How To Hire A Freelance Writer (Without The Hassle)

Freelance Writers

When you are in the market to hire a freelance writer, there are several factors that can make the experience time consuming and challenging. Freelance writers often bring a certain mentality to their work, pointing to the “freelance” in their title as though it waves off any deadline that dared to rear its ugly head.

Deadlines, or the lack thereof, aren’t the only complication that can arise when you’re in the market to hire a freelance writer. Conversely, it’s basically the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Some of the biggest issues in hiring a freelance writer have been:

  • It can be incredibly difficult to vet and test freelance writers. A freelance writer may have a portfolio, however, the work that is saved to their portfolio may read nothing like their daily content writing. Overall, the portfolio samples that are usually sent in lieu of writing tests often isn’t indicative of the writers skill set.
  • It can be incredibly nerve racking to try to control deadlines in regards to freelance writers and adherence to deadlines. Some freelance writers view deadlines as more of a suggestion than an actual deadline.
  • If your need for content or copy requires more than one writer, you would almost require a dedicated staff member to manage the freelance team. That in itself can become rather tricky, and would raise the question, “Would it be easier just to hire a team of in house writers?”
  • If you work in a niche industry or require highly technical writing, it can be time consuming and difficult to find writers that are experienced in your content needs. Hiring writers to create white papers, for example, can be time consuming and highly challenging. Technical writers, SEO writers, and niche bloggers with industry specific skills aren’t often job searching for good reason; they are a much smaller subset of freelance writers and are typically in high demand.
  • When working with freelance writers, giving feedback, criticism, and requesting amendments can be challenging at times. Although largely dependent on the writer, some freelance writers aren’t open to criticism, constructive or otherwise.
  • With just this small sample of issues that hiring freelance writers can open your business up to, it almost mandates a dedicated member of the staff simply to manage the freelance writers in your employ. If you don’t have the additional staff necessary to manage a team of freelance writers, you want to choose a smarter option. The Content Panel has custom solutions to your freelance writer needs.

We Will Provide Solutions As Needed

  • We handle testing and vetting the freelance writers in their employ. When you hire us, you hire 3000 tested and vetted freelance writers that are only offered the jobs that they are qualified to write. The AI used by us scans through the bank of writers, compares your content request to the list of skilled writers, and matches you to a freelance writer that can fulfill your request to your exact specifications.
  • We take deadlines very seriously. If a writer misses the deadline set by us, the task is immediately given to another writer to be completed in a higher priority bracket. We set the initial deadline much earlier than the client in order to plan for any contingencies due to missed deadlines. Also, freelance writers rarely miss deadlines with us, as they are informed that the AI will exclude them from any further work for doing so.
  • We manage a multitude of freelance writers with ease using the writer dashboard. All of the FAQ’s and necessary information that a freelance writer needs can be found on their personalized dashboard. There is no need to have individual interactions with the writers on a regular basis because they have their assignment, instructions, pay information, and many other helpful topics accessible from their dashboard.
  • Industry experience, SEO specialists and Technical Writers are easy to match with on our dashboard, because the AI selects exactly what sort of specialized writer you need for your content, then selects the writers that match those qualifications. Only writers with the necessary skills are offered the task, while the writers that are not qualified to complete the task do not see the job visible in their queue.
  • We employ an annotation tool on our website that makes communication, feedback, and amendment requests quick and painless. Simply highlight the text that needs to be amended, add your comments, and the AI will send the document back to the writer immediately for revision. We have unlimited revisions on all of the content that you purchase from us, so it will be revised until it is the exact document or article that you requested and expected.
  • With us in charge of your copy needs, there is no need to burden yourself or your staff with the management of freelance writers and their tasks. We employ proprietary AI software that manages the writers, assigns your copy to only the most skilled and qualified freelance writers, and walks your copy from assignment to approval without the need to interact with the writer. This ensures that you and your staff are free to do what you do best, and we will deliver your custom articles and copy quickly and efficiently.
  • The best part about hiring us is that all of the above listed solutions are available to you at pennies over the cost of pre written articles and copy. For a starting price of $29.99, you can have all of the solutions we have mentioned here, and many others as well. We will provide you with impeccable, clean, and engaging content in a timely fashion for an affordable price. Visit us and request a sample document so that you can see for yourself exactly why everyone is turning to us for their copy and article needs.