Here’s Why Dead Blogs Are Bad For Business

Business Blogging

Today we’re going to talk about something that’s a little strange for a blog management company to even consider talking about – deleting your blog.

When used properly blogs are one of the most powerful and cost-effective marketing tools brands currently have at their disposal.

But when left to die, there’s a good chance they’re hurting your bottom line.

Why Are Inactive Blogs So Bad For Business?

The benefits of blogging regularly are numerous. One of the most important things blogging brings to the proverbial table is that it is an active signal to the world that your business is alive and well.

If you’re posting, you’re probably profiting too.

Businesses who are no longer operating (or are no longer serious) do not have the time or desire to maintain an active blog.

The problem is that many organizations have a blog on their website that’s not been updated for quite some time. These businesses are often alive, well, and functioning properly – but their blog tells a different story.

The inactive blog shows that once upon a time this business cared enough about its visitors to try and publish free industry-relevant content, but something has changed – because now the blog is dead…

Visitors will be asking themselves things along the lines of:

  • Is the business still operational?
  • Did they stop caring about helping their customers?
  • Perhaps their website is poorly maintained and is a low priority?
  • Did they run out of things to say? If so, how knowledgeable can they be?

To Delete Or Not To Delete

Now I’m not going to sit here and tell you that every business in the world needs a blog to survive – that’s simply not the case. Countless brands have never blogged in their lives and are extremely successful.

However, if you have a blog on your site that’s not being updated regularly – you should seriously consider deleting it. It’s sending all the wrong signals to your visitors, and it’s harming your online presence.

It’s much better for a visitor to think “I wonder why they’ve not created a blog” than it is for them to think “Is this business still operating? Why is their blog so out of date?”.

We’d obviously recommend that you resurrect your blog with awesome content (which we can help with if you’ve not got time). However, it’s not the end of the world if you decide to delete it – it’s much, much better than having a dead blog festering on your homepage.

Use it, or lose it. It’s your call.