Welcome To The Content Panel!


We’re proud to finally announce that we’ve completed the transfer from our private content creation system through to a publicly accessible service. Thank you to all our valued clients who’ve bared with us through the transition.

We’ll start migrating blog posts over from the old internal blog soon, but we just wanted to explain exactly what’s happened with this rebrand/pivot (and why we’ve done it).

Why Have We Rebranded To The Content Panel?

Quite simply, we saw a gap in the market for our services.

The vast majority of you reading this post will already have been using our services under the Yellow Cloud Media umbrella. You’re either our SEO agency buddies (competitors?) or you’re a valued Yellow Cloud Media SEO client.

What started as an easy way for us to manage our own content requirements for our SEO clients quickly gained traction among our inner circle of SEO friends who we are always happy to help out (in return for a sweet link or two). Over time our internal content creation system became something far bigger than the simple tool we designed it as (despite it still being private and only used among our friends and clients).

To cope with the current user base the entire system needed redesigning, things were starting to slow down too much, friends were asking for features, and there were countless improvements we saw the potential for ourselves.

So we got to work rebuilding the system from the ground up, and if something is worth doing, it’s worth doing properly.

In the process of this rebuild we decided to take a deeper look at the competition in the blog management space – and quite honestly, we were less than impressed by most (but not all) of the services out there.

We already had a competing (or in our opinion, superior) product as part of Yellow Cloud Media – we just didn’t know it.

As such, The Content Panel was born.

Existing Users Of The Yellow Cloud Media System – What’s New?

Everything’s changed and yet nothing’s changed at the same time.

Your current projects, writers, history, clients, calendars etc. etc. have all been ported over to the new system. Costs are the same, upgrades are the same, the entire service is identical to how it was when it was a closed private system.

However, as you’ll see, there’s a brand new interface and things are much easier on the eye. We’re going to be adding loads of new features in the near future to disrupt the blog management industry and hopefully turn it on its head.

Let’s Do This!

Once again, thanks for all your patience and feedback.

If you’ve got any questions you can still reach me at my Yellow Cloud Media email address or you can hit me up at scott.stevens@thecontentpanel.com

We’re 100% up and running now and I am honestly super excited about this project.

I can’t wait to see where it leads us.