What Is Ghost Blogging? And Should You Do It?

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You’ve launched a business, and you’re growing. You want to maximize traffic to your website to showcase your product or service, and the research shows a resurgence in blogging. But you don’t have the time, talent, or technical expertise to make your blog work for you. The good news is that you don’t have to have any of those things to have a successful blog; you just need a ghost blogger.

What is Ghost Blogging?

If you’ve ever heard of ghost writing, then you’ve heard of ghost blogging. It’s the same principle: someone writes for you to take your thoughts and your voice and putting it all in writing so that you don’t have to. The best ghost blogging relationships require some attention and familiarization so that your writer can write for you with confidence.

Some have asked the question as to whether ghost blogging is ethical. The premise of this question comes from the idea that blogs typically help you form a relationship with your audience. However, that is no longer the sole purpose of a blog. Businesses use blogs to showcase products and services, and at times ideas. Additionally, the products of ghost bloggers go through as much review and editing as the owner chooses. If the product of a ghost blogger was uniquely set apart from the business owner, it could be construed as misleading. But it this case, it’s not, and therefore it is entirely ethical.

Ghost bloggers can be hired individually as freelancers, or they can be part of a company that can be contracted to provide those services. In most cases, entities that supply writers to businesses have created processes to ensure that the writer selected is the best fit for your business, and they typically have editing and review steps in place to ensure that the content they develop meets your needs.

Why should you use a ghost blogger?

It may feel uncomfortable to turn your content over to a stranger, but if done right, your ghost blogger won’t be a stranger for long. In the long run, choosing to work with a ghost blogger will save you time and money, and it will help you optimize the return on your web investment. Here are 3 reasons why you should consider using a ghost blogger.

  1. You need a blog. These days, Google AI is looking for high-quality content to display on its search engine results pages. In the past, you could fill your content with high-quality keywords and call it a day; but now, Google AI is much more sophisticated. It’s looking for the sites that demonstrate throughout the content that they present an authoritative voice on the topic at hand. This means including longtail keywords and writing content that incorporates latent semantic indexing throughout the piece.

It’s been shown that dense, longer, and well-written content tends to rank higher in Google search engine results pages; a blog or something like it has become a necessity for content marketing to ensure that your business shows up in search engines. Besides, why wouldn’t you want an opportunity to prove to your clientele that you are the expert in their field, which is why they should purchase your product or service? A blog is the best way to do that.

If the idea of a blog overwhelms you, then ghost blogging is for you. A ghost blogger takes the pressure of making the writing work for you off of your shoulders and frees you to build your business.

  1. Save time; make money. Writing takes time and effort. Great writing takes even more time and effort, and perhaps a bit of talent. If blogging isn’t your passion, and you have business-building to occupy your time, then there aren’t better reasons to choose to use a ghost blogger.

Excellent ghost bloggers will have quick turnaround times for your content. Typically speaking, the best will produce content in 24 to 72 hours depending on the complexity of the topic. With clear parameters and a set deadline, your ghost blogger will deliver.

If you had the opportunity to maximize your investment without putting in the sweat and tears, would you do it? Ghost bloggers can do that for you. By working hard to optimize your search engine results, ghost bloggers help bring traffic to your website and then help you convert that traffic into happy clients. Save your time and make money; maximize your output without the effort.

  1. Tap into talent. For most people, writing is a struggle at best. We get trapped in information loops in our brain that won’t come out on paper. Ghost bloggers make writing look easy because it is…for them. Not only does it come easy to them, they usually enjoy it. For ghost bloggers, writing is more than a job; it’s an outlet.

Ghost bloggers are typically excellent writers, and if you look in the right places, they will possess industry experience making them an invaluable asset to your team. You may be surprised at the value they add to your business product when they bring depth and experience. The best ghost bloggers will work with you until they know exactly what you’re looking for in the content and how you want it to sound to the reader.

Even if you are a great writer or have an excellent writer on your team, experienced ghost bloggers still bring a wealth of technical expertise and know-how to leverage your blog to bring traffic to your website. It’s no longer enough to just write what you think; you have to write to what your reader might think when they begin their search. Writing to meet their search intent is crucial for getting your posts to show up.

What to Look for in a Ghost Blogger?

When you begin the search for a ghost blogger, finding someone who can throw words on a blog isn’t good enough. You need your content to read naturally and to sound like it would coming from you. Maybe you don’t want to search at all – there are ways to find a great ghost blogger without having to evaluate, interview, vet, and train a new team member. So what should you look for?

  • Talent. If you don’t know what a talented piece of writing looks like, find someone who does. Run your options by a trusted source before choosing someone to write for you. Anything you post on your blog needs to engage your reader; without that ability to inspire your reader to keep reading and possibly purchase, it’s a waste of time. If you don’t know someone who can recognize talent, hire a content development firm that will help supply you with the talent they’ve already identified.
  • Technique. As mentioned above, writing to meet Google specifications so that your blog and your website will show up in search engine results pages takes some thoughtfulness and skilled writing techniques. If you find you are out of your depth on what this means, ask someone knowledgeable about what you should look for. Additionally, some firms provide trained, talented writers that know how to write for search engine optimization. Hire them to find you the right ghost blogger for your business.
  • Questions. The best writers, or the best content development firms, will ask lots of questions to understand exactly what you want and how you want it written. If you find someone who isn’t asking you questions, you found the wrong person, and the content will likely be lacking what you need. No one can read minds, and even the smartest person needs to get to know the ultimate “author” of the content to know the style and tone in which to write. Find the person or firm that asks good questions, that makes you feel more comfortable entrusting them with your content and hire them to be your ghost blogger.
  • Post-ready content. You don’t need to spend time editing content; your role should be to review before it goes to publish. Find a ghost blogger that will produce post-ready content for your blog. This means it should be grammatically correct and error-free, formatted to fit your blogging platform. If your writer cannot deliver that content, find another one. Better yet, find a firm that offers this service and does the editing for you to ensure that the content you receive is ready to go.

Final Thoughts on Ghost Blogging

Content development for your blog doesn’t need to be a chore, or at least not your chore. Building a blog for your business is crucial. It’s what develops clientele, it’s what people will share on social media, and it’s what will turn readers into converts. Blogs establish your authority on the product or services you are selling. Instead of muscling out the blog yourself, look for a ghost blogger. Ghost bloggers can offer creative, skilled, maximized content that will enhance and strengthen your business. Save your time, make money, and invest in ghost blogging to take your business to the next level.