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How Can Our Dental Website Content Writers Help Your Business?

These are just some of the proven ways that our dental website content writing services can boost your bottom line.

Great Dental Content Gets Noticed By Google

  • Due to the long term nature of the relationship dentists and dental patients have there’s a huge amount of competition for dental leads online. Because of this, the dental sector is one of the most competitive in the world in terms of SEO. You need great content to rank in the top spots, and for that, you need a great content writing service…
  • To ensure that your dental website content works as hard for you as it possibly can, you need to try and capture every potential visitor possible from Google with it. Ensure you work with writers that understand the importance of long-tail keywords in the dental industry.
  • Google is getting smarter and smarter at an alarming rate, they’re close to understanding the meaning of the content on a website instead of just matching phrases and keywords. Ensure your website content is written by someone that understands things like search intent, and NLP writing techniques that will allow you to stay one step ahead of the competition.

Great Dental Content Converts Visitors Into Patients

  • People put a huge amount of trust in their dentists. Having someone drill, cut, scrape, and scale in your mouth is not something people take lightly. Your dental website’s content should convey your skill, expertise, and professionalism in a relatable manner.
  • Being scared of going to the dentist is (unfortunately) a real phobia that many people have to deal with. There’s a perfect tone of writing that any good writer should know how to use for a dental website’s content – it’s personable, reassuring, and friendly while remaining professional throughout.
  • Visitors to your dental practice’s website are great, but unless you’re converting them into leads you’re only winning half the battle. You should ensure that your writer knows how to gently nudge your visitors into picking up the phone or sending an email (without sounding pushy).

Great Dental Content Is Ready To Rock

  • Social media is more important in the dental industry than ever before. It gives you a chance to convey your personality and connect with existing and potential patients on a very human level. Ensure you work with a dental website content writer that knows how to create super sharable, socially optimized content as standard.
  • It’s important that you work with a writer that’s able to work with the layout of your website to create effective copy. You could have Shakespeare write your homepage’s content, but if it’s not going to fit correctly in the space your web designer has provided for it – it’s almost useless.
  • Creating and uploading enough content for your entire dental website is no small task, so it’s important your writer does as much of the prep work for you as possible. Ensure you work with a writer who’s going to provide you with proofread, grammatically perfect dental content on time, every time.

We Only Work with The Best Dental Website Content Writers

Here are some of the many world-class publications our writers have been published in.

Here's how it works...

Why Use Us For Dental Content Writing Services?

Here’s a few of the reasons that we think you should trust us with your content…


Your Money Or Your Life

Google pays super special attention to healthcare search queries. They call them “Your Money Or Your Life” (YMYL) queries, and they expect the content in their top 10 results to be very, very high quality – they go as far as to manually review YMYL websites with humans sometimes!

Due to this, it’s imperative you work with a content writer that has experience in the dental industry and knows what they are writing about. We have over 3,000 writers in our talent pool, some are retired dentists, some are technicians, some are dental hygienists and nurses. Simply put, we’ve got the writers perfect for your industry.


Our A.I Flosses Twice A Day

Sorting through writers for your dental website’s content can be a tiresome chore. You have to find them, vet them, test them, interview them, hope the sample they have shown to you is representative of their work, and hope they meet deadlines. It’s a long process (that often times has to be repeated).

We’ve developed an artificial intelligence called Panel Brain that does this task for you free of charge. Panel brain will search our talent pool for the best dental writers, and offer your job to them instantly.


SEO To Make You Smile

All of our writers are experts in writing content that Google loves – and in an industry as competitive as the dental industry, that’s super important! Our writers will understand what your visitors are looking for when they reach your page and write content with that in mind (instead of just mindlessly targeting keywords). They’ll also use NLP writing techniques that help Google understand the quality and relevance of the content on your dental website.


Keywords, Keywords, and more Keywords

To get the most out of your dental content your website needs to target the obvious large keywords, but it also needs to try and get traffic smaller long-tail keywords too. These are keywords that have a low amount of monthly searches, but they’re also super easy to rank for. Our writers will include longtail keywords as standard with all of your dental website content, ensuring you get every single visitor possible…


Turning Visitors Into Happy Patients

Once you’ve got traffic to your website you’ve got to entice your visitors to pick up the phone or send out an email – which can be easier said than done. There’s a fine line between gently nudging visitors to reach out and being too pushy. Our writers are experts in walking this line, and they will subtly suggest your desired actions to your visitors – increasing conversion rates and ultimately, your patient numbers.


Website Ready Dental Content

We train, test, and vet all of our writers before we allow them to work on jobs for our clients, and we have very high standards for the finished product they produce. All of our content is proofread, grammatically perfect, and ready for publication on your website with no editing required by you or your team.


Awesome Amendment Systems

Most of the time our writers create dental content that’s perfect on the first draft, however from time to time our clients might want the writer to make some small changes to their work. We’ve developed a system that allows our clients to highlight sections of their content and add comments to it for the writer to action as a priority (free of charge). It’s an innovative and efficient way of communicating your requirements and ideas for improvement digitally.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a YMYL search term? And how does it impact my dental website content?

Google is very secretive about their inner workings and ranking factors, but when it comes to YMYL content – they’re an open book. YMYL stands for “Your Money Or Your Life”, and Google has said they pay special attention to search results for these kinds of searches. Examples of searches that fall into this category are things like credit cards, healthcare, and dentistry.

Google manually reviews many search results in YMYL industries and holds the websites in their top results to a much higher standard than their other queries (due to the potential for harm if people are exposed to inaccurate or fraudulent information). Because of this, it’s critically important for your dental website content to be of the highest quality. It needs to be authoritative and accurate, for the benefit of your patients, and your position in Google.

I have a list of dental keywords, can you include them?

Yes absolutely. We will also find LSI keywords based on the main keywords you give us.

Can you suggest dental topics for my blog?

Yes, we can! Check out our blog management subscriptions for more information.

What other kinds of content can you write?

We’re a full-service content writing service. This means we can write almost any kind of content for any kind of industry. From articles to product descriptions and everything in-between.

Is your content original? Am i the only person who will have it?

The content we write for your dental website is 100% original. We check for plagiarism before the content reaches you, and we never resell it.

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