Our Ultimate List: 101 Regional Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Owning a regional business provides business owners with a unique opportunity to engage customers on a far more personal level. One way that you can engage your customer base is through business blogging. Since you are a regional business, you have the unique opportunity to blog about not only what makes your business special, but also what makes your region special. That synergy can lead to incredible business opportunities if taken full advantage of.

The following list of topics should give you a good idea of where to start. Remember, writing blogs is hard, so if you need more tips, head on over here for some more blog writing services.

Your Business In Relation To Your Region

  1. How is your business representative of the region?

If you want your business and yourself to be considered a big part of the community, you need to come up with reasons why your business is an integral part of the community. Use this blog post as a way to explain how your business helps make up the fabric of the community.

  1. What does it mean to be a part of your community?

If you want your community to associate your business with the area, you need to establish why you love being a part of that region. Write about how doing business, living in, growing up, etc. in that region has been so impactful and what it means to you to continue to grow with that community.

  1. Highlight your team and their connection to your region!

As a regional business owner, you have the benefit of hiring within your community. Highlight how you’ve brought residents into your business and how they are connected to the region.

  1. What does your business do for your region or community?

This allows you to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Let the people know how beneficial you are to the community, while also advertising what it is your business does.

  1. Why do you love doing business in your particular region?

If you want them to love you, you need to love them. Highlight all the reasons your region is the best region to work in.

  1. Write about seasonal differences in your business.

Seasons are not the same in every region. Maybe you have an extended summer or winter. How do the seasonal changes affect your business, and what should customers know about you during certain times of the year?

  1. Survey your area.

To be a central figure in your community, you need to listen to your community. By asking them via blog posts to provide feedback, you are not only receiving invaluable data but also drawing engagement to your business blog.

  1. What’s it like living and working in your region?

This is a good opportunity to remind everyone that you are a resident too. Talk about what living in this community is like to create a sense of relatability.

  1. How could your business only exist in your region?

People want to be made to feel special. If you can show them that your business could only exist within this region or community it’ll go a long way in proving that you are a central figure in the region.

  1. Are there any deals or discounts you are offering to locals?

Local discounts can drive business to you year-round. Show your customers that you value them as locals.

The Region On Its Own

  1. What is there to eat and drink?

Everyone has to eat, and almost everyone loves a good drink. Show people you understand the area by providing them with the best restaurants and lounges.

  1. What fun landmarks are in the area?

While people are in town to do business with you, they may appreciate suggestions on what is interesting to check out. Show pride in your region by pointing them to all the best landmarks.

  1. What unique and interesting events are happening?

Local events tend to be great for local businesses, so take advantage of this by advertising the events on your blog. Not only are you showing that you take pride in the local events, but you are also driving business to your door.

  1. What makes a person a person from your region?

Talk about what it means to be a local. Hype up the unique characteristics of the people in your area.

  1. Create a beginner’s guide to your area.

You are going to have tourists come to your area, and people are likely to move to your region. Make an early impression by being the business that showed them the ropes. This could likely earn you a lifetime customer.

  1. Interview a local celebrity or person of interest.

Doing an interview with a local celebrity is almost like having an endorsement. You can take advantage of their audience to draw in more customers.

  1. What myths exist about your area, and what makes them untrue?

People love a good myth debunking, so this is a great way to draw traffic to your blog. While they’re reading up on your blog, they may also take a look at your business.

  1. What unique wildlife lives in this region?

Another thing people find interesting that you can use to draw traffic to your website. The more people looking at your blog for fun animal facts and pictures, the more people who are looking at your business.

  1. What are the dos and don’ts of your region?

Like the beginner’s guide, this is a great way to offer invaluable advice as a local to potential clientele. If they feel you have provided them with valuable information, they are more likely to do business with you.

  1. What’s a funny fact about your region?

Humor is a great way to drive up engagement, and while you should take your business seriously, people are more likely to find you and your business relatable and engaging if you are willing to be funny.

  1. What are some recipes unique to your region?

Recipes can be a useful way to keep people on your website for a long time and also keep them coming back to your website. Furthermore, if your business is food-related, you can use the recipe as a means to sell your product.

  1. What is going on in your local news?

Keeping up with the local news is a good way to show you are interested in the community. It is also a good way to drive up engagement to your website.

  1. What is happening with your local politics?

Since this is a business blog, be careful here. You don’t want to alienate your customers by getting divisive. Still, providing the facts and presenting what is going on in local politics is a good way to show you are involved in your regions day to day life.

  1. What hidden gems exist in your region?

Tell people about the lesser talked about treasures of your town. They’ll feel indebted to you, thus making them more likely to become clients.

  1. What success stories exist in your region or town?

You can really show how much you care about your region by sharing positive highlights in the community. Sharing in your region’s successes is a great way to make yourself a part of the community.

  1. How has the community had to come together during a tragedy?

Just like sharing in successes, sharing in tragedies is another great way to be an integral part of a community. People want to feel connected, especially during tough times, so a blog post like this really makes it feel like everyone is in this together.

  1. What should people avoid in your region?

This is another one to be a little careful with, as you don’t want to create enemies with other businesses or entities in your community. However, being honest about shortcomings and pushing people away from things that will waste their time gives off a sense of honesty and will make potential clients more trusting of you.

  1. Take photographs of wonderful spots in your area.

Don’t just tell people about your region, let them see it! A picture is worth a thousand words after all.

  1. Provide hints, secrets, and tips about the day-to-day workings of your region.

If you can make people trust you as it relates to your area, they are also probably going to be willing to trust your business. Be the person with the knowledge!

