Our Ultimate List: 60 Recruitment Blog Post Topic Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

Part of any effective digital marketing strategy for a recruitment agency is a good blog. Investing in a blog not only helps you develop a client base, but it can also help you build your pool of candidates over time.

Blog articles empower your agency to:

  • Share unique insights and your agency’s point of view
  • Nurture potential clients by providing information on your services
  • Educate clients and peers about the recruitment industry as a whole
  • Provide valuable tips and information about the recruitment process
  • Share your agency’s team culture
  • Establish authority in your industry/sector

If your blog is regularly updated over time with meaningful content, it can also help drive more traffic to your website and improve your rankings in search. In addition to that, blogs are super easy to share on social media; sometimes even going viral.

For staffing agencies, common recruitment topics for discussion in a blog article are often geared towards candidates or potential clients. With these audiences in mind, you can craft recruiter blog content around the following themes:

  • Answering common questions about the recruitment process
  • Providing case studies, examples, and best practices
  • Responding to trending topics in the recruitment industry
  • Responding to current events and how your audience is affected
  • Introducing the public to your recruiters and company culture

In order to be the most effective, recruiting blogs should also follow the following best practices:

  • Create a regular schedule and stick to it – blogs are only valuable if they are kept up to date. You don’t have to release on each week but try to keep to a regular schedule, so your audience isn’t left in the dark.
  • Ensure each article has a call to action – at the end of each article, the reader should be encouraged to do something. Whether that’s contact a recruiter or fill out a contact form, let them know what the next steps are and make it easy for them to take action.
  • Offer genuine insight – the best blogs are the ones that offer true insight, not syndicated or generalized content. Encourage your recruiters or management to get involved in writing meaningful articles with their own perspective.
  • Consider targeting keywords – before starting your blog, try to understand what your audience is interested in reading. Do a bit of keyword research to find their specific pain points and craft content around answering some of their most common questions.
  • Integrate your blog with your social strategy – each new article should not only be made shareable on social media, but it should be promoted on each of your social channels as well. Try to align your blog articles with your social strategy to maximize the impact of your content strategy.

Now that you’ve got the basics, it’s time to start thinking of some article topic ideas. To get the ball rolling, here are 60 of the best recruitment agency blog ideas topic ideas.

Top Recruitment Blog Topics

  1. Top employee retention strategies for [Year]

Employee retention is a hot button topic for organizations worldwide. As a recruitment agency, you are in a great position to share some of your insights on retention strategies to help clients or potential clients.

  1. How to write the perfect cover letter

Writing the perfect cover letter is something that many candidates dread doing, and you can help! Using your agency’s vast experience with good (and bad) cover letters over the years and write a simple guide to help candidates.

  1. 5 proven ways to speed up your hiring process

We all know that the hiring process can drag out weeks and even months. And with so many organizations in need of top talent as fast as possible, share some tips for how they can speed it up within their organization. You may want to also mention the benefits of using a staffing agency to speed up that process!

  1. 10 must-dos during a job interview – for candidates

Job interviews for candidates can be nerve-wracking. What do they wear? Do they bring a copy of their resume? How can they prepare themselves? Curate a list of the top things candidates can do to ensure their interview goes smoothly.

  1. 10 must-dos during a job interview – for interviewers

Job interviewers can also get a bit stressed during the interview process. For many, it can feel like it is taking time away from their real jobs and duties which can be stressful. Others may stress about not knowing how to ask the right questions to candidates. Help them out by also crafting a list of ten things they can do to prepare themselves.

  1. How to negotiate a pay rise

Negotiating a pay rise is something that many employees either get very right – or very wrong. Using your experience in working with both candidates and employers, create a few tips for how they can go about it gracefully.

  1. What to do if you can’t get a pay rise

For many employees, getting a pay rise is completely off the table. But it doesn’t have to be the last step in getting a better employment contract. Come up with a few scenarios that employees can take if they can’t get a pay rise. For example, could they negotiate more vacation days instead?

  1. Top 10 skills your resume can benefit from

Many candidates feel in the dark about what skills they need to impress companies. Help them out by crafting a list of the top ten skills that should be reflected in their resume. This may differ sector by sector, so feel free to create multiple skill lists for various sectors and job roles.

  1. How to create job ads that will attract the right candidates

Getting the right candidates to apply for your job openings in the first place can be a challenge in and of itself. Create a blog article all about the key elements of a good job ad. If your company is looking to fill entry-level positions, you may want to consider what millennials look for in job ads. Or, if the company is in need of more engineers, what do engineers look for in job ads?

  1. Advantages of temporary employment

Many job candidates may turn their noses up at temporary employment opportunities. However, oftentimes temporary gigs are either a launchpad into a permanent position or a great opportunity to expand project-based experience. Share these benefits with candidates and let them know that temporary jobs aren’t all bad.

  1. 6 ways to separate yourself from other job candidates

Standing out and getting noticed by hiring managers is something that every candidate needs to do in order to get hired. Suggest a few things that candidates can easily do to separate themselves. Could it be creating a portfolio website? Delivering a hand-written cover letter? Suggestions can easily be tailored to different industries, sectors, and job roles.

  1. What is the average salary in the [insert target sector] industry?

Candidates are always curious about average salaries of their target sectors. Share some of your expert knowledge of this by creating articles that elaborate on average salaries, common job paths, and how to break into your target sector.

  1. Tips on working with a recruiter

Not everyone has experience with working with a recruiter. Take this opportunity to share with them what that process and relationship may look like. You could even break this article into two parts: one for candidates and one for companies.

  1. Using podcasts in the recruitment process

Podcasts are becoming more commonly used and accepted across the business world, and some companies are even using them in the recruitment process. Create an article about how companies can create a podcast for candidates to use as an introduction to the company.

