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"Jill is a Frank Sinatra superfan, a sales copywriter, and a mango smoothie aficionado - in that order."
Jill Sullivan, E-Commerce Writer,
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Hotel Copywriters that Cater to Your Content Needs

Full SEO Amenities

We made The Content Panel while still a successful SEO agency. Although our agency days are over, our sensational SEO experience remains behind to help clients rank better on Google.


Strictly Original Content

Our strict anti-plagiarism detection systems are always on duty to ensure you only get original content. Not only that, but you have exclusive rights to everything we custom-write for you.

Accept/Amend/Ask Again

While it’s a rare phenomenon, you can still request revisions or a completely new writer. It’s free of charge because we only want you to accept content that deserves your five-star rating.

Dedicated Manager on Duty

Hiring hotel writers can be a hassle, so tell your assigned and dedicated content manager all about your needs and preferences, then sit back and relax while they wait, hand and foot on you.


Convert Scrollers to Bookers

We deliver conversion-optimized content designed to make your services a star attraction. Our master wordsmiths will help you turn web browsers into visitors then guests that keep returning.

Experienced All-Star Writers

Our talent pool has 3000+ freelancers for hire, so we’re confident we have someone who patronizes your industry or niche and can bring out the best in your brand.

Hiring our hotel content writers is as easy as 1,2,3.

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"Jess loves reading, writing, and talking about herself in the third person"
- Jessica Hill,
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"Meet the only digital marketer in Seattle who won't put 'social media guru' on his LinkedIn profile".
- Mark Bell
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We’d be a sorry sight without our hardworking and accommodating team of professional writers. They form the backbone of The Content Panel and are exceptionally talented at what they do. We’ve made sure of that by investing huge amounts of resources into recruiting the best and most skilled hotel writers from a diverse range of professions in the industry.

This brilliantly diverse team includes casino hosts, hotel clerks, events managers, wedding planers, chefs, cruise ship attendants, hotel managers, housekeepers, bellhops, valets, waiters, bartenders, and everything in between. As such, we’re able to write authoritatively about almost any hospitality industry topic. 

All our hotel writers are not only handpicked because of their industry expertise but their resilient wordsmith abilities. These are the writers that have passed our rigorous and stringent testing and vetting process to come out on top. Not many can boast such an achievement since we reject over 90% of the people that apply to write for us.

The few that make it all show green flags when it comes to their background, writing samples, references, grammar skills, and knowledge of plagiarism. They also have to pass our written exam and go through a trial period before they become full members of The Content Panel family.

No one knows how long this probation period lasts (except us), and we like to keep it that way. We even conduct periodic quality checks to ensure all our writers are living up to the ideals we have for them. So, when we say our hotel writers are the best of the best, trust us, we’ve got proof to back it up.

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Frequently asked questions

Ask us anything.

Why is it important that I work with hotel writers who know about the hospitality and travel industry?

That’s because it takes a lot of time and energy to keep your establishment running smoothly. Due to the competitive nature of the industry, you need all hands on deck so you can do what you do best. That’s why you should leave the content creation side of things to hotel copywriting services like us.

We have a fully managed team of writers with real-world expertise in your industry, so we’re confident we can represent your brand without any hitches. Not only do we ensure your content needs are fully covered, but we also make sure you never have to stress about the overhead costs associated with having an in house team or the hassle of handling freelance writers.

How much do hotel freelance writers cost?

Our most affordable services start at $3.40/100 words. It’s our standard quality, and the writers are superstars. We have two more quality levels above that at a higher price. The good news is there are no hidden costs whatsoever. If you want to find out more, you can take our pricing calculator for a spin.

What kind of hospitality content should I write?

If you’re unsure where to start with your content requirements, your content manager can make suggestions that you can either approve or reject. For instance, depending on your niche, they may suggest that you start by offering your clientele helpful information about your business.

You could inform them of the kind of amenities you offer, any exclusive deals and promotions they can get. You can even suggest leisure activities they can do and neighborhood spots they can visit. However, hospitality content encompasses much more than this. Generally, our hotel content writing services cover the following types of content:

  • Hotel and hospitality blog posts
  • Specialized tourism services
  • About us pages
  • Landing pages
  • FAQs sections
  • Tour guides
  • Insider holiday and travelling tips
  • Travel and tourism website content
  • Plus, more
What kind of hospitality industry experience do your writers have?

We have the kind of hotel writers that write content that contains connections and references only known by someone with experience in the industry. Our writers come from all corners of the hospitality industry. They are cafe managers, hostesses, housekeeping supervisors, lodging managers, maître d’s, catering assistants, pastry chefs, meeting planners, front office attendants, and everything in between.

Why should I hire hotel writers?

Hiring hotel writers is the best of two options. On the one hand, you could hire a hotel writer that works in-house for you. On the other, you could simply opt to work with an existing team of writers that are already on the ground, ready to work with you.

The first option involves a large commitment money-wise and time-wise, as well as plenty of hassle and the potential for stress if you have to fire subpar writers. The second requires minimal commitment and content that’s delivered without you having to lift a finger. Given both options, choosing the second sounds like a no-brainer to us.

What kind of hospitality, hotel, and travel companies do you write for?

We have lots of clients in the hospitality industry, and they have experience in all corners of it, including:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafes
  • Bars
  • Cruise ship companies
  • Ski resorts
  • Spa resorts
  • Recreational facilities
How long will it take to write my website content?

We want you to enjoy your hotel content as soon as possible, which is why we are always tough on our writers when it comes to deadlines. Generally, our writers have between 24 to 72 hours to complete most jobs.

However, longer pieces may take longer. If there are any delays, your content manager will quickly communicate with you while taking steps to ensure you get your content at the earliest possible time.