The Halo Cigs Triton 2: Reviewed

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There are moments in any industry when a new design pattern enters the market and changes everything we ever thought we knew. The original Halo Triton changed the vaping world just as much as the iPhone changed the cellular world. Its impeccable classic design introduced several new usability features that were quickly copied by competitors. Today we take these ergonomic improvements for granted, but it was the Halo Triton that started it all.

The Halo Triton 2 is the much-awaited successor to the original Triton and it certainly has some big shoes to fill. Can it live up to the hype created by its older brother? Let’s find out.


The classic appearance of the original triton has remained largely unchanged in this new version. Its long sleek brushed aluminum battery is still adorned with a high-quality silver button located just underneath the atomizer. The battery itself is available in eight different color options, enabling you to express your individuality in style. The atomizer has deviated slightly from the original design by increasing the tank size to have respectable 2ml capacity. But it retains the sophisticated color combination of crystal clear glass set against highly polished stainless steel. When assembled the battery and atomizer complement each other beautifully, it’s an e-cig that you will want the whole world to see.


Much like the original Triton, the Triton 2 is all about simplicity. There are undoubtedly higher powered e-cigs on the market, but none can match the Triton in terms of usability. Initial setup is easy as pie, and full instructions are provided. Simply twist open the top of the atomizer, fill it with whatever tasty e-liquid you desire, and then attach it to the battery. Huge amounts of high-quality vapor are only a button press away.

Vapor Production

When it comes to vapor production, battery size is the main limiting factor of any e-cig. Bigger is almost always better. So expectations must be set appropriately for a device the size of the Triton. However despite its compact size Halo have managed to squeeze a high capacity 700mAh battery into something that is just 92 mm in length. The standard 700mAh battery will probably be enough to last most vapers a whole day of vaping, but a larger 900mAh battery is also available for a slight extra cost. (If you are a heavy vaper, this might be an upgrade worth considering). The high-quality sub ohm coils produce incredible amounts of vapor for a device of this size. The vapor itself is thick and mouthwateringly flavorful, especially if you combine it with some of Halos world renowned e-liquid.


Currently, the Triton 2 Starter kit is available for a very competitive $45. This contains absolutely everything you need to get up and running. Atomizers, coil heads, chargers, mouthpieces, and most importantly – two batteries.

This device is undoubtedly a worthy successor to the game-changing original. It has elegantly improved upon the original design increasing battery life and enhancing vapor production.

Quite honestly there are currently no other e-cigs on the market that can compete with the Halo Triton 2 at its $45 price point. If you are looking for a discreet, compact, stylish e-cig that will provide you with bountiful amounts of flavorful vapor all day long – this is the product for you.