Our Ultimate List: 101 Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas

Blog Post Ideas

As with any local business, your pharmacy should value business blogging. A blog allows your pharmacy to promote your products and services, connect with your community, and build a positive reputation. Especially in healthcare, humanizing your business and building a positive online presence is essential.

It can be difficult to come up with pharmacy blog ideas if you don’t know where to start. Our blog management services provide you with awesome content, and custom topic suggestions from a dedicated campaign manager each month, click here to learn more.

The most important aspect of business blogging is to know your audience and publish useful content regularly.

  1. Frequently Asked Pharmacy Questions

Answer the questions you get asked all the time. For example, whether prednisone is the same as prednisolone. This pharmacy blog topic can turn into a regular feature once a month.

  1. Questions You Are Too Embarrassed to Ask Your Pharmacist

Health concerns can be embarrassing and you have probably noticed questions that often cause a red face. Use this to generate pharmacy blog ideas by writing a listicle answering all the questions people don’t want to ask in person.

  1. Health Awareness Events and Holidays

These topics are timely and bring in new readers. Events like Lyme Disease Awareness Month, No Shave November, Cancer Awareness Month, and so on give you a chance to connect with broader communities. Write educational posts relating to the event.

  1. Participate in Community Events

Take health awareness one step farther by participating in a community event like a charity run or sponsor a walkathon. Double up on the exposure by timing these posts with a health awareness event or new research.

  1. Disproving Pharmacy Myths

Make a listicle of some of the top pharmaceutical myths and how they are incorrect. This pharmacy blog topic builds trust between your business and your customers.

  1. Staff Profiles

Share content about your staff and make the people behind the counter approachable for your clients. Introduce new team members as they are hired and make sure customers can always find a friendly face.

  1. Create Videos About Your Pharmacy

One of the biggest challenges in healthcare is the impersonal relationship so many patients have with their providers. Bridge the gap by making videos about your pharmacy. Include your staff and take people behind the scenes.

  1. Introduce Pharmacy Healthcare Services

Promote that a trip to the pharmacy can save you a trip to the doctor. Discuss what health concerns can be managed by OTC drugs. Also discuss what kinds of prescriptions a pharmacist might be able to write a refill for without a doctor.

  1. Promote News and New Products

New products and services are a great source of pharmacy blog ideas. New medications and research should be featured in a post discussing what they are used for, how they were developed, etc.

  1. Host Virtual Events or Newsletters

Hosting online wellness classes or educational webinars is a cost-effective way to grow your audience. Educate patients about common conditions and treatments and promote new and seasonal products. This generates potential leads as you will collect contact information when people register.

  1. Casual Content

Consider making a regular post like “Casual Fridays” that gives the audience a chance to comment and engage with your blog. Pick a discussion topic or just start a casual conversation.

  1. Influencer Guest Posts

Influencers are becoming a very valuable marketing tool. Partner with a healthcare professional influencer e.g. a doctor with a Youtube channel, and give them a “pharmacy blog takeover”. Feature a post on who they are, an interview, and other content that they create with your staff.

  1. Prescription Costs Explained

Discuss trends in prescription prices, explain why your doctor may prescribe multiple medications for one condition, etc. As a pharmacy blog, you have a great opportunity to educate customers on the reasons they pay what they do.

  1. Promote Your Online Tools

Everyone loves saving time and cutting down on errands. Use this trend to create pharma blog ideas. Write how-to posts on using your pharmacy’s online tools like digital refills or curbside pickup.

  1. Run a Contest

Run an engagement-based contest on your pharmacy blog and offer a gift card as a prize. For example, promote your t-shirts and ask customers to post a photo of themselves exploring the outdoors wearing their pharmacy gear for a chance to win. This generates engagement from existing customers and expands your reach.

  1. Remote/Online Pharmacies

Write a round-up post of the various online pharmacy options that exist today. Especially for birth control, online prescription services are becoming more and more popular. Talk about convenience, privacy, and reduced costs. If you offer mail delivery, be sure to include your pharmacy in your round-up!

  1. Downloadable Worksheets and Organizers

Offer downloadable worksheets or organizers that help your clients keep track of their health. Even a simple immunization record sheet will go a long way in empowering your clients and driving engagement with your pharma blog.

  1. Partner With Other Local Businesses

Feature another local business in a blog post to reach their client base and build your community. You can host game days or workshops with health clinics and other businesses to promote team spirit and community engagement.

  1. Respond to Comments

Use previous pharma blog posts to generate new ideas. Take a comment left on a previous post to start a new discussion. Respond to the comment and provide more information about the topic at hand. Make this a monthly feature to promote engagement and regular reading.

