Our Ultimate List: 101 Travel Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Many variables can weigh on the mind of a traveler. Whether they are a frequent flyer who travels regularly or a family moving across the country, any small bit of helpful knowledge could potentially save people time, effort, worry, and maybe even their life.

This is why blogging is an integral aspect of traveling no matter if the intent is business, pleasure, or somewhere in between. Travel agencies, transit users, backpackers, traveling executives, and even vacationers all have specific blog needs that need to be met; maybe your blog is the one to meet them?

However, if you happen to be on the road or traveling abroad, you may have a difficult time keeping up with your blog. Let’s face it, blogging can be stressful all on its own. It’s a time-consuming endeavor even when we supply ample topic suggestions. If you ever need a hand with yours, simply ask us about our blog writing services! Just so you can rest easy knowing that your blog is being tended to with great care, head over and check out our blog here at The Content Panel.

In the meantime, if the weight of your blog hasn’t slowed you down too much, feel free to utilize our travel blog topic suggestions!

  1. Top Vacation Destinations For Families/Couples/Individuals/Students

Make them relevant for the current year and be sure that the places are sufficient for the corresponding demographic. I.e, You don’t want to suggest Amsterdam as a top family vacation destination.

  1. Luggage Tetris

Give the best advice on being spatially conservative. The military has much to say regarding this topic and it’s all helpful knowledge. Grant your readers the ability to pack everything they’ll need with room to spare.

  1. Saving To Plan

Suggest a few of the best ways to save money for a trip. This could be as simple as saving pocket change or as intensive as not driving your car and changing the purpose of your fuel budget. There are a million money-saving tips. Just relate them to travel!

  1. Finding Cheap Flights

Saving even a little money on flight tickets could be a huge relief for some people. Advise those who aren’t sure about how to acquire the best deals on flights. This may include a section about seasonal travel.

  1. Kicking & Screaming

Help your readers who have children by letting them know some of the best tips for traveling with kids of varying ages. Unlike a teen, a baby will not understand the pressure differential causing them discomfort while flying. Explain such things.

  1. Tasty Restaurant Locations

This could be “The Best In (Insert City),” or “Restaurants Worth Traveling For.” It’s ultimately up to you, but the possibilities are relatively endless.

  1. One-Tank Trips

Usually based on a specific geographical location such as in a single state. Tell your readers about locations they may visit that are within the reach of a single tank of gas (two at most).

  1. Round-The-World

How does a person plan a trip around the world? Where do you even begin? How do you choose destinations or plan for costs? How do you work out the currency exchange from border to border? All of this will need answers, and your readers will be grateful.

  1. Location-Specific Travel Guides

Pick a destination that people love, and build a travel guide for it. These guides are much better when the writer has been to the destination. In other words, you’ll do better if it’s a place you’ve been and have experience with.

  1. The Essentials

Some things are better left at home. Make a list of the must-have items to keep in your bag, and maybe a list of the essential things to leave out. Some people don’t realize that the entire bathroom doesn’t have to go with them.

  1. Avoidable Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes, but mistakes made while traveling can cost someone money, time, and even their life. List a few of the most common mistakes travelers tend to make and explain how to avoid them.

  1. Vehicle Inspection

Some have never been on a lengthy road trip and don’t know to check certain things in their car beforehand. Explain to check fluids, tire pressures, etc. Having an emergency bag on board is also a good tip.

  1. Theme Parks Around The World

Just as it sounds. The Disney parks would be some obvious ones but there are so many more that people have never heard of. List some of the most acclaimed.

  1. Endurance Travelling

This one will entail tips on how to stay sane during long road trips or long flights. You could suggest books or puzzle games. Just allow the readers to know there are ways to pass time.

  1. Travel Insurance

Not always a common topic even though it should be. Explain to your readers the significance of having travel insurance, and what it may save them in the long run.

  1. World’s Best Beaches

Always a show-stopper! People love the ocean and most of us plan to be there at some point. Give the readers some insight into the best beach locations worldwide.

  1. Travel Tips/ Hacks

Suggest some of the best travel tips that you’ve personally utilized and found invaluable. Inquire to your audience if they have any of their own to get a dialogue going.

  1. Preferred Lodging

The best hotels in any given category. I.e, best price, best luxury, best service, closest to the beach, etc. There are a lot of niche hotels and those could be winners here as well.

  1. If Money Wasn’t A Variable

Discuss the ideal vacation if you could spare no expense. Ask your readers to chime in as well. Best of the best luxury everything.

  1. Unexpected Expense

Explain that sometimes things happen which is why we plan and have extra money put aside for such things. Also, give the readers insight into how to avoid some of the more common blunders.

  1. Rewards For Travel

Many people use credit cards every day unaware that if they were using specific ones they might be gaining benefits to use for travel. Tell them about travel rewards credit cards.

