How To Write Dropshipping Product Descriptions (Properly)

Product Descriptions

It seems as though if we have seen one product description, we’ve seen them all, right?

Well, think back to a product description that you read that made you laugh. It could have been for a gag gift, or maybe for an edgy online shop that used humor in the product descriptions to connect with the buyer. Did it work? Did you favorite the site? Did you go back and read other product descriptions to see if they could make you giggle also? Did you purchase one of the products that had a humorous hook in the advertising copy?

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The Importance Of Unique Product Descriptions in Drop Shipping

A lot of people don’t understand the importance of giving their product descriptions new adjectives, action words, and ensuring that your competitor or supplier of the product isn’t using any of your buzz words in their product description. The reason for the product description to be full of fresh verbiage is because SEO crawlers skip over duplicate content when they’re searching and ranking. There are several reasons that having SEO crawlers skip your listing would be extremely detrimental to your business.

SEO rankings are marketing that is completely free to you. If you are ranked high because of search engine optimized text on your site, it will mean a substantial amount of traffic, an unlimited possibility for new sales and leads, and it will happen without spending a dime of your marketing budget. That is the key reason that content mills exist. The content mill employs thousands of freelance writers simply to write text that is ranked at the top of the Google search results. Because writing copy and web content that is SEO favored can be tricky and is difficult to write in a way that sounds natural to the reader, some content writing services specialize in SEO content. Those writers that do specialize in SEO writing are in high demand because of their ability to drive site traffic up without spending a single dime in advertising.

If you aren’t taking advantage of SEO rankings, you’re leaving one of the best marketing tools in your other briefcase every day when you go to work. Don’t waste this valuable and tested advertising method by not writing your site content and product descriptions in SEO optimized phrases, keywords, and strong meta sentences. By having unique product descriptions and fresh, original verbiage in your product descriptions, search engines would immediately view your content as different from the rest of the dropshippers selling your product, and those engines will ensure that you are highly visible to those seeking the product or service that you sell on your site.

Collect All Of The Relevant Info

  • Don’t just rehash the product description that is listed on your suppliers website. You can use the product details such as color, dimensions, optional upgrades, etc. but when it comes to descriptive pronouns and the overall tone of your product description, you need to speak directly to your unique audience and sales demographic with your product descriptions.
  • Other information mines are your biggest competitors, and online giants like Amazon. While you don’t need to gather details from all of the sites, checking all of the listings will help you determine if there is erroneous information listed on one of the sites. More often than not, there will be a certain amount of information available on one site, and the information on the next site will be on completely different aspects of the product.
  • Perform a reverse image search on the product and ensure that you have found all of the sites that are selling the product. Depending on the site, you may be able to find details and product statistics in some obscure locations, such as aftermarket sales sites or auction sites. The reviews on some of the more obscure sites can also give you information on the product that can’t be found in other places.
  • What is your product used for? Is it to make life easier, or is it a necessity? Is it a tool to create a finished product, or is it a completely finished good? Answer the question of product use in a detailed fashion so that even a layman can understand exactly what the purpose of buying your product would be.
  • Who can use the product? Is it designed for children under 5? Is it designed for women in their 30’s? British Grandmothers? Liberian Teens?
  • What are the benefits that the consumer will enjoy from purchasing your product? Will it give them softer skin? Will it help their pets toenails harden so they don’t break while running on pavement? No matter how large or small of a purpose your product serves, tell your customers exactly what benefit they can expect from purchasing your product.
  • What problem does your product resolve? Will it cut mopping time in half? Will it walk your pet for you? It doesn’t matter if your product does a large scale task, or if it simply brings you mental ease when you place it on your desk, whatever the problem is that will be solved by your product, give a very defined and in depth answer to this question.
  • What materials are used to create your product? Is it wood? Steel? Confetti and glue? Any and all ingredients or materials that go into the process of making your finished good should be listed, and the quantities involved should be listed if they are known.
  • Why should your customer buy from you instead of buying from your competitor? Do you offer free shipping? A warranty? Do you charge a price of $.89 less than your competition? Give a detailed reason or set of reasons why your customer will be happier with the results of buying from you instead of buying from someone else.

