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Priceless Experience

Our copywriters are uniquely equipped with a range of market experience that is truly unbound. We have the copywriters you need!


Zero Reruns

Our application of multiple plagiarism screens to every order guarantees that you’ve never seen anything like it!

Dedicated Editors

At no extra cost, you’ll be assigned a content manager who acts as an unseen editor, ensuring that every order fits your exact needs.

Infinite Rewrites

If we have to ball it up and start over until we fill a digital dumpster that’s ok with us! As many times as it takes without added fees!


Search Successful

Our experience with SEO is impressive with regard to marketing content. It’s what our entire platform was built on, and likely why you’re here!

More = Less

Ordering in bulk saves you a ton of money with our discounts. The more you buy the more you save; no membership required!

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It’s hard to imagine that we have scouted the most widely diverse writing team on the web today (with the exception of crowdsourcing) and that we are fortunate enough to be able to satiate any industry request. Though we may not have goat rental specialists at the moment, there is almost certainly a knowledgeable, talented individual in our ranks who could be considered qualified for that gig.

When we say “we have an experienced writer in your industry,” we absolutely mean it!

With reserve for the sake of your brain’s comfort as well as the space on this page, we’ll give you a few examples of what we offer in regards to marketing content.

We are proud to contract:

Chief marketing officers from dozens of companies that span multiple industries, product marketing managers, lead copywriters from a range of industries, marketing assistants, marketing coordinators, brand ambassadors, digital marketing managers, marketing analysts, and just about every other white-collar title in the marketing universe. Some of the more qualified marketing writers we have include psychologists with a range of specializations from sociology and horde patterns to individual sales tactics and the human mind’s affinity for dopamine activated through buying and selling.

Content Marketing Across Many Contexts

Requested Content Delivered Purposefully

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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

Why is it important that I work with marketing content writers who know about the marketing industry?

It’s important to hire marketing copywriters who know about the marketing industry but it’s also important to be sure they know about the specific industry that is being marketed. This is because trends, patterns, and typical market behavior can vary by an incredible margin from market to market. Hiring a close-second or at worst, total mismatched expertise could result in hiring a copywriter who is disinclined to write intelligent, informed content.

This is terrible for all sales metrics across the board, as well as for a company’s overall image. We mitigate this possibility by firstly ensuring that we maintain the highest quality of experienced writers originating from a diverse quantity of industries, and secondly by gifting our clientele with the writers who best match their requests, industry, and overall disposition.

What kind of marketing content should I write?

Without a few vital details, there is no effective way to suggest what you may need. When you inquire to begin the process of ordering our marketing content we’ll help you ascertain more definitive answers but to give a few examples:

If you have a tangible product or many products that you want to sell either online or in print, you’ll be needing some highly effective copy written in the form of product descriptions. This will ensure that anyone who looks at your products will also have a more sensory experience from reading the content that goes with it; increasing the likelihood of converting sales.

On the other hand, maybe you sell services or software and you need copywriting for your website. Website content will be most beneficial to your overall goal. It will grab visitors’ attention with engaging, purposeful writing and walk them along the path of conversion.

Does your site already have content? So traffic is what you’re aiming for then? We have that in the bag with our SEO & keyword content! We’ll take a look at what you have, and make (mostly) minor but necessary adjustments to fit the liking of search engine algorithms as best as possible.

Public relation is a difficult endeavor. When you need to win over a group of (or a mass of) consumers for any given reason white papers can help to achieve this through a finely tuned approach exhibiting precisely the reasons why the audience should be seeing things your way.

Anything that a media outlet may find suitable or even what some might consider B2B content can be described as general article content. Even broader of a term to use would be simply “copywriting”. Articles are primarily used for online information gathering or entertainment purposes such as “Why The Housing Market Continues To Dip” or “Top Five Companies To Work For In 20XX”. Freelance marketers will see the most use from articles. Copywriting benefits all of those within the marketing industry!

How much do freelance marketing copywriters cost?

Depending on the specific industry the copywriter contracts for, their level of experience, as well as their overall skill level, and achievements if applicable; a freelance marketing copywriter can cost the average company anywhere between $50-$200 per hour. This doesn’t include the cost of paying editors and other related expenses.

You may want to sit down for what we’re about to tell you… We have scouted experienced marketing copywriters, we have editors who quality control every order, we even allow infinite amendments and/or rewrites all while offering bulk discounts for orders that start as low as $3.40 per 100 words!! That is an astronomical fraction of what hiring a freelance marketing copywriter would cost the average company.

So whenever you’re ready we can begin your orders, and not just save you money but help you make more!

What kind of marketing experience do your writers have?

Almost every marketing copywriter in our catalog has had multiple years of in-depth career experience working directly in the marketing industry. They range in expertise from one extreme to the other, and from the very top of the hierarchy to the very bottom. It’s safe to say that the marketing industry is one that our talent scouts had no intention of leaving gaps within.

Some of the marketing content writers we contract include:

Marketing consultants, analysts, strategists, content specialists, marketing producers, internet marketing specialists, SEO strategists, SEM specialists, demand generator specialists, email marketers, social media specialists, communications specialists, public relations managers, corporate communications executives, media relations coordinators, data analysts, insight analysts, qualitative research executives (and assistants), affiliate marketing specialists, marketing solutions specialists, engagement coordinators, multimedia communications experts, and the list goes on.

If that weren’t enough, we also have scholars who research the psychology of marketing as well as its implications, and effects on the human condition. We got you covered!

What kind of marketing companies do you write for?

Over the years there have been individual marketing experts who’ve come to us for their content needs, and there have been full-service marketing firms who have requested our content for specific purposes. Just to name a few types of marketing companies we’ve completed orders for:

Public relations agencies, social media marketing firms, SEO agencies, lean marketing firms, digital marketing agencies from many industries, content marketing companies (oddly enough), promotional agencies, ABM marketing companies, and countless freelance marketers spanning the entire scope of the marketing world.

If you have any business in marketing whatsoever, there’s a pretty good chance we’ve worked with a company in your specified industry.

Why should I hire a marketing copywriter?

It may seem like an obvious answer but frankly… If you’re not a marketing copywriter but you need one to help you promote, advertise, sell, gain followers, whatever the case may be, then that is exactly the reason you want to hire one.

More specifically, you would want a marketing copywriter with industry knowledge and experience in your distinct area of the marketing industry. It would be a disaster if you needed a writer with experience as a marketing analyst and ended up hiring the janitor from the sales department.

Will anyone know that you wrote the content?

Absolutely not! There are many reasons for this. Firstly, we are a ghostwriting service, which means that we are contractually obligated to maintain anonymity regarding any work that is sold to a client from our platform. Not just us, but every writer who works for us. They all have agreed to the terms set before their induction into our writer bank, which state that any content they write which a client accepts can no longer be claimed as their own. It may not be used in their portfolios or reposted on any social media with claims that it is theirs.

We also agree to never reuse any content that we sell to a client. Each order is completed as 100% original every time. In fact “on brand” is one of our selling points. We emulate who you are as a company so you can be assured that no one will ever have a second guess as to whether it’s your content or someone else’s!