  1. Write a blog post asking for ideas from the community for content.

If you are feeling stuck and don’t know what to write about, ask people what they want to see! This can give you invaluable insight into your reader’s minds.

Your Business On Its Own

  1. Write a Frequently Asked Questions blog.

Why answer the same question one hundred times when you can simply put it in a list? This is a great way to save you time while also providing your customers with all the info they need.

  1. Write a blog about a specific product or service you offer.

Your blog is a great place to highlight the specifics of what you do. Take time to go over specific products or services you offer in detail.

  1. What is a trend in your industry?

People might be curious about how your industry works, and if people are thinking about your industry, they are more likely to purchase in it. Tell people about what is going on in your line of business.

  1. Host a webinar about how you’ve made your business successful.

As other items of this list discussed, being the person with the knowledge is a great way to build trust. Host a webinar on your blog so that people can learn from your expertise.

  1. Talk about failures you’ve overcome in your business.

Be honest. You’ve made mistakes. Let people know what those are and provide them with inspirational stories of you overcoming your obstacles.

  1. Create a pros and cons list of your products or services.

You might think that listing the cons of your business is a bad idea, but it will lend itself to building trust and also help customers decide exactly what they should and should not buy.

  1. Explain pricing trends related to your industry.

People want to know why things cost what they cost. Show them the trends of prices across the board.

  1. Provide statistics and data related to your company.

Transparency builds trust. Show people your numbers. Let them know how your business is doing.

  1. What would surprise people about your industry?

Not only is this engaging, as everyone loves a surprise, but this is also a great time to deal with misconceptions about your industry that might be keeping customers away. Bust those myths and bring in clients.

  1. How does a product or service you offer solve a common problem?

Don’t spend money on an infomercial; use your blog! Letting people know how your products solve everyday problems is a great way to convince people to buy them.

Have Some Fun With It!

  1. Running contests!

Contests engage people. They’re fun and people like having fun. However, the contest can also provide you with added content, as you can post about the winners.

  1. Posting trendy/relatable memes.

Be likable. Memes are a great way to come off as an everyday person. After all, everyone likes memes.

  1. Making light-hearted jokes about your company.

Don’t take yourself too seriously. You’ll win over plenty of people if you are willing to poke some fun at yourself.

  1. Posting photos of your employees and customers having fun.

Make your business seem like a fun place to be. If people are enjoying themselves at your establishment, more people are going to want to be a part of that vibe.

  1. Providing completely useless facts from yourself and your employees.

Make yourself and your team more relatable by providing useless facts about yourself. This is a fun, engaging blog post that can also be done quickly.

  1. Posting motivational or uplifting quotes.

People love to be motivated, so turn your business blog into a one-stop-shop of motivation. Daily affirmations could be a way to keep people coming back to your blog daily.

  1. Posting comics and cartoons (especially if they are from local creators).

Highlight local artists and give your customers a laugh. This creates blog engagement, as well as provides more integration of the local industry.

  1. Posting blogs shouting out employee and regular customer birthdays.

People love to feel special, so make them feel special on their birthday. Just make sure you have permission to post this information.

  1. Telling relatable stories that may or may not be about your business.

Remember, relatability is key in winning over customers. Using your blog, you can tell stories of your childhood, your education, your younger years, your adult life, or anything at all that bring out your human side.

  1. Giving your opinion or hot takes on lighter topics.

The keyword here is lighter topics. Again, you don’t want to alienate clientele, but people might get a chuckle out of your take on pineapple on pizza or if that new blockbuster movie is actually any good.

50 More Regional Blog Post Ideas

  1. I really love X.
  2. The reasons I hate X.
  3. Write a top ten list about your community.
  4. Write a top ten list about your business.
  5. Write an employee of the month shout-out.
  6. Provide video updates.
  7. A customer of the month shout-out.
  8. Write about charitable events in your town.
  9. Write about technology in your industry.
  10. What is your favorite movie/book/etc.?
  11. Why should people read your blog?
  12. Where will your business be in five/ten/twenty years?
  13. What goals do you have for your business?
  14. What is your bucket list?
  15. What does your music playlist look like?
  16. Take a selfie and write about it.
  17. What is a hobby you have outside of your business?
  18. Create a step-by-step guide on how to make something.
  19. What holiday traditions do you have?
  20. Do a fun question and answer session.
  21. What’s a product you recently tried and really liked?
  22. What’s a product you recently tried and absolutely hated?
  23. Provide parenting tips (from you or your employees).
  24. Provide tips on schoolwork/homework (from you or your employees).
  25. Write about what helps you get the motivation to blog.
  26. Tell people how you manage your time.
  27. Do some fun giveaways on your blog.
  28. Write a blog about a problem and a way to solve it.
  29. What are your principles for life?
  30. What do you or your employees like to do after hours?
  31. Write about a time when everyone in your business had a lot of fun.
  32. What are some blogs that you like to read?
  33. Who is your role model?
  34. What has made you the person you are today?
  35. How has your blog evolved over time?
  36. Do a fun review of your first blog post.
  37. Provide your audience with health advice.
  38. How do you think customers perceive your products or services?
  39. How did you get your business started?
  40. How do you stay creative in marketing your business?
  41. What are some rookie mistakes in your industry?
  42. What does your daily routine look like?
  43. Write an open letter to your clientele/audience.
  44. Write a thank you letter to your community.
  45. How do you form good habits?
  46. How do you avoid bad habits?
  47. What do you think you would become famous for?
  48. What do you like about your local art scene?
  49. How do you think others see you?
  50. What is something you don’t think can be changed but you wish it could?