Uniform Formatting Should Be A Priority

In this circumstance, formatting isn’t simply talking about your font and photo sizes. Uniform formatting is an all encompassing matter for your dropship product information across your site. For instance, if you have a two sentence introduction, two sentences listing product dimensions, and close with a testimonial on the product, that is the format that every product description on the site should follow.

In addition, if you use a friendly and conversational tone in one product description, you should not switch to a business, detached tone in the next product description. This also includes any slang or regional dialect used in the product descriptions. The entire site should target one demographic- your ideal audience. If you have products aimed at the retirement community in Phoenix, you don’t want to use a regional dialect that speaks to teens in Hungary.  Find the tone and inflection that speaks to your target demographic and stick with that format until your audience or product line changes.

Remember, although you want a uniform format for your product descriptions, you don’t want them to read as though you are on autotune. Inject a little of your personality into your writing. Robotic writing can be left to robots. Your customers are at your site to purchase a product because they want to connect in a human fashion to make a purchase. Read your product description back to yourself so that you hear exactly what it sounds like when someone else reads it.

Scarcity And Urgency

Anytime it is feasible, imply that the customer should purchase your product with a sense of urgency with promotions and limited time only sales. Of course, this also cannot be overused because it will no longer be an effective tool on your site. You need to find a balance that can infer that the product is only available for a short period, without creating a tone of a false lure that customers will eventually just ignore when they recognize it as a high pressure sales tactic.

To convey the message of a limited time offer without the application of a time block for the sale to remain valid throughout, you will need to apply careful wording to your site. There are a lot of sites that can help you craft idioms, entendres, and other creative wordplay that will convey a message without being written in an alarming or overly dramatic style. The importance of purchasing the product without any delay can be delivered to your target audience, without alienating them by “false alarm” posting. This may sound difficult to do, and for a lot of people it certainly can be. By hiring The Content Panel and our talented freelance writers, you can leave this task to someone who does it every day.

Creativity Can Mean Everything

As we discussed in the opening paragraph, using humor to engage with your customer base is a great way to ensure that they come back to your website, even if it is solely to laugh at the product descriptions you wrote. Some of the most favorited shopping sites have interesting stories woven into the product description, or they are humorous and the site reads like stand up comedy. Although you always want to close with a sale, the more frequently someone returns to your site to read your product descriptions, the more likely it is that they will find an item to purchase.

The tricky part in this scenario is the ability to be informative while being funny. However, if humor is your strong suit, by all means, start your career as a content comedian on your drop shipping site. Remember though, that if you aren’t known for telling a good joke, you may want to choose another medium for your product descriptions. You are the best judge of your talents when you tell a story. Use the method that works best when you are telling a friend about some very useful information. Your product descriptions should read as if you are sitting in your kitchen with a friend or neighbor, and they’ve just asked you about the latest product you purchased for your home.

Get Professional Assistance

Although we all want to sound informed and eloquent any time we sit down to write to our audience, the fact is that we could all use some good ideas and guidance once in a while.

Fortunately, in product description writing, there are many apps and sites that can give you anything from a synonym to the best way to arrange your sentences so it allows you to use 4 keywords in the first paragraph. When you want a nudge in the right direction for structuring your sentence or describing a plastic thermos without saying plastic again. Or thermos. Visit a rhyming dictionary site, or a synonym site, or even a keyword formatting site. The professional help will show in your product descriptions and help you to break out of the idea rut if you find yourself stuck while working on new product descriptions.

It isn’t nearly as expensive as you think it is to get professional help with your content. Increased conversion rates often pay the costs of hiring writers to write your content for you. In any case, contact us for a sample and pricing. You actually can afford to hire professional writers to write amazing product descriptions for you.

Provide Social Proof

Consumers want to see proof from other consumers that the product that they are purchasing is exactly as shown in pictures and that it works the exact way that the product description claims that it will work. They don’t want to hear the manufacturer or the distributor promise them it is a great product and the online depiction is 100% accurate. Instead, they want a testimonial.

By having customer testimonials on your product descriptions, you provide new customers the social proof that they are looking for without them needing to leave your site, go to a video upload site, find unboxing and trial videos, and sit through multiple videos in order to determine if it is worth buying your product or not. Testimonials help on the fence potential customers make the decision that your product is worth spending the money to try what you’re selling for the first time.