Explained: The Top 3 Benefits Of Copywriting


Any content you create, whether for print or internet, needs to capture the reader’s interest. However, creating content to match the quality of your product and brand is only half of the challenge. With most consumers turning to the internet for product research, it’s important that the quality of content piques the interest of not just the casual reader but also of the Google AI that lurks to find the best search engine results.

These days, with Google’s increasingly sophisticated search algorithms, creating content that produces high-ranking search engine results is vital to your business. Should you rank high enough to achieve page 1 status, your site then has a split second to entice potential customers to visit your site. Every single detail of your content must be optimized for results – search results, click results, and conversion results.

Your content should invite readers to linger rather than push them away, to subscribe to your information, and to choose you or purchase your product. To accomplish this, potential customers need to feel informed, and they must believe that you are a reputable choice for their needs.  The content you create and publish must be the perfect balance between technical expertise and engaging content, keeping your readers interested while also making sure you show up highly ranked in search engine results pages. By employing a professional copywriter, you give yourself the best chance at success.

As the adage goes, work smarter not harder. The benefits of working with a professional copywriter are many, but the most important thing is maximizing content with minimal effort. The best way to do that is to work with someone skilled to produce the results you are seeking.

There are three primary benefits of working with a professional copywriter to help you reach your sales and marketing goals.

1. Time.

If you have ever sat down to write a short paragraph on a subject of interest, you know it is not always so simple. It is possible to languish for hours or days trying to get the words just right and to still not feel satisfied with the end product. By working with a professional copywriter, you save yourself an enormous amount of time and effort. The best copywriters will seek to understand your exact aims and then work to craft perfect content that is ready to smoothly incorporate into your desired platform. The adage, though old, is not wrong – time is money.

Don’t waste time spinning your wheels, trying to create an ideal version of content when you can work with a professional copywriter. Typically, great copywriters can develop expert content within a short timeframe, giving you time for any necessary tweaks and amendments. Additionally, an expert copywriter will write with your voice, in the style you desire, and in a way that helps increase conversions. This may require some back and forth at first, but the longer you work with one copywriter or one copywriting service, the more fluid this interaction will become.

2. Quality.

Unless you or someone else on your team possesses professional writing talent, the quality of content produced by a copywriter will far outpace anything you can produce with your own resources. Any published content ought to be flawless, avoiding unnecessary grammatical or spelling errors that would diminish the trustworthiness of your service or product. Professional copywriters are skilled at making you look and sound like the expert without distracting writing errors.

A talented copywriter can transform your content into engaging prose to help your team make the sale without sounding pushy. The content they produce will establish you as the industry authority with well-researched, and if necessary well-documented, content. They can pave the way for the reader to connect with your business, trust your brand, and become a loyal patron.

3. Technical Expertise.

Google algorithms will only grow more sophisticated with time, and an expert copywriter knows how to maximize SEO without cramming keywords into the content. The best copywriters will employ tools such as LSI and longtail keywords to get your content recognized by the massive Google search engine, and they will do it in a way that is natural and readable for your potential clients. Keywords still matter, but they must be used with great discretion and pinpoint accuracy.

Excellent copywriters also create content that can be shared across online platforms. Google algorithms look to see how long people stay on a page and click through a site, but they also look to see the frequency with which your content is shared. By working with a copywriter, you will not only have the high-quality website content you need to generate more traffic, but you will also come away with the kind of content people like to share.
Finding a suitable copywriter for your project can be as complicated as you want to make it. You can either search for a freelancer on your own, or you can work with a company that vets and screens copywriters for different types of projects. By searching on your own, you may get an in-depth look at the writer before making an investment, but it will require more time and effort on the front end. By working with a copywriting service, you save yourself a significant amount of time. However, you may not feel comfortable with your level of knowledge about the writer. In that case, it is important to work with a copywriting service you know you can trust.

Working with a copywriter may feel unwieldy, as though you are entrusting your prized possession to a complete stranger. However, the right copywriter will work to forge a strong partnership with you so that anything they produce for you sounds like it came from your desk. This means they will have your goals, your intentions, and your best in mind with every piece of content. Save time, invest in talent, and reap the benefits of a skilled copywriter for your next project. You will not be disappointed.