  1. Seasonal Health Tips

This could be one post or a series of posts on seasonal health tips. For example back-to-school season, getting a flu shot, how to deal with seasonal allergies, etc. This is an endless supply of pharmacy blog ideas.

  1. Teen Health Topics

Write a series of blog posts aimed at teens and their unique health struggles. There is no need to be controversial. Topics could include medication for acne, why sunscreen is important, etc. Broaden your pharma blog with educational articles for teen health topics.

  1. Pet Prescriptions at Your Pharmacy

Discuss how clients can have their pets’ prescriptions filled at a compounding pharmacy. Mention that this is cheaper than having a vet provide the medications and more convenient.

  1. Promote Your Kid-Friendly Pharmacy Strategies

Parents want to choose a pharmacy they can take their child to for a positive experience. Promote your kid-friendly strategies like offering coloring pages, flavor options for common medications, and anything else you use to keep kids smiling.

  1. Travel Vaccination Guides

A blog post or series that outlines which vaccines are necessary for travel to different regions. Use a table or flowchart to illustrate the information and make it easier to digest. Graphics are shareable and drive new visitors to your pharma blog.

  1. Health Topics for Seniors

While seniors might not be the first target audience you consider for a blog that’s actually what makes this pharmacy blog idea so unique. Seniors make up a large part of a pharmacy’s clientele so writing content that appeals to them will give you an advantage over other blogs.

  1. Interactive Photo Posts

Featuring high-quality photos breaks up the monotony on a text-heavy blog. Use this opportunity to increase engagement and generate comments. Use a photo scavenger hunt contest to drive traffic to your blog and generate word-of-mouth promotion.

  1. How to Identify and Beat a UTI

UTIs are very common, especially among women. A post outlining the causes, symptoms, and available treatments is a great addition to any pharma marketing blog. You can feature preventative supplements and OTC treatments.

  1. Safe Medication Storage

This will be a frequently visited resource for your pharma blog. Make a how-to guide for storing medicines safely in a home with children and/or pets. Be sure to include what to do with refrigerated medications.

  1. Quit Smoking with help from your Pharmacy

Discuss the various smoking cessation products available. Compare different strategies and the pros and cons of each.

  1. Vitamin & Supplements You Should Be Taking

This may seem overdone but you can easily update information and cite recent research to give a fresh take. Discuss what supplements go well together and what symptoms various vitamins can help with.

  1. Drug Interactions You Should Know About

When someone gets a new medication, they don’t always mention everything they take when they pick up the prescription. Write an article with common drug interactions to educate your clients on why it is so important to keep track of their meds.

  1. Top 5 Pharma Apps

A round-up of popular healthcare apps lets you promote your business alongside new tools. Include a variety of app types like mobile health apps for video appointments, medication tracker apps, etc. Talk about how these apps can supplement their health care team without replacing them.

  1. How to Save Money on Your Prescriptions

Everyone is looking to save a buck or two and prescriptions don’t come cheap. Promote any seasonal sales you offer, coupons, or a rewards program if you have one.

  1. Disaster Survival Kit and Your Prescriptions

For any pharmacy in a location with wildfires or other natural disasters, a blog post explaining what medicines should be stashed in the disaster kit is very valuable. Mention which medications should be replaced more frequently and how to store refrigerated meds.

  1. How to Manage [Condition]

A blog post series. Give specific tips for each condition such as hypothyroidism/Hashimoto’s, IBS, severe seasonal allergies, mental health conditions, etc. Emphasize that you should always talk to your pharmacist if you have a question about your medications.

  1. Promote Pharmacy Health Screenings

Free or reduced-cost clinical services are always appealing. Offering health screenings like wellness exams, blood pressure, and glucose screenings connect you to seniors and families to build your client base. Use these posts to promote other services such as vaccination appointments.

  1. A Pharmacist’s Opinion on Medical Cannabis

A controversial topic like medical cannabis is great for pulling new readers to your blog. Give a balanced view and cite recent research to give your pharmacy blog credibility.

  1. Early Warning Signs of [Health Concern]

Write a series on how to spot the early warning signs of various health conditions. For example, someone having a stroke, heart attack, seizure, mild vs. severe allergic reactions, ear infections, etc.

  1. How to Stock a First Aid Kit From Scratch

Discuss what items are often missing from prepackaged first aid kits. Make a checklist and go into detail about why each item is important.

  1. 10 Over the Counter Medications You Should Always Have On Hand

Include the obvious answers like Pepto-Bismol and Advil but also include things like anti-fungal creams, women’s health items, etc. Make the case that people won’t want to run out and purchase these medications when a problem arises.

