3 Little Known Methods To Promote Your Posts

Business Blogging

There are countless resources out there explaining how to promote your posts with some of the “standard” methods of marketing (social media, paid ads, etc etc). In fact, we’ve written some of them ourselves (here, and here).

But today we’re going to do something a little different.

Here are 3 little-known post promotion methods you may not have thought of that we strongly recommend you add to your marketing strategy.

Notify Anyone You’ve Mentioned

There’s a good chance that at some point or another you’ve talked about a brand or a person in one of your posts. The next time you do this, be sure to reach out to the person or organization you’ve mentioned to let them know what you’ve said (unless you’ve not spoken highly of them).

Either send them a quick email or tag them on social media with a link to your post. There’s a good chance they’ll share your content on their social channels or even mention it on their own blog (hopefully with a link back to your site for some extra SEO power).

Share Evergreen Content Again

One of the biggest mistakes we see brands making when it comes to sharing their content on social media is that they think posts can only be shared once – this is simply not the case.

While it’s true that “newsy” posts probably shouldn’t be reshared long after they’ve been posted, evergreen content (content that’s still as relevant today as it was when it was posted) should absolutely be shared again.

It’s a great way to get more traffic for almost 0 effort.

Link To Your Blog In Your Email Signature

There’s a good chance you’ve got a pretty professional email signature attached to every email you send out. If you’re going to the effort of maintaining a blog there’s no reason to be shy about it! Add a link to your blog in your email signature and with every message you send you’ll provide an avenue for additional people to read your content and engage with your brand.

This works best when the link is quite prominent. Don’t just link with “Our Blog” among all your other social profiles and contact information. Go with something like this at the bottom of your signature:

“Want to learn more about The Content Panel and business blogging? We practice what we preach – check out our blog!

Or you can link to a specific post…

“The latest content from the panel – 6 Steps To Create The Perfect Post (Time And Time Again)

If you’re going to link to a post instead of your blog’s main page – then ideally you’ll update your signature with every new post, but in reality, this takes a lot of time.

Unless you’ve got a dedicated IT department (with time on their hands) it’s often more realistic to link to a great evergreen piece of content that will be relevant to the vast majority of people you email.

The Final Word

So there you have it, 3 ways of promoting your posts that you’ve probably not thought of already.

We’ve shared some real nuggets of gold here today. Factoring them into your current marketing efforts should take no time at all, and if you do – we’re pretty confident you’ll see results.