  1. Security Checks

With everything in recent history that has happened, airport security has increased as expected. Detail some of the items that aren’t accepted on flights, I.e anything in an opened bottle, etc.

  1. Airport Etiquette

To make the fast-paced urgency of the airport atmosphere less stressful, certain things keep a smooth operation going. Allow your readers to know a few of them.

  1. Cell Service Abroad

You may notice that your cell phone stops working or that you’re roaming while abroad. This can cause serious problems for some. Give them some options for taking care of this.

  1. Working Abroad

How does a job in travel sound? Great, right? Let your readers know that this is a real possibility and that there are ways to achieve this. List a few of the most common ways to get paid to travel.

  1. Summer Hot-Spots

List some of the most popular summer getaways, and give the details about why they are in that category. You may add some less-popular options for people who would rather be away from the hustle and bustle.

  1. Save Money On The Road

Advice on ways to save money while traveling domestically. This could include anything from changing spark plugs which adds gas mileage, to packing food before you leave to avoid meal expenses.

  1. Planes, Trains, & Automobiles

Sometimes it’s hard to decide whether to fly, drive, or take transit buses. Busing saves money compared to driving but both are less safe than flying by a large margin. Discuss the pros and cons of each.

  1. National Parks

There are 423 national parks in the United States. These are each individually an opportunity to experience the majesty of nature while spending quality time with friends and family. Let your readers know more about them.

  1. Cost-Free Attractions

Will likely be area-specific. Suggest things to do in your area that are completely free of charge. Local events, hiking, swimming, geocaching are all good options.

  1. “Back In My Day”

It’s a well-known fact that people find intrigue in knowing that things weren’t always as they are now. Give the readers some historic knowledge regarding some popular spots that they may have seen. Include before and after photos.

  1. Invaluable Travel Apps

Just as it sounds. Suggest your personal favorites if you’ve found any to be more useful than the rest. Anything from travel agency apps to GPS and currency calculators can be a good fit.

  1. Winter Travel Destinations

Not everyone loves the beach and hot weather. Some folks just like to curl up next to a fire with their loved ones and share laughs. Some others love to speed down incredibly dangerous slopes at bone-shattering speeds. Suggest places for such things.

  1. Basic Car Maintenance

Another one that could save lives. Include a part about how to change a tire. You might also include how to check fluids, and change bulbs, etc.

  1. Honeymoon Destinations

There are a lot of these, so it should be relatively simple to select a few to talk about. If you’ve been there then you have more genuineness to pull from.

  1. Cruise Planning

Give details about the best ways to go about planning a cruise vacation. This is more common to do than many people think. Give luggage tips, cruiseliner suggestions, etc.

  1. Bucket-List Destinations

List those places that everyone would like to go to before they boot the bucket. Some more obvious ones are Hawaii, Paris, Egypt, The Great Wall, etc.

  1. Top Destinations To Avoid

It sounds like an odd topic, but it’s an incredibly useful one. For instance, Brazil may sound like a great vacation spot; it’s cheap, beautiful, and rich with culture. It also has one of the highest violent crime rates in the world.

  1. Secure The Homestead

Tips on what to do before leaving for vacation. Things such as letting the neighbors know, keeping some lights on, turning the house phone ringer volume down, locking windows and doors, etc.

  1. Underrated Locations

If you have been to any feel free to use them here. There are many of them. Ask your readers for their input as they may have some of their own.

  1. Passports: How & Why

Some people have no idea where to go to get them, or why they even need them, to begin with. Explain the reasons why they are essential, and explain the importance of not losing them!

  1. First Time?

Alleviate some of the concerns a newbie might have while traveling for the first time. These are numerous and diverse so you may want to inquire to your readers about any they have.

  1. Suitcase Review

Choose some of the most popular suitcases and give them a thorough review. This will be much more appreciated by your readers if you review them (though this could be an expensive review).

  1. Destination Fun-Facts

Choose a place then list as many interesting facts or statistics as you can find. Some places will have more than others but do your best.

  1. Souvenirs

Post some of your favorite souvenirs that you’ve collected and tell their stories. Invite the readers to do the same.

  1. Scene-It

List a few places from popular movies that you can see in person. As an example, Jurassic Park is in Oahu, Hawaii.

  1. Tramping Essentials

Though not as common as it once was “tramping,” which is cross-country hiking, can be a life or death undertaking. List some of the things you’ll never want to be on the road without. Remember, these people always want to travel as light as possible.

  1. Invaluable Travel Gear

Have you ever used a travel pillow that changed your life? There are pieces of gear that simply need to be talked about. This is the place for that.

  1. Language Learning Tips

These will differ from language to language, but some tips can help those learning a language that isn’t their native tongue. Help the readers who need the information.

  1. Photo Journal

These are especially popular if you travel a lot. It’s fun to see what people are experiencing while abroad. Allow the readers this opportunity.

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