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"Jill is a Frank Sinatra superfan, a sales copywriter, and a mango smoothie aficionado - in that order."
Jill Sullivan, Writer,
@ The Content Panel

Meet our world class software content writing services

Qualified Writers

Each freelancer who writes for us has had to pass a test before being able to work for us. As they continue to submit work, we keep scrutinizing them, further cementing their expertise.


Industry-Specific Writers

No matter which subcategory of the SaaS industry you happen to fall into, we have a writer with real-world experience for you. No corner of the market is untouched by us.

Content Management

It takes time, effort, and many dollars to manage a team of writers. That’s why we do it for you, without extra charges, and all behind the scenes; helping to mitigate the headache.

Conversion Optimized

When a person is faced with an option, they know the right choice. We don’t use psychology to drive sales, we simply make it easy for a prospect to choose what they already want.


SEO Crafted For Business

We’re kind of a big deal when it comes to making the best use of the current best practices SEO has to offer. Meaning more traffic, more sales, and more revenue in your pocket.

Originality With Every Word

Never worry about originality again! We’re sticklers for ensuring that all of our work is fresh. No order goes without multiple plagiarism checks at any point.

Our Program Operates In Three Simplicities

Here’s The Rundown

"Jess loves reading, writing, and talking about herself in the third person"
- Jessica Hill,
@ The Content Panel

Quantifying Our Awesome SaaS Writing Services

Metrics, Stats & Specs

SaaS content that works as hard as you do.

Spectacular SaaS content from just $3.40 / 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Our Writers Are The Lines Of Code

Test Running Scripts

"Meet the only digital marketer in Seattle who won't put 'social media guru' on his LinkedIn profile".
- Mark Bell
@ The Content Panel

Our writers aren’t the usual bunch of hopefuls scratching at the chance to make another dollar. We work with professionals and experts throughout an array of industries who also happen to be writers. Excellent writers. We ensure this by testing every writer that comes into our sights before allowing them entry into our writer vault.

Many of them are scouted for specificity because we aimed to fill every corner of the possible spectrum of expertise, which we believe we’ve accomplished quite well. Some of them have come to us in search of decent writing jobs and no matter if they came to us or us to them, they must undergo our qualifier before they’re allowed to write.

If and when they pass these difficult literacy exams, they can begin work with us but under a scrutinizing microscope until they prove their worth. If improvement is needed, they’re given a directive in hopes of having better higher-paying jobs offered to them.

Once they reach the top of the ladder, they can accept jobs from even our most esteemed clients but are still constantly under a microscope by our content managers as well as other unseen quality control specialists. No one ever said it was easy.

If It Can Be Written

Then We Can Write It

Want to see what we can do?

Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

Why is it important that I work with SaaS content writers who know about the SaaS industry?

Imagine this scenario: you have SaaS that you’re marketing to a vertical audience but you need content written that will be knowledgeable enough to grab the attention of those within that particular niche. You decide to hire a copywriter through a company similar to ours, only they don’t have Panel Brain to match you with your perfect copywriter- so you end up with a run-of-the-mill writer who has to research the industry step-by-step.

Now at first glance, the copy might seem okay and to a layperson, it might even be great. However, you’ll read through it and notice certain discrepancies with things like keywords or industry slang that is used incorrectly.

Let’s start over: you come to us for a copywriter and Panel Brain sets you up with a vertical SaaS writer who has worked in your niche. You could read their content over and over and feel as if it came from a knowledgeable source and you’d be right!

This is only one small example of why you should always hire an industry-specific copywriter but in an industry as diverse as the SaaS industry, it’s that much more vital.

How much do freelance SaaS copywriters cost?

To answer that question we’ll have to backtrack slightly so that you understand the gravity of why our prices are so outstanding. For the average freelance writer who is skilled at their craft- without any sort of industry-specific expertise, the hourly rate is within the $25-$40 range typically. When you add some experience in freelance copywriting without adding surplus industry expertise, that rate can jump to $75-$100 an hour.

Now to answer the question, if you manage to find a freelance copywriter who is not only skilled in their trade, but has experience as a freelance copywriter, and has real-world experience in the SaaS industry- you’re looking at anywhere from $175+. It only goes up the more specific the expertise becomes.

However, you have stumbled onto a saving grace here at The Content Panel because, for as low as $3.40 per 100 words, we will save you a virtual gold mine in copywriting expenses. We also carry the added benefit of not having to worry about interacting directly with the writer (you can still say what you need to say to them), as well as not having to worry about management, editing, copyright checking, etc.

For what we’re asking, all of this and more is fully automated and at your fingertips.

Why should I hire SaaS copywriters?

Hiring an industry-specific writer is as important as hiring industry-specific specialists of any kind! You wouldn’t hire a polymer engineer or a fashion designer for the position of back-end dev, would you? So why would you ever hire a writer without the necessary skills and expertise to produce your content and keep it knowledgeable?

Hiring SaaS copywriters for your specific needs can be incredibly beneficial to your business. Having someone who knows the business and the ins and outs of what you are doing is paramount to having erudite content produced. A writer with this knowledge can give you what you need without having to research the entire industry. They can deliver content that will appeal to the audience you’re aiming for and they’ll know exactly how to talk to the audience to allow them to know that the person behind the keys is someone that they can relate to.

Our vault of writers is so incredibly large that we can guarantee you will have your content produced by someone in the SaaS industry and what’s more? We can assure you that if you have a niche, we can fulfill that as well!

What kind of SaaS industry experience do your writers have?

There is a staggering number of copywriters in our vault who could cater to your specific needs. Whether your service is horizontal or vertical, there are more than a few to suit your requirements. For instance, let’s say you need a copywriter with graphic design skills- we have more designers writing for us than any staffing agency could dream of. Do you need a copywriter with the expertise of a programmer? Web architect? Back-end probably? Or maybe you need a penetration tester who can help strengthen your security? We can suffice that as well!

Let’s just run through our vault quick to see how many experts could be of service to a software as a service… service…

Our ranks contain experts from all of the following:

Network architects, Webpage architects, Full-stack software engineers, Data analysts, Full-stack web developers, Frontend developers, Cloud & DevOps engineers, UX designers, Scrum masters, Enterprise project coordinators, Developers fluent in all programming languages, Reliability engineers, Marketing developers, Machine learning and A.I engineers and programmers, Human resources managers, Financial software developers including payroll software, Email marketing specialists, Mobile applications specialists, Crypto and blockchain experts, Full-stack .Net developers, and there are a bunch more but hopefully, you can take our word for it because this is a daunting list, as you can see.

It’s safe to say that no matter what your niche requires, we’ve got the right writers for you.