Our Ultimate List: 101 Wedding Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

The wedding industry is a $51 billion a year business and that number grows larger every season. Trends are always changing and parties are becoming more diverse and unique. Brides are always looking for answers to the many questions that may arise while planning a wedding. As a wedding blogger, you can assist brides on their special day by being their guide to local vendors and etiquette.

Connect to your unique audience by using your own experiences in weddings or feature real weddings on your blog to highlight the diversity of wedding planning. This will give your blog a personalized touch and attract traffic to your site. You can also support small businesses in your community by partnering with different vendors to learn more in-depth answers to many brides’ questions and increase traffic to your site and vendors’ sites.

Wedding blogging can become very time-consuming, especially in today’s rapidly changing world. That is why you should count on our blog writing service to help keep your blog up to date. From providing you with blog post ideas to helping you write your blog, our blog writing service does the hard work for you. Below you will find a list of wedding blog post ideas to get your blog off of the ground or if you need inspiration for your existing blog.

Wedding Blog Post Ideas

Below are some popular wedding blog topics ideas to share with your readers.

  1. You’re engaged, now what?

A guide to what comes next after saying “yes”, A timeline of events.

  1. Why hire a wedding planner.

Why should you hire a wedding planner? What is their job on your big day?

  1. How to create a wedding budget.

How to manage your money and keep track of spending.

  1. Finding and hiring a caterer

What type of food do they offer, cost per serving, how do they handle special dietary needs.

  1. To Veil or not to veil

Veil types, lengths, color trends in veils

  1. Which dress shapes work for your figure

Types of wedding dresses, lengths of dresses, trends

  1. Bridesmaids list of responsibilities

Who is responsible for which event, how to assign responsibilities

  1. Creating a wedding hashtag

What is a wedding hashtag? Is it easy to remember?

  1. Creating a personalized wedding blog

What information to include, sharing personal stories and pictures

  1. DJ or Band?

Which do you prefer? Pro’s and con’s of each, song choices

  1. Bridal Makeup Tips

Do’s and dont’s for the big day, how to avoid pancake looking makeup

  1. Favor ideas

What’s trending, unique favors, should you DIY?

  1. Guest book ideas

Unique Ideas for guest books, unusual guest book ideas.

  1. Indoor Or Outdoor weddings

Which venue fits your wedding style. Do you need a tent?

  1. DIY Centerpieces

How tall? Real candles or faux?

  1. Classic wedding traditions

Traditions and superstitions through time. How to add unique traditions to your wedding.

  1. How to address your invitations

Which salutations to use, what exactly goes in your invitation envelopes, do you pay for postage for RSVP’s

  1. Trendy invitation styles

Up to the minute trends in invitations, how to print the invitations yourself, what to include with your invitations.

  1. Bridal hairstyles

How to style your hair for the big day, how to clip your veil

  1. How to find your ideal venue

Descriptions of different types of venues, uncommon venues, what questions to ask the venue.

  1. Winter Wedding Inspiration

Featuring winter weddings, ideas to keep everyone warm.

  1. One dress or two?

Should you change into a reception dress? Different styles of reception dresses. Examples of complementary wedding and reception dresses.

  1. Wedding shoe ideas

Sneakers, flats, or heels? Styles of bridal shoes, Different colored wedding shoes.

  1. Should you invite children to your wedding.

How to word invitations if children are not permitted. Ways to keep children entertained at your wedding.

  1. Bride timeline of events

List of responsibilities for the bride with a timeline of events.

  1. What to expect at your dress fitting

Undergarments to wear to a fitting, how long does it take for your dress to be altered, interviewing a seamstress.

  1. Ceremony music

Which songs to play before, during, and after your ceremony.

  1. Registry needs

What you need in your registry, what not to put on your registry, accepting donations instead of gifts.

  1. Do you need a signature drink?

Styles of signature drinks, alcoholic or non-alcoholic? What to name your signature drink.

  1. Cake topper styles

What type of topper fits your cake? , unique cake topper ideas

  1. Cake Styles

Cake flavor combinations, Icing or Fondant? Preserving the top layer of your cake.

