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"Jess loves reading, writing, and talking about herself in the third person"
- Jessica Hill, Writer,
@ The Content Panel

Introducing our world class natural health content writing services!

Certified and Trained Writers

We carefully screen and interview all of our natural health writers to ensure they meet our exacting criteria. We’re tough on fluff, grammar needs to be a breeze, and we demand that all of our writers be skilled at expressing themselves.


Original Content

Our excellent collaboration with content writers and our advanced plagiarism detection methods ensure that every word of material you receive has been produced specifically for you and your brand.

We Are SEO Experts

We have a long history in the SEO industry. Before we launched The Content Panel, we were formerly a successful SEO firm. Our team will expertly optimize your content to help you receive as much organic traffic as possible.

Rewrites or Rejections

This is quite unusual, but if you don’t like your writer’s work on the first read, no problem! We’ll assign another author to rewrite it for you free of charge.


Writers with Real-World Experience

We have a pool of over 3,000 content writers for hire on our roster, so we’re sure to have holistic copywriters who know your products, the advantages they deliver, and the problems they solve.

Dedicated Content Management

Hiring natural health copywriters can be a pain, so let us take care of it for you. When you sign up for our alternative health content writing services, we assign you a dedicated content manager to guarantee that you get a consistent supply of clear and clean text.

Hiring one of our Natural Health Content Writers is as easy as 1,2,3.

Here’s how it works

"Jess loves reading, writing, and talking about herself in the third person"
- Jessica Hill,
@ The Content Panel

Natural Health Copywriting, Done Properly

Here’s how we do it

Hire natural health writers that work as hard as you do

Great natural health content from just $3.40 per 100 words.

No hidden fees.
No nasty surprises.
Just great content.

Meet Our “Perfectly Natural” Health Copywriters

Here’s how we recruit our talent

"Meet the only digital marketer in Seattle who won't put 'social media guru' on his LinkedIn profile".
- Mark Bell
@ The Content Panel

Over 3,000 content writers are available for hire, so we’re confident that you can hire natural health writers who can produce enthralling content that converts. We’re always recruiting new writers from a variety of professional backgrounds, including naturopaths, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists, yoga instructors, nurses, caregivers, and everything in between.

Most applicants are rejected. We have one of the most stringent and comprehensive application processes in the business to maintain our high standards.

Every applicant will go through 9 different tests before being accepted to our alternative health content writing services team. From their grammar abilities and knowledge of plagiarism to their portfolios and references, we’re testing everything.

After we have completed our initial evaluations of potential candidates, we invite them to take a writing test. Our editors are eagle-eyed and search for flawless punctuation, pristine grammar, and overall excellent wordsmithing.

The handful of applicants that pass are then put on a probationary period during which we manually review all of their work. This probation lasts until a certain amount of time has passed (which we don’t disclose), but we still do periodic quality checks on them from time to time.

The rigorous procedure for selecting content writers is part of the reason why our material is consistently regarded as some of the best in the business. This is something you don’t have to worry about when using our service.

Choose any writer you like.

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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

Are You Sure You Have Natural Health Writers in My Industry?

We can’t promise this 100%. We’ve had a few unusual requests in the past that have prompted us to avoid the use of “any industry” in our marketing materials. Businesses such as “Professional Potty Trainers” and “Goat Rentals” (which are both real-world examples of demands we’ve received) may not get industry-experienced writers, but they’ll still get excellent content.

Apart from the extremely unusual, we’re confident that our natural health copywriting services will be able to locate writers with your specific industry requirements. If you have doubts, contact us and we’ll let you know. However, in most cases, the answer is yes: yes, we can.

Do You Have Any Samples of Your Previous Work?

Yes, we have a wide variety of samples in various sectors and many different content types. To request a sample, click here.

What if I’m Dissatisfied With My Writer?

