Our Ultimate List: 101 Yoga Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Writing about yoga on your website is a vital part of driving new readers and traffic to your yoga business. However, coming up with content ideas can be difficult, especially when you’re busy with all the other things that go into running a business. That’s why we put together this extensive list of yoga topics for you to pick from. You never have to worry about running low on blog ideas as long as you refer to this post. But even when we provide the topics for you, writing blog posts can be time consuming. Check out our blog writing services and let us do the hard work for you.

Blog Post Ideas About Yoga

  1. Why I Started Practicing Yoga.

Give your readers your origin story. Talk about how you fell in love with yoga and why it’s still so important in your life.

  1. How to Market Your Yoga Studio on Instagram.

Guide your audience on how to make customers out of their Instagram followers by marketing their studio. Talk about the tools you’ve used to find success with this.

  1. 5 Top Yoga Mats.

List out your favorite mats and tell your readers why you love them. What makes them stand out from the rest? Don’t forget to tell them where they can buy each product.

  1. 10 Yoga Poses for Beginners.

Walk your readers through some simple yoga poses that can be done by someone at any experience or fitness level. Give variations for each position to make it more or less difficult.

  1. Expert Advice on Opening Up a Yoga Studio.

Interview an established and well-known yoga instructor in your area. Get their best tips on finding success when opening up a new studio. Ask them about mistakes they made and what they learned from them.

  1. Why You Should Start Doing Yoga Today.

Talk about the benefits of doing yoga and how practicing yoga will improve your readers’ lives. Mention that yoga can be done by anyone, no matter their flexibility.

  1. My 7 Favorite Yogis on TikTok.

Tell your reader why you love each influencer and why you think your audience would benefit from following them on the platform.

  1. 15 Health Benefits of Practicing Yoga.

Give all the healthy reasons you practice yoga and tell your audience why they should be doing it, too. Make sure to cite some credible sources when touting health benefits.

  1. Yoga and Spirituality: 5 Things You Probably Didn’t Know.

List out some lesser-known facts about the spiritual side that yoga has. Talk about how the two are interconnected and how your audience can incorporate their spirituality into yoga.

  1. How Yoga Can Lengthen Your Lifespan.

Talk about the ways your readers can have longer lives if they practice yoga. List out any studies that have linked yoga to living longer, and mention the specific ways your audience should practice yoga to get these benefits.

  1. How Yoga Can Make a Difference in Your Life.

Talk about the ways yoga can change your readers’ lives. Have a few long-time yogis give their testimonials on what has changed in their lives since starting yoga.

  1. 7 Ways Yoga is Good for Your Mental Health.

List out the ways practicing yoga can help with anxiety, depression, and overall stress relief. You can interview a psychologist and get their insight on the subject.

  1. Why You Should Be Using Yoga to Cope With The Pandemic.

Explain the ways your audience would be better off if they practiced yoga during the pandemic. You can mention both physical and mental benefits.

  1. 7 Things Yoga Can’t Do for You.

Give a list of things people might think they could get from yoga, but can’t. Explain why your readers might think wrongly about these things and give them more realistic expectations for their yoga practice.

  1. Post weekly yoga routines.

Give your readers a new 20 or 30-minute routine to try out once a week. Ask them to leave feedback in the comments.

  1. How Yoga Can Help With Your Arthritis.

List out the ways yoga might relieve arthritis. Cite a few studies on the subject or interview a doctor about it to give your blog credibility.

  1. 5 Yoga Poses For Lung Health.

Give instructions on how to do each pose and explain what each pose does to make your lungs healthy.

  1. Mindful Yoga: What It Is and How To Do it.

Explain what this type of yoga is and give a tutorial on how your audience can achieve it. List off the benefits of practicing mindfulness.

  1. 7 Things I Wish I Had Known Before Opening My Yoga Studio.

Talk about some of the hard lessons you learned when your studio was in its infancy. What did you learn from it and how might your audience benefit from the same lessons?

  1. My Favorite Yoga Apps.

Talk about the apps you use daily or weekly. Tell your readers why you love each app. If the apps aren’t free, try to provide your audience with discount codes.

  1. How to Open a Yoga Studio on a Budget.

Go over some tips on how your readers can save money and avoid some common pitfalls when they open a yoga studio.

  1. 10 Marking Tips for Yoga Studio Owners.

Give your readers advice on how to market their studio smartly across a wide variety of platforms.

  1. Pranayama Yoga Facts.

Tell your readers what this kind of yoga is and how they can benefit from it. Give some historical facts and go over some health benefits of practicing it.

  1. 7 Signs it’s Time for a Yoga Retreat.

Talk about why your audience might be in the need of a retreat, like if they are experiencing a lot of stress or going through a big change in their lives.

  1. 5 Therapeutic Benefits of Yoga.

Go over some therapeutic perks of yoga. Give the science behind why yoga gives each benefit and talk about what type of person would get the most out of yoga based on these facts.

  1. 10 Reasons to Pick Up a Yoga Habit.

List out some reasons your readers might benefit from starting yoga. Give science-based facts about how it could improve their lives.

  1. Do a post on International Day of Yoga in June.

This is a good time to post a new yoga routine for your readers to try or reflect on your yoga journey so far.

  1. Beginner’s Guide to Meditation.

Teach your readers how to meditate with a tutorial. Go over why meditation can be helpful to your audience and how it’s related to yoga.

  1. Meditation and Yoga All at Once: How to Multitask.

Give a tutorial on how your readers can meditate while they practice yoga. Give tips on how they can ease into this practice and list out any difficulties they should expect when they first start.