  1. How to Stop Running Out of Your Prescriptions

Write a how-to guide for keeping track of prescription refills. Give tips for managing prescriptions and how to stop running out of them. If your pharmacy offers a reminder service be sure to include that information.

  1. Is It Safe to Take [Medication] During Pregnancy?

Write a series of articles on common medications that may or may not be safe in pregnancy. You can include recent research, college guidelines, and alternative. Pregnancy topics are always popular and drive new traffic to your blog.

  1. Introducing Babies to Allergenic Food

Discuss the most recent guidelines for introducing foods like peanut butter to your baby. Emphasize the evidence and reasoning for the guidelines. By including general health topics, your pharmacy blog will appeal to more readers.

  1. How to Manage [Illness] in Children

New moms often turn to the internet for advice especially when their baby is sick late at night. Discuss what symptoms can be managed by OTC medications. This series can include the common cold, whooping cough, and other health concerns like lice or ringworm.

  1. How to Manage Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a popular topic for many bloggers. Use recent research, unique coping strategies, and a compassionate tone to appeal to all readers. Include OTC and prescription medication options.

  1. Diabetes Apps to Manage Your Health at Home

Diabetes is one of the most common health conditions worldwide. Smartphone apps are a useful tool for people with diabetes. Discuss why having detailed records of your health can help you be healthier.

  1. Common Medications You Can’t Drink Alcohol With

List medications that are commonly prescribed for various conditions and explain why you can’t drink alcohol if you are taking them. Plug that if you are unsure you can always ask your pharmacist to build the client-pharmacy relationship.

  1. OTC Medications for Every Skin Condition

Discuss common skin conditions like eczema and psoriasis. Explain which OTC treatment works for each one. Also include when to talk to a pharmacist or doctor about the condition.

  1. Medication Management for Caretakers

This is a great pharma marketing idea as it broadens your target audience. Include that a caretaker might be managing meds for a senior, a cancer patient, or someone with another chronic condition. Write a how-to guide and include references to your services like prescription reminders or mail delivery.

  1. Causes and Cures of Hair Loss

Discuss some common causes of hair loss and how to treat them. Include prescription options as well as lifestyle changes to show that pharmacy blogs are about taking care of yourself, not selling a product.

50 More Doses Of Pharmacy Blog Post Ideas

  1. Recent Drug Recalls Explained
  1. Cold vs. Flu Symptoms
  1. A Parent’s Guide to [Topic]
  1. When to Give a Child [Vaccine]
  1. Bronchitis vs. Pneumonia
  1. What to do if you get [illness] while pregnant
  1. Pet Allergy Management
  1. Managing Learning Disabilities with Medication
  1. Managing Sensory Overload & Medication in Children
  1. How long does a [cold/flu] Last?
  1. College Health Topics
  1. Can I take [Medication] While Breastfeeding
  1. 10 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore
  1. What is Serotonin Syndrome?
  1. T1 vs. T2 Diabetes
  1. Gestational Diabetes
  1. Birth Control Flowchart/Health Quiz
  1. When to Worry About [Symptom]
  1. Sleep Apnea Screening
  1. How to Choose Prenatal Vitamins
  1. Mental Health Topics
  1. Low Testosterone Explained
  1. Female Hormone Imbalance Explained
  1. Cancer Screenings [Men/Women] Need
  1. Autoimmune Disorders Explained
  1. Why Medications Expire
  1. Can pharmacists prescribe [medication]?
  1. Lactose Intolerance Explained
  1. Is [fad diet] Safe?
  1. What are Febrile Seizures?
  1. Can Anxiety Cause [Symptom]?
  1. Heart-Healthy Diets
  1. Self-Care Checklist
  1. Home Remedies for [Common Illness]
  1. How to talk to kids about Parent Illness
  1. Quick Tips for Staying Healthy
  1. Who Can Donate Blood?
  1. Staying Healthy While Travelling
  1. Hyperthyroidism vs. Hypothyroidism
  1. Managing Bug Bites
  1. Travelling with Prescriptions
  1. Gut Health/Microbiome/Probiotics
  1. How to Treat Poison Ivy
  1. Sun Protection 101
  1. Medical Tests You Need When You Turn [30/50/65]
  1. Can I Return Prescription Medication?
  1. Supplement-Medication Interactions
  1. Measuring Liquid Medication Correctly
  1. Is My Prescription Allergy-Friendly?
  1. What is Antibiotic Resistance?
  1. How to Make Holidays and Diabetes/Allergies Mix