On rare occasions, there just isn’t a good match between a copywriter and a client. Your content manager will swing into action if this happens, and you may notify us from your dashboard. They’ll locate another copywriter for hire that can work on your job as soon as possible, and we’ll have them write a whole new version of your text for you, free of charge.

Will Your Copywriters Be Able To Maintain the Tone of Our Existing Content?

Yes! This is a very popular request, and any copywriter worth their salt will be able to produce stunning content that seamlessly integrates into your existing text. Simply provide a few samples of your work in the area, and the writer will take care of the rest.

Is There a Contract or a Subscription Involved?

No, the majority of our copywriting services are pay-as-you-go. There are no contracts, subscriptions, or other similar things involved here. Simply place an order and pay for your material as needed.

Our blog management services are the only subscription-based products we provide. These are monthly subscription services that (as the name implies) provide a comprehensive content marketing package. They cover topic research, pictures, web page creation, and formatting, as well as SEO, and more.

They’re just as cool as they sound, and if you want to learn more about our blog management services, go here.

Are There Any Additional Costs or Fees Involved With the Use of Your Copywriting Services?

No. There are no extra fees for anything beyond the material’s cost.

What Type of Natural Health Knowledge Do Your Authors Have?

We recruit writers from a variety of professional backgrounds, including naturopaths, doctors, nurses, caregivers, pharmacy technicians, health coaches, occupational therapists, and many more.

Our writers are experts in the natural healthcare field, and they possess a depth of understanding that is unmatched in their industry.

What Is the Typical Time It Takes You To Complete an Order?

We take pleasure in having some of the quickest turnaround times (TAT) in the business. We limit the number of projects our copywriters can claim, and we give them tight deadlines to encourage them to focus on jobs they can do right away.

The average TAT is determined by the sort of material you order. Blog posts and articles are generally delivered in 24 to 72 hours, depending on their length. Sales copy and whitepapers, for example, may take 1 or 2 days longer in some situations.

What Happens if a Copywriter Is Late With Their Work?

This doesn’t happen as frequently as you might assume. Our copywriters are rarely late in delivering their work. They understand that we’re counting on them to complete their task on time because our clients are counting on it too.

We’ll notify you if a deadline is missed, and we’ll distribute your work to a variety of other competent copywriters if you’ve fallen behind on your deadlines. Your content manager will track and intervene as needed to ensure that the new writer delivers your material as soon as possible, which is our number one priority.

Who Has Rights to the Material That I Purchase?

We are a white-label copywriting firm. This means you will be the only person to own the material you buy from us, and you will keep all of the rights to it. You have complete editorial sovereignty over it, in any form or quantity that you choose.

Do You Deal With Agencies?

Yes, we enjoy working with agencies. In fact, the majority of our clientele in the natural health industry are companies. To eliminate the typical content production procedure that takes place in most agencies, we developed our platform and copywriting services from the bottom up. Agencies also benefit from large bulk discounts. Some of the natural health businesses we work with are:

  • Physical therapy
  • Holistic practices
  • Chiropractors
  • Medical offices
  • Surgery centers
  • Psychotherapy
  • PTSD counseling organizations
  • Healthcare screening/testing facilities
  • Prosthetic/cosmetic dentistry
  • Behavioral health services
  • Eye centers/ophthalmology practices
  • Healthcare publications
  • Medical equipment professionals
  • Medical lab software developers
  • Cancer treatment facilities
  • Medical device manufacturers
  • Mental health
Will It Be Obvious to Others That I Engaged a Copywriter?

No, not in the least. All of our material is ghostwritten, so you may attribute it to anybody you choose (or no one at all). As many companies wish to project the image that all of their content was produced by in-house copywriters, we keep our clients’ identities secret.

How Much Do Freelance Natural Health Writers Cost?

For our “Standard” quality, we charge $3.40 per 100 words for our freelance writers (which is already fantastic). Our superstars, on the other hand, charge higher fees; you may play around with our pricing calculator to see what works for you.