  1. What Are The Risks of Doing Yoga?

Go over the common risks associated with practicing yoga. Tell your readers what they can do to help mitigate these risks.

  1. Post a free guided meditation.

Ask your readers to leave comments on what they did or didn’t like about your guided meditation.

  1. How to Practice Yoga at Home.

Tell your audience how they can do yoga outside of a studio. List out any products they might need and tell them where to buy each one.

  1. How to Attract New Customers to Join Your Yoga Class.

List off some tips to attract people to your readers’ classes. Let them know what has worked for you in the past and what techniques fell flat.

  1. Why Doing Yoga at Work Can Help Your Corporation.

Tell your readers how doing yoga on the clock or on breaks can improve corporate culture, promote productivity, and decrease stress in the workplace.

  1. 5 Ways Yoga Boosts Your Immune System.

List out the ways yoga helps your body fight disease. List out scientific studies that link immune health to yoga.

  1. 3 Ways Yoga Promotes Heart Health.

List out how your heart can benefit from yoga. Give evidence on how science has linked cardiovascular health to yoga.

  1. Get a Happiness Boost From This 10 Minute Yoga Flow.

Give a quick yoga tutorial for your readers that will help them feel better. Tell them why this routine will improve their mood.

  1. 5 Yoga Stretches to Relieve Back Pain.

List out some spine-lengthening and stretching yoga poses that help alleviate back pain. Talk about what causes back pain and how your reader can incorporate yoga stretches into their day to combat it.

  1. Offer an online yoga class.

This can be live or pre-recorded. Encourage your readers to participate and talk about their experiences in the comments.

  1. Ask your readers how yoga has impacted their lives.

Use their answers in another blog post to show new yogis why they should be practicing yoga.

  1. How to Make a Yoga App.

Give your readers a tutorial on how they can create a yoga app for their business. List any common problems they might face and how to resolve them.

  1. How to Make Money with Your Yoga Business Online.

List out some tips that helped you make money when you started your business. Warn your readers of potential money sinks that they should avoid.

  1. Write an eBook about yoga.

Offer it for free or at a discount for your readers and ask them to share feedback in the comments.

  1. Do a case study on your favorite yoga blog.

Tell your reader what you love about the blog and why you think it works. Ask your readers to give their opinion in the comments.

  1. 3 Best Yoga Pants for [Year].

Tell your audience why these pants are the best and what makes them stand out from other brands. Let your reader know where they can buy their own.

  1. 5 Inspiring Yoga Quotes.

List out the quotes and tell your readers what they mean to you. Why do you find them so inspiring?

  1. Guide to Using Yoga Blocks.

Talk about why your readers might want or need to incorporate a yoga block into their routines, then give details on how they can do it.

  1. What’s In My Yoga Bag?

Give your readers a walkthrough of all the essential products you keep in your bag to have on hand at the yoga studio. Don’t forget to tell them where they can buy these products.

  1. My Biggest Yoga Fails.

Talk about a few times you didn’t succeed. These can be poses that took you way too long to master or even techniques that you did wrong for a long time before realizing the correct way to do them.

  1. Write a thank you.

Show your appreciation for your audience and anyone else who helped you get to where you are.

50 More Yoga Blog Post Ideas

  1. Why You Should Practice Yoga Every Day
  2. What Doctors Want You to Know About Yoga
  3. How to Advertise Your Yoga Business Locally
  4. How Yoga Can Benefit Kids
  5. 5 Yoga Poses to Clear Your Mind
  6. 7 Ways To Grow Your Yoga Business This Year
  7. 3 Yoga Poses for Better Posture
  8. 7 Ways Yoga Improves Your Sleep
  9. How Yoga Can Help Treat Common Medical Conditions
  10. How to Incorporate Yoga into Your HIIT Routine
  11. How to Calculate Your BMI
  12. Write about someone you admire
  13. Give a behind the scenes look at your yoga studio
  14. Share your favorite yoga Facebook groups
  15. Post testimonials from previous clients
  16. Create an infographic to explain a complicated yoga pose
  17. Reflect on your very first yoga class
  18. Post a day-in-the-life blog
  19. Post a recent photo of you on a yoga retreat
  20. 5 Questions Every New Yogi Asks
  21. Do a Q & A
  22. How to Build a Perfect Yoga Routine
  23. My Favorite Post-Yoga Snacks
  24. How to Use Yoga to Get Rid of Belly Fat
  25. Do a Throwback Thursday post
  26. Update an old blog to make it relevant to today
  27. Do a blog roundup post
  28. Interview your favorite yoga teacher
  29. Do product reviews
  30. Take a survey of your readers and share the results
  31. Do a giveaway
  32. Compare and contrast two popular yoga products
  33. 5 Questions I Wish My Readers Asked Me
  34. 5 Most Common Misunderstandings About Yoga
  35. My Favorite Blogs of the Month
  36. Give a summary of a recent conference you went to
  37. Best Meditation Apps of the Year
  38. My Favorite Yoga Podcasts
  39. 5 Yoga Books You Should Read This Year
  40. 3 Biggest Mistakes New Yogis Make
  41. How to Boost Your Energy Before Yoga Class
  42. Give an unpopular opinion on something in the yoga industry
  43. My 5 Favorite Fictional Yoga Masters
  44. My Life Before Yoga
  45. How To Use Yoga to Survive the Holidays
  46. My Biggest Yoga Milestones
  47. Give a personal story about your yoga journey
  48. Give a rant about something yoga-related
  49. Rave about something you love in your niche
  50. List out your favorite local charities that promote mental or physical health
  51. Share something you’re grateful for