What Is A Ghostwriter? And How Do I Hire One?


The ghostwriting business is booming, growing bigger and more popular by the day. But what exactly is a ghostwriter, what are the benefits of having one, and how do you hire one?

What Is A Ghostwriter?

In short, ghostwriters are professional writers you can pay to create content in your name. This means that once the content is completed, the writers won’t get any credit for the work, but they will still get paid for their efforts. The person who commissioned the work will have all of the creative rights, and will usually choose to publish the work under their own name.

You may have heard the term before when talking about book authors. There have been many so-called scandals over the years, where it was revealed that some popular novel or trilogy wasn’t actually written by the supposed author.

What you probably don’t know, though, is that ghostwriting is not as scandalous or shady as it seems. Many bloggers and companies have been hiring ghostwriters to create content for them for years, and it really is a super common practice these days. As long as both the writer and the individual or company hiring them are clear about the terms of their contract, ghostwriting is completely legal!

Why Should I Hire A Ghostwriter?

There are many benefits to hiring a ghostwriter, particularly if your company is relatively new to publishing written content. Writing engaging and optimized content is not easy, so why not have a professional do it for you?

Ghostwriters know what they’re doing

Becoming a ghostwriter isn’t easy – these people need amazing writing skills and years of experience writing for content writing services to become a professional ghostwriter, so you have a guarantee that the content they create will be of the highest standard.

Most of the time, they’re capable of creating different types of content, applying various techniques, and adapting their styles appropriately to the task at hand. They also usually know exactly how to optimize the content for search engines, which is especially handy if you’re looking to rank high in search results.

Ghostwriters will save you time

Outsourcing a ghostwriter will definitely save you a lot of time. These people are trained to write high-quality pieces in as little time as possible, and many have decades of experience in this industry. Even relatively inexperienced beginners will be much more efficient at writing a 1,000 word blog post than someone at your company, as the only thing they’ll be worrying about is the project at hand, and not the other responsibilities at your company.

Ghostwriters will build you a great reputation

Let’s face it, practically every company out there will want to outshine their competitors. An incredibly easy way to do that is by publishing great content that your readers can enjoy and relate to. We know from experience that customers are much more likely to trust a brand that consistently provides high quality content and connects with their readers.

Hiring a ghostwriter will let you do just that. They’ll be consistently producing amazing blog posts and articles on your behalf, targeting a wide audience, and building up a positive reputation surrounding your brand. In no time, you’ll be seeing increased traffic to your site and more active customers than ever before.

Ghostwriters will produce authentic content

Now, we know what you’re thinking. “Won’t hiring someone to write for me and pretending that I’m the author diminish the content’s authenticity?” No, it won’t!

A good ghostwriter will work closely with their client, identifying exactly what information they want to convey and how they want it to happen. Most of the ideas they use will come directly from you – a ghostwriter’s job is simply to make something great out of a rough draft of ideas provided by you. This means that you won’t be losing out on any authenticity, and if anything, it’ll come across to your readers in a much better way than it would if it was written by you!

It’s the same principle as with app developers. The CEO won’t be creating every single line of code that goes into the app, they’ll be hiring professionals to fulfill their requests.

How To Hire A Ghostwriter

Actually hiring a ghostwriter to work for you can be pretty daunting. It can be hard to recognize who is and isn’t reputable, especially if you don’t have much experience in this business. Here are some tips to get you through this process:

Know what you need

Establishing what sort of content you need and how you want it to be created is one of the most important things you’ll need to do before even starting to look for a ghostwriter. Knowing exactly what you need will help you narrow down your search and avoid wasting your time with unsuitable candidates.

Find professional ghostwriters

When looking for a ghostwriter, use the most popular freelancing websites you can find and create a job posting. Make it very clear that you’re looking for a ghostwriter, and explain exactly what that means – some people simply apply for every job they see, and they may not have the right skills or mindset to actually be a ghostwriter. Include as much detail about your requirements and the ideas you have to make sure you only attract capable writers.

Assess your potential candidates

Once people start contacting you about your job posting, or you decide to reach out to someone by yourself, establish that you will need to see some samples of their work. The best way to check a ghostwriter’s writing style and quality is to ask them to write something short just for you, rather than to see examples of previous work – sine ghostwriting comes with zero credit, it’ll be hard for them to prove the published work was written by them.

You can also ask for contact details of their previous customers to get a reference for them, or check their client feedback if the site you’re using offers that service.

Discuss details and create a contract

Once you find a writer that’s suitable for your project, discuss all of the details with them and establish some form of agreement. We recommend arranging a meeting every of couple days or so if it’s a big project, to make sure that the writer is on the right track.

Above all, remember to be clear with what you want and how the writer should do their job – as we said before, they’re just there to bring your ideas to life, so play an active role in the content creation!