your head isn’t fully in the game.

Working remotely has its fair share of challenges but don’t let a lack of productivity be one of them. You can absolutely be bossin’ it from the comforts of your own home. If it works for us, and it works for our content writers, it’ll work for you too.