  1. Sitting chart tips

How to plan your sitting chart, types of chairs, handicap accessibility

  1. Bridal Shower Do’s and Dont’s

Guide to bridal shower games, Who plans the bridal shower?

  1. Wedding traditions from around the world

Different traditions from around the world, how to incorporate traditions in your ceremony.

  1. Fall Wedding Ideas

Colors for a fall wedding, venues for a fabulous fall wedding

  1. How to include step-children in your ceremony

Unique ways to include special family members in your ceremony

  1. How to hire a photographer

Must have shots, What should you ask your photographer for great pictures, How to find a photographer within your budget.

  1. First dance ideas

First dance song ideas, should you take dance lessons? Should it be choreographed?

  1. Should you write your own vows?

Inspirational quotes for your vows, How long should your vows be? Should you memorize your vows?

  1. Cocktail Hour

What is the cocktail hour? Should you serve food during your cocktail hour? How to transition guests from ceremony to cocktail hour.

  1. Should you have an open bar?

Pros and cons to having an open bar, How to cut costs and have an open bar, How to hire a bartender, how to let guests know that the wedding will be non-alcoholic. Non-alcoholic drink ideas.

  1. How to find an officiant

Should you have friends as officiants, Courthouse weddings, Which questions to ask your officiant.

  1. Honeymoon Destination Ideas

Where to go on your honeymoon, Setting up a honeymoon budget, how to ask for honeymoon donations. How to plan a staycation for the honeymoon.

  1. Honeymoon Outfit Ideas

Honeymoon Lingerie, Swimwear to wear on your honeymoon, Outfit Ideas according to destination.

  1. Keeping guests comfortable during a summer wedding

Tent options for a summer wedding, Unique ideas for summer wedding favors, Cute bug spray stations for your outdoor wedding

  1. Religious preferences

Different religious wedding traditions, How to have a nondenominational ceremony.

  1. Choosing your wedding color

Popular colors per season, Unique color combinations

  1. Flowergirl style ideas

Flowergirl basket ideas, Flowergirl dresses, Flower petal alternatives for your flower girl

  1. Do you want a formal or informal wedding?

Benefits to both, planning guidelines for both styles of weddings.

  1. Real or fake flowers?

How to hire a florist, Using real flowers versus using fake flowers, What to do with the flowers afterward.

50 More Wedding Blog Post Ideas

  1. Ringbearer ideas
  2. Who makes a toast at your wedding
  3. Groom/Bride Gift Ideas
  4. What is the difference between a maid of honor and a matron of honor?
  5. Songs that get everyone dancing
  6. Unique Centerpiece Ideas
  7. Do you need a calligrapher?
  8. Wedding party make up tips
  9. Who pays for what?
  10. What to pack in an emergency wedding day kit.
  11. Favorite songs to walk down the aisle
  12. How to include your pet in your wedding
  13. What is a grooms cake and should you have one
  14. Preserving your wedding dress
  15. Inspirational readings for your wedding
  16. Should you have a dessert bar
  17. Alternative to cake ideas
  18. Photobooth ideas
  19. Different procession types
  20. Should you have a buffet or a sit-down dinner?
  21. What to expect during the wedding rehearsal
  22. Fun ideas to propose to your bridesmaids
  23. How to propose to the groom
  24. End of night exit ideas
  25. Bachelorette party ideas
  26. How to glam up your dancefloor
  27. Dealing with the unexpected on your wedding day
  28. Father-daughter dance ideas
  29. How to book hotels for your wedding guests
  30. Who to choose to be in your wedding party
  31. Unique wedding dress color ideas
  32. Bridesmaids dresses to love
  33. How to honor a family member that has passed
  34. Rehearsal dinner ideas
  35. How to keep your wedding environmentally friendly
  36. How to plan a destination bachelorette
  37. Should you have disposable cameras as favors
  38. Reading the fine print in vendor contracts
  39. An interview with a wedding planner
  40. Being an organized bride
  41. Bridal planner review
  42. Timeline on the big day
  43. Groomsmen gift ideas
  44. Types of tuxes
  45. LBGTQ weddings
  46. When a vendor refuses to work with you
  47. How to settle bridesmaid disagreements
  48. Kicking someone out of your wedding
  49. Who handles the cleanup?
  50. When to send out thank you cards