10 Ways to Find Remote Freelance Writing Jobs in South Africa

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When you first start writing, finding reliable work can be difficult, especially if you’re in South Africa where the market is still developing. You may start by simply googling freelance writing jobs South Africa but end up not knowing where to start once all those search results come up. Fortunately, you don’t have to go through the hassle, because we will share some top ways to find remote freelance writing jobs in South Africa, below.

Let’s get started.

Here Are Ways to Launch A Fabulous Freelance Writing Career in SA (Number 10 Will Get You There Faster)

1. Job Boards

There are many free job boards like ProBlogger and Blogging Pro where you can find entrepreneurs, agencies, and small businesses looking for freelance writers. You can also check out sites like Freelance Writers Den, FlexJobs, and Solid Gigs, which require a fee.

2. Your Portfolio Website

An online portfolio is a great way to find freelance writing jobs, whether it’s your personal blog or a website you made specifically to host your writing samples. Be sure to only showcase high-quality content that impresses anyone who visits your website.

3. Social Media

Social Media platforms like Facebook and Twitter are not just for sharing popular Jacob Zuma memes. You can also land some profitable writing gigs, especially if you know which hashtags to search for. You can even follow writing job boards that tweet and post helpful links. 

4. GumTree

You can find all sorts of things on GumTree, including cars, bakkies, property to rent, and freelance writing jobs. You can also create your own account and use it to advertise your services.

5. Networking with Other Freelancers

The good news about writing is there’s more than enough work for everyone, so other freelancers are definitely not the competition. Once you reach out to writers like you, you’ll be surprised how much you can learn and discover through the interaction.

6. Referrals from Friends and Family

If you’re a freelance writer for hire, the best way to advertise yourself is to tell anyone and everyone you meet, starting with those closest to you. They may not be potential clients, but if you ask them to, they’ll refer you to 

7. Cold Pitching

Cold pitching doesn’t have to be scary and nerve-wrecking. You just need to narrow down suitable clients in your niche and create a customized pitch that covers your skills and how you can help them grow their business.

8. Guest Blogging

Writing for popular and established sites is a great way to get noticed by hundreds and even thousands of people. It’s also awesome if you want to boost your experience and grow your portfolio of published samples. If you get paid for it, that’s even better.

9. Linkedin Jobs

What better way to land writing jobs than a social platform made specifically for professionals? You can show people you’re open to networking, find clients to cold pitch to, and visit the Linkedin job board to see what’s new, plus more.

10. The Content Panel

I’ve saved the best for the last. When it comes to freelance writing jobs South Africa, The Content Panel is your best bet. Unlike some options mentioned above, (for instance some clients on job boards only hire writers from the U.S. and U.K.) TCP is looking for South African freelance writers for hire. This offers an amazing opportunity to earn decent money without hassle, regardless of which province you live in. In other words, it’s the Woolworths of freelance writing jobs.

So, Tell Me More About The Content Panel…

Still wondering why The Content Panel is such a big deal. As part of this awesome and amazing writing team, I have got some helpful questions to common questions you probably have.

How Many Rands Will I Get?

For starters, The Content pays out in U.S. dollars, which you can then convert to the equivalent rand amount. Generally, you can earn between $3.00 and $5.00, which are terrific rates that are hard to find in South Africa.

How much you get all depends on the type of orders you will work on. For instance, longer articles with more words have a higher pay out than shorter articles. 

Your pay also depends on your internal rating, the amount of research needed, and the quality of writing. If you want to earn more, all you have to do is join The Content Panel as soon as possible, stick around, write quality content, and get good comments from the clients. 

How And When Do I Get Paid?

You’ll get paid every Monday for every order that’s approved the previous week. This never changes and there’s no minimum amount you have to reach before you can get paid. 

The Content Panel pays out via PayPal, you’ll need to open a Paypal account that’s connected to the same email address you used to sign up. What’s more, you must verify your PayPal account before submitting your application.

Can I Advertise Myself or Use The Content For My Samples?

Unfortunately, no. You’ll be doing ghost writing work, so once a client buys your work, it no longer belongs to you in any way shape or form. That means you can’t publish the name under your name or linking to the client’s content is a violation of international copyright law.

How Much Experience Do I Need To Have?

As long as you’re passionate about writing, respectful of deadlines and can write quality content, you’re good to go. However, it does help if you’re an already established writer as this will help you to quickly move up the rankings to the higher paying jobs.

Can I Apply From Any Place In South Africa?

Absolutely yes. The Content Panel is your first stop, if you’re searching for any of the following: 

  • Freelance writing jobs Cape Town
  • Freelance writing jobs Durban
  • Freelance writing jobs Johannesburg, 
  • Freelance writing jobs Soweto
  • Freelance writing jobs Pretoria
  • Freelance writing jobs Port Elizabeth

All you need are the skills, the ability to meet deadlines, and a working internet connection.

Is There Room For Making Spelling and Grammar Mistakes?

That’s a hard no. If you want to join this writing team you’ll need to write on a professional level and deliver content that’s perfect. While you won’t be penalized for small mistakes here and there, it’s good to always submit your best work so you can improve your internal ranking.

Do I Have To Pay to Apply?

Not at all. All our writers joined for free, and you can too.

Still Got Questions? We Have All the Answers

Are The Freelance Writing Jobs Legit?

If you have been searching for freelance writing jobs South Africa for some time, chances are you may have come across some scams. However, there are platforms like The Content Panel, which value the work you do and are willing to pay your worth.

Can Anyone Apply? 

At The Content Panel, we believe any South African can be a good fit for us. We don’t discriminate based on profession or experience. As long as this is something you love to do and have a wonderful way with words, then you can definitely apply.

How Does the Process Work?

Once you have successfully joined our writing team, the process of writing and submitting orders all begins with our A.!. We call him Panel Brain. He’s the one that analyzes the available orders then determines which are best for you based on your current rating. 

Over time, as you get more positive feedback from clients, your internal rating in our system will also improve, and you’ll have access to hire paying jobs. Other technical details you need to know about is that you’ll need to submit your work as word document. Be sure to check it with Grammarly and proofread before submitting.

Can I Communicate Directly With The Client?

You’ll be able to communicate with the client using an intuitive internal commenting system we developed. Typically, there’s no need for this if the client finds your first draft to be perfect. However, they may need a few changes made, in which case they will simply highlight the areas that need work and add comments.

We will notify you via email if there are any amendment requests from a client you have written for. We encourage you to make the changes as soon as you can and within the specified deadline. Once you’re done, resubmit the content and wait for it to get approved, so you can get paid!

What Happens If I Miss a Deadline?

Missing a deadline is never a good thing, but we understand that it happens from time to time. However, we do value the quality of service we offer to our clients and there’s a possibility that if you miss too many deadlines, your account may end up being terminated.

Are you ready to join the best platform for freelance writing jobs South Africa and write for us? Get serious with your freelance writing career by applying with us, so you can get some serious money.