  1. 5 simple tips for choosing the right recruitment agency

Each recruitment agency is completely different, and not every agency-client relationship will work. Provide companies with some tips on how they can evaluate recruitment agencies and find the right one that fits their culture. Some subtopics to consider could be budget, location, company culture, and industry-specific expertise.

  1. Pros & cons of temp jobs vs permanent jobs

Many candidates may not truly understand the pros and cons of a temporary vs a permanent job role. Create a blog article for them that outlines the risks and benefits of each so that they understand which roles they should be applying for. They will appreciate your honesty and may even be inclined to apply for some of your open roles!

  1. 5 reasons why you should look to a recruiter for your next job

Many candidates do not realize that job recruiters are there to help them find placements too. Create an article all about how recruiters can help them get better access to companies, placements, and networking opportunities.

  1. 5 ways to structure a resume to get you noticed

There are hundreds if not thousands of ways to format a resume. Create an article around the most effective resume formats that hiring managers and recruiters love to see. If you already have the assets created, you could also provide some free downloadable templates for candidates to use.

  1. How to write the perfect job ad

Writing a job ad is a science, and your agency is in a great position to inform companies about which job ads work – and which ones don’t. You could present good examples you’ve found over the years and highlight effective best practices that attract candidates.

  1. How to calm your second interview jitters

Nailing the second interview can be very difficult for candidates – especially if they really want the job! Oftentimes they may struggle to sleep the night before, they may be overcome with self-doubt, or they may even come across as over-excited during the interview. Provide candidates with a few tips for overcoming this wave of emotion that often appears before a second interview.

  1. 10 ways to expand your network

This blog article can be appropriate for both candidates and companies. Candidates may want to network to expand their potential offers, and companies always want to expand their talent pool. Suggest strategies for networking on LinkedIn or for attending in-person events. This is also a great opportunity to plug an upcoming networking event that your agency is hosting!

  1. How to plan your next steps after job rejection

Job rejection can feel deflating, demoralizing, and disappointing. Create an informative article for candidates experiencing this with constructive steps of how they can overcome these feelings, move on, and get back out on the hunt. Candidates need a pep talk, and your agency is in a great position to give one to them!

  1. Our five-stage recruitment process explained

Whether your agency has a five-stage or fifty stage process – shed light on how your agency does what it does. This is a great opportunity for teaching potential clients about what your process looks like and how you achieve results.

  1. Hot recruitment industry topics

Creating an article about trending recruiting industry news and any other recruitment topics currently in the headlines. This is the perfect opportunity to show clients and candidates that you are up to date with current trends and are experts in your field. You could create this style of recruitment articles weekly, monthly or quarterly – and you can even send it out as an email newsletter.

  1. How to network with recruiters on LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great place to connect with recruiters, hiring managers, and candidates. Help your readers understand how they can use this site to their advantage by joining groups, posting content, and engaging with other people’s posts.

  1. 5 top podcasts every hiring manager should listen to

There is a ton of great podcast content out there that can help hiring managers to stay up to date with current recruitment industry trends. Suggest a few of your favorites to them. If your agency has your own podcast, plug that in too! It is also a great opportunity to plug any podcast episodes where your agency founder(s) or manager(s) have been a guest on.

  1. 10 tips for a winning LinkedIn profile

Creating the perfect LinkedIn profile doesn’t have to be rocket science. Share a few good examples and tips for how candidates – and hiring managers – can create good LinkedIn profiles that can serve as the anchor for their professional brand. If you’re unsure LinkedIn offers plenty of resources for how users can optimize their profiles.

  1. What recruiters look for in cover letters

What are the key parts of a cover letter that candidates should make sure to have? Should they be handwritten? Should they be super formal? Should they be more than one page? Let candidates know all about what your agency’s recruiters to look for in cover letters when vetting potential candidates.

  1. 10 tips for onboarding a new hire

The onboarding process is exciting – but it can also go very wrong if certain steps aren’t taken. Provide ten tips for creating good hiring processes that include proper training and cultural integration. Good onboarding processes are crucial in retaining talent in the long-term.

  1. The three best resumes we have ever seen

Your recruiters have probably seen some impressive resumes. Share some of the best resumes you’ve ever seen – without disclosing any personal information. Candidates can use these for inspiration when crafting their own.

50 More Great Recruitment Blog Ideas

Still looking for more ideas? Here are an additional 30 recruitment blog ideas to try.

  1. How long should a cover letter be?
  2. 5 great cover letters
  3. When to accept a temp job
  4. What employers like to see in candidates
  5. Why using a staffing firm can help land the job of your dreams
  6. How to make sure your job ad is millennial-friendly
  7. Why you need to diversify your hiring process
  8. How to nail your phone interview
  9. 5 tips for hiring remote workers
  10. 10 ways a recruitment agency can help your business
  11. Negotiating your employment contract: All you need to know
  12. 10 things to leave off your resume
  13. Are you emotionally intelligent? 10 tips for hiring managers
  14. Top 10 talent trends for [Year]
  15. Negotiating your bonus – 6 tips for candidates
  16. How to make sure your company is prepared for Generation Z
  17. How to tailor your resume for the [insert industry/sector]
  18. Overcoming self-doubt in the job search process
  19. How to attract millennial candidates
  20. How to choose the right staffing agency in your area
  21. 10 ways to expand your network online
  22. 10 common job interview questions (and how to answer them)
  23. How to communicate your organization’s purpose to candidates
  24. 3 key stories your resume should convey about yourself
  25. How to make sure your resume stands out
  26. Switching jobs? How to eloquently give your 2 weeks’ notice
  27. 5 things candidates want to see in your job ad
  28. How an agency can help you reach top talent
  29. 5 mistakes hiring managers make when interviewing candidates
  30. How to